Luke Freakin Hemmings


14. the plan 2

"Hit it!" Ashton yells to the bus driver and we watch Tray trying to chase the bus down on foot. I lay Ruth down on the couch and before anyone could speak a crying Ashton literally pounces on her. "I love you so much your my best friend ever I love you like a sister!" Ashton whines while nearly something Ruth to death. " I love you to Ash" she smiles.?We let Ashton have a couple more minutes before we literally have to pry him off of her. She stands up and looks around the bus before her eyes land on Michael. "There's my girl" he smiles before squeezing her. "Hey Mikey" she giggles. We all turn our attention to the sniffling in the corner. Calum stands away from everybody in the corner crying. "Calum" Ruth breaths. Ruth opens her arms for him to come to her. Calum literally collapses in her arms crying. "I'm sorry Ruth! I was scared! I panicked! I hate myself for putting you through that!" Calum digs his face into Ruth's chest while he slides down onto his knees. His arms still stay wrapped around her waist. "Shh shh Cal. I know you didn't mean it. Don't hate yourself." She whispers while rubbing his hair. "You sure?" He says looking up to her. "Yea" she smiles and pecks him on the forehead. Calum gets off the floor while Ruth spins around with a big smile on her face. She looks at Ashton then Michael and then her eyes wonder to me. I give her a smile and she runs and jumps in my arms. We fall to the floor, me on top of her, kissing. "I love you so much!" I say squishing her cheeks. "Come on guys let's go in the back and let the love birds have a moment." Michael says while dragging Ashton who refuses to leave Ruth. "But-" Ashton whine while being drug. "Thank you so much Luke for everything. I don't know what id do if I didn't have you" she says. "No thank you" I crash my lips into her again. Our tongue adventure each other's mouths while I rub my hands up and down her body. These lips I've been longing for so long are finally mine again. What would I have done if I have never met this girl? We get up and I set on the couch and pull her into my lap. "Luke. Harry said in about two hours we are going to pull over and snack" Michael says while laying down in the floor in front of us. I nod and lay us both down. I throw my leg around Ruth's and pull her as close as me and her can get. We spend the next to hours cuddling while Ashton sits in the floor beside Michael just staring at Ruth and Calum is sitting in the couch beside us. I know it sounds a little weird having Ashton crying and just staring at Ruth. But him and Ruth have a special love. Ruth has been Ashton's before we even knew Ashton. He's lost without her....well were all lost without her but Ashton was insane without her. He couldn't think strait. You know something's wrong when you find him trying to cook ham on the stove.....that is still wrapped up. We feel the bus pull up and we all get up. We go out into the parking lot and stretch. We are at Nando's of course. Niall's favorite. We look across the parking lot to see 1Ds bus. We are supposed to be following them here on out.

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