Luke Freakin Hemmings


13. the plan 1

Luke's P.O.V

Finally! The day the plan arrives. Ruth hasn't been to school since the day of hers and Calum's little crusade. We haven't really forgiven Calum quite yet. But yes he is still in the band and we still talk. Today is the day we all drop out of school...including Ruth. In our plan we decided that Michael should become close to Tray since you know that's kinda like Michael USED to be. He's not anymore. Michael became so close to Tray that Tray even started inviting Michael over to his house. While Michael was at Trays house he would slip notes in places that Tray would never find. But Ruth could. Michael is the only person that has seen Ruth. He said she looked terrible. Like she hadn't eaten in days and she was constantly being beat to hell and back. I sit in my fifth period class ripping up paper until it can't be ripped anymore. Me, Michael, and Calum keep giving each other hopeful eyes. We are waiting on Ruth to make her move. She isn't her though. She's going to come. I know it! I look back down at my paper that I keep ripping. This paper resembles my heart and how many pieces it is in right now. I HATE TRAY! I could kill him! No. I would kill him! But Ruth doesn't want me too. She doesn't want me to be that kinda person. And that's just the kinda person Ruth is. She puts other people before her. Like me. I don't deserve to have her. But she let me have her anyways. I feel a piece of paper hit the side of my face. I look over to see Michael with wife eyes pointing towards the door. I look over to see the door silently creeping open. "*gasp* Miss Dexter? Come in!" The teacher sweetly says. I watch as my beautiful princess walks in. I do have to admit she looks terrible. She has bruises and cuts all over her. She wears some shades over her eyes so I can't see them. She holds a piece of paper in her hand. The teacher swirls around in her seat while Ruth walks over to her and hands her the paper. He mouth drops open and I gesture for the other three of us to go up there. We clumsily make our way over to the desk and crowd around Ruth. We all hand her our notes and she throws her head back. "Y'all are dropping out?" She asks and looks up at us. Everybody gasps. "Yea" Michael pipes. She nods and turns around to face her desk again. We all give each other a huge smile and head for the door. I want to just pounce on Ruth right now but I can't. I have to keep my cool just for a little longer. Once we are out of the door Michael and Calum give each other a loud high five. "Guys shut it!" I warn. "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GIRL?" We hear a familiar voice yell. Without even looking we all take off running for the doors. I see Ruth's speed slower so I pick her up bridal style and almost break the door down trying to get out. I turn my head quickly to see Michael shove the door in Trays face making him fall to the floor in pain. We all burst out laughing and run to our bus. Yes that's right. Our tour bus.

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