Luke Freakin Hemmings


11. the new Ruth

Luke's P.O.V

*the next monday" I look all around school for Ruth. But I can't find her. The first period bell rings and I make my way to class. I sit down waiting for Ruth to come and sit down in front of me. The tardy bell rings. Tray and Trent walk though the doors followed by someone. I familiar girl that has black hair and black sunglasses sits down in Ruth's seat. "Ruth! Give me your pencil!" Tray yells at the girl in front of me. I gasp when I realize that it is Ruth. Her beautiful blonde hair is now straightened and died black. Her lip ring was back in and she had some really dark shades on. I wanted to tell her I am sorry. I want to touch her soft skin once more but that will just get me and her both into trouble again. I don't want Ruth to be hurt more than she already is. *skip to second period* I walk into biology expecting Ruth to be in her seat next to me. But she wasn't she was in the front corner with Tray. She hasn't spoken a word at all today. She always has her head down now. She wasn't her perky self anymore. What did he do to her? The bell rings and the teacher walks in. "Um Miss Dexter! Please get in your assigned seat!" He says pointing to the empty spot beside me. She picks up her books and slowly makes her way over to me. I try to avoid Tray glare. "And take off them glasses!" She yells again. Ruth hesitates but hangs her head and takes them off. She looks back up revealing her black eye. It isn't swollen but you can tell it once was. I bite my lip and place my hand down on her knee. She jumps and pushes it off. She turns towards me shaking like she had another gun to her head. She shakes her head looking at me wide eyed. Her crystal blue eyes were now a dull grey. Tears threaten to come out but I force them to stay in. "Shh" I whisper so that no one can hear. I slowly intwine our fingers making sure Tray isn't looking. She squeezes it tightly like if she let go it would end her life. She's shaking like crazy. I rub my thumb against her soft hand. She shivers a little bit but let's me keep doing it. I take out a piece of paper and write on it. 'I promised I would never let you go'. She reads it then looks over at Tray breathing quickly. She slides the paper back over to me. It has nothing written back. She looks at me and shakes her head no. She turns her body to the front and I watch as a tear rolls down her cheek. But she quickly wipes it away. The rest of the period goes by to fast. The bell rings and Ruth takes off. While I'm walking past her locker I notice that she is no where to be seen. I walk everywhere trying to find her but I guess she left.

Ruth's P.O.V

I skip school and start to walk towards my new home. I hate it so much. Trays mom is really nice and sweet to me. Tray acts like that to me only when he's around his mom but when she's away he just treats me like another little bitch. My eye is bruised from where he hit me for not eating my food. I walk though the cheery neighbor hood that I now live in. I open up the front door and toss my shit inside. I shut the door then go to the front yard and sit down. Tray has a humongous two story house. I lay back and put my hands under my head and watch the clouds in the sky. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

Luke's P.O.V

*after school* I drive quickly trying to get to Trays house. I want to drive by and see if I can see anything. I drive slowly by his house to see Ruth laying on the grass asleep. I take my chance and park a couple of houses down. I get out and quietly run behind a tree. She's sound asleep on the grass. I look for Trays car but it isn't here. I run over to her and collapse my her side. She instantly wakes up then jumps out if her skin. "Luke go away! You can't be here!" She yells while shoving me. "I've come to take you back!" I say while climbing on top of her. "If Tray catches you here he will kill us" she says trying to stand up. "GO LUKE GO HES PULLING UP!" She shouts. I look over to see Trays car. I peck her on the lips and take off. I hide behind a bush and watch has she lays back down on the grass. "Hey get up!" Tray says while nudging her. "What do you want Tray?" She growls. "Nothing" he says while walking into the house with her following.

Ruth's P.O.V

I follow Tray into the house then we depart and I walk up to my room. I lock the door behind me and get out the hammer that I hide. I've spent all my free time trying to get the window open. I keep trying until Trays mom tells me it's time for bed. I really do need my sleep if I'm just going to be attempting to open a window for the rest of my life. I lay down in my bed and cry myself to sleep like I do every night.

Hey guys! Please don't murder me for all of the terrible chapters! I've been trying really hard to make it more interesting but I think that I am failing. I really need some help because I am running out of ideas! Please comment some ideas and I will be sure to check them out!

Love-Cookie Monster

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