Luke Freakin Hemmings


2. stupid boys

Ruth's P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. It's telling me to get up and get ready for school. "NO!!NEVER!! SHUT UP!!" I yell at it but it still keeps going. I finally get to the point where it's really pissed me off. I yank it a loose and throw I at the wall. It stops ringing. "I told you to shut up" I snicker to my self. As you can tell I am most defiantly not a morning person. I pull the covers over my head and rest my eyes again. I hear the door creek open and feel someone plop down next to me. "Go away Ashton! Leave me here to die!" I say with my eyes still closed and the covers still pulled over my head. "Now we just can't let you do that! Can we?" He says. I can tell he is smiling without even looking at him. "Come on" he says getting out of my bed. I refuse so he walks in my bathroom and turns the hot water on to where I like it. He sets out my clothes. He knows me like the back of his hand. I feel the covers come off of me and Ashton pick me up. I snuggle into his chest while he walks. He sets me down in the bathroom and shuts the door behind him when he leaves. I strip and and get in the shower. Letting the hot water run down my smooth skin. I wash up and turn the shower off. I get out and out my clothes on. Ashton walks in and sets the toilet seat down to where he can sit on it. He seats there and watches me as I blow dry my hair. I don't feel like doing anything special to my hair so I just pull it back in a beanie when it's done drying. "Do I look ok?" I ask Ashton looking in the mirror. "You look beautiful as always!" He says getting up and assisting me out the door. We walk down stairs to see my dad sitting at the table eating cereal. "Bye daddy! Love you!" I say reaching down and pecking him on the cheek. "Bye sweetheart! I love you too!" He says waving. I wave back and walk out the door with Ashton. We walk and get into his car. My house and school aren't but a mile apart but Ashton still insists on driving me every morning. We pull up into the school drive way and I get out. I feel someone's arms come tumbling over me. I spin around to see Calum attempting to hug me like he does everyday. "Ready for hell?" I say poking Calum in the cheek. "I thought we are already there?" He says gesturing to school. I laugh at him. We walk inside and down the hall way to my locker. Calum goes on the other side of the Hall to his locker. As I open my locker a hand quickly slams it back. Two hands grab my waist and turn me around to where I am facing Tray. He pushes me up against the locker and hold his arms up above my head not letting me out. "Leave me alone, Tray!" I say trying to leave. All he does is push me up against the locker even harder. I yelp at the pain. "You are still mine! So you might as well come on and give me a big wet kiss babe!" He says puckering up. I'm already in a bad mood and today he just didn't want to mess with me. I rare back and bitch slap the mother fucker. He sways back and when he comes back he try's to punch me but I duck and he hits the locker. While he is yelling in pain I bend down and crawl up under his legs. I make a run for but he grabs my waist. I see Calum's hand come on to Trays shoulder. "Come on man I think that's enough. You've already scared the shit out of her now just leave her the fuck alone!" Calum says glaring into Trays eyes. Tray begins to throw another punch at me but he is interrupted when a book comes smashing into his head from the back. He falls to the ground landing on top of me. I see a hand come down to help me up. I gladly take it. When I am finally up I turn around to see that the helping hand was Luke's. "Thanks" I manage to say. But he just walks off. I look at Calum who is standing with his mouth wide open in shock. "What it's not like this has never happened before?" I say to him. "No it's not that! It's just that the person that hit him the head was Luke." He says closing his mouth. "What? Why the hell would Luke actually help me? He must be feeling sick today?" I say getting my books out of my locker. "No" Calum says before walking off. School sucks because in every class I have to sit somewhere beside Luke so he is kinda hard not to fall in love with. I turn around to see that Tray is not longer laying in the floor so it is safe to go. I hate first period. I sit right in front of Luke and he usually finds a way to tick me off everyday. It goes like Tray sits in the front of my row then it's some girl then some boy then it's me then Luke. I walk into the class room to see that everyone is seated except for me. I hold my books close to my chest and slowly try to walk past Tray. Instead of letting me go peacefully he decides to pop me in the butt. I jump. I watch as someone's pencil comes flying through the air and hits Tray right in the head. I laugh then kick him when nobody is looking. I walk till I get to my desk. Luke stops me before I sit down. "Do you have another pencil I kinda just through mine across the room." He says leaning back in his chair. I roll my eyes and give him my pencil. "Your welcome!" I say plopping down in my seat. I start going through my binder when I feel Luke lean up behind my head. "Thanks babe" he whispers in my ear. I feel his hot breath on my ear. I shoo him back then get out my other pencil. It's only been about 20 minutes into class and Luke has already thrown At least 10 notes at me trying to get me to read them. I just ball then up and throw them on the ground. Here is where the very annoying part gets. I feel Luke grab the back of my chair and start to shake it. "Can you please stop!!" I whisper yell at him. He giggles. I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I take it out and find that I have a text from Calum.

Calum:Hey! I was wondering if you are coming to Michael's party this weekend?

Ruth: No.

Calum: What!? Why not!?

Ruth:Because I don't like going to party's and you know it, Cal!!

Calum: Please for me!!? I promise it will be fun!

Ruth: No.

Calum: stubborn ass

Ruth: chipmunk face

Calum: pleasssseeeeee!!!!

Ruth: FINE!

Calum: yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!

Ruth: shut up -.-

Calum: you know I have to love on my best friend!!

Ruth: awwww I love you too!! Now leave me alone.

Calum: see ya next period

Ruth: or nah

I finish texting Calum and decided to go look in my old photos on my phone. I look at all the pictures me and Tray took when we were dating. They made me want to cry but I kept looking at them. "You know you could have that again" I hear Luke's voice whisper into my ear. "Umm I don't think so. I'm never falling in love ever again" I whisper back. It kinda came out sounding like what a 2 year old would say. "You don't know that" he whispers while playing with my hair. I shake my head making my hair fly out of his hands. The bell rings and I practically run out of the room. Second period is biology. I love biology cause I sit with Calum. All we do during that class is mess around and play with stuff that is on top of our table while the teacher is trying to reach but we don't listen. I walk in to find everyone standing up. What the hell! I go and stand by Calum. "Ok today we will be getting new partners!" The teacher says slapping his hands together. "Noooooo" I say under my breath. Luckily no one heard me. After a couple of people were seated with their new partners the teacher calls Calum's name. "Mr. Hood you will be partners with Mr. Clifford" Calum runs over and high fives Michael. "Next will be Luke with...Ruth!" He says looking at his paper. "You must be shitting me!" I say but yet again no one hears me. I sit down and lay my head against the table. I feel Luke thump me in the back of the head. Why does he have to be so tormenting. "Please stop" I gently say while raising my head up. "Ok" he says sitting up strait. "What?" I ask in confusion. "I said ok" he repeats watching my face closely. "The big bad Luke Hemmings gave up that easy? I don't believe it." I say plainly. He shrugs. The rest of the class I lean as far away from Luke as I can. We go through 3rd and 4th period quite fast. Now it's lunch. I see Calum sit down beside Michael at out table. Luke usually sits with the popular kids. I get my food and start to walk to my seat. I sit down and seconds later Luke comes and sits beside me. "Uh what are you doing?" I say raising my eyebrows. "Sitting in my seat to eat my food!" He says looking at me. "You don't have a seat over hear so go back to your table!" I say turning towards him. "Well I guess I do now!" He yells and with that he pushes me off the table. My food going all over me. I sit in the floor watching all the fingers point at me and all the laughs and look at that stupid idiot on the floor! I start to feel the warm tears roll down my cheek. I stand up and start running. My arm is caught by Luke's hand. "Ruth I'm sorry I didn't me-" I cut Luke off. "Save it for the next girl!" I yell and start running. I see Luke from out of the corner of my eye. He gets up and starts to run after me. I'm lucky because I am fast and can get away easily. I'm about 10 feet away from Luke but he still runs after me. I run out the school door and head for Ashton's. Luke is still running after me. When I get to Ashton's house I run in slam the door and lock it. Then I run to the back door and do the same. I shake all the food out of my hair as I sit down by the door and cry. I see Luke beating on Ashton's door but he can't see me sitting here in the floor. He can't see the pain in my eyes. That heartless bastard thinks that I am just going to believe that that was an accident. I know it wasn't an accident. Ashton has a fence around his back yard and I don't think Luke can just jump over it. I roll to where Luke can't see me and I walk out the back door. I sit on Ashton's swing slowly rocking myself back and forth sniffling every so often. The wind blows my hair around. But I stay exactly how I am. I see something leaping over the fence. I quickly turn my head to see Luke running after me. I try to make a run for it but he trips me and I land on the ground. I roll onto my back in pain. Luke slowly gets down and sits on my waist making sure that I didn't move. I lay there sniffling without a word. The wet tears still rolling down my cheeks. The only noise is the wind blowing. Luke just sits there watching me. I try to get out form under him but he sits even heavier crushing my stomach. I don't think he realizes that he is doing it. Boys don't realize that there strength is ten times more powerful than a girls. And that it doesn't take a lot to hurt a girl physically and mentally. Luke relaxes even more, making him self ten times more heavier. It hurts so much that I try to talk and nothing won't come out. I can't breath. I just lay there moving my mouth and attempting to hit his thighs trying to let him now that he is crushing me and that I can't breath. Luke snaps back into reality and notices the light start to go out of my eyes and my breathing skips. He rolls of me. I start to cough and gag trying to breath. I roll over on my stomach breathing heavy. I lay my head on the dirty ground. I lay there quietly breathing heavy. Luke rubs my back and I hit his hand away from me. "I'm sorry for ev-" I cut Luke off again. "I don't want your dumb ass apologies!! Haven't you done enough!?!?" I yell at him. "You know what!? Fuck you! I try to help but you push me away! Don't ever fucking even look at me again!" He yells loudly at me. He gets up and walks off leaving me there on the ground. I start to cry again. I try to get up but my stomach hurts to much so I just collapse on the ground and fall into a deep sleep.

I feel someone softly rub my stomach where Luke crushed it. It send jolts of pain throughout my whole body. I yelp in pain. "Hey. Hey. Shhhh don't worry everything is going to be ok" a soft voice says pushing the hair out of my face. I open my eyes to see Luke kneeling on one knee. He softly touches my stomach again. Except this time I can't feel it. I look at Luke who is looking at my stomach and petting my head. I raise up to see that my shirt is halfway lifted up revealing my bruised stomach. I can't take the pain so I just crash back down not really caring what Luke thinks. I turn my head to see a hazy Ashton running to me. He pushes Luke out of the way and picks me up. I jerk holding my stomach. He takes me into his room and lays me down in his bed. Luke doesn't follow he walks out the front door. I'm glad I never want to see him again. Ashton walks back in with his phone up to his ear. "Your going to stay here tonight" Ashton says holding my head with is large hands and rubbing his thumb in circles on my left temple. "Ash will you sleep with me?" I ask him not wanting him to give me sympathy. "Yes sure" he says crawling under the covers beside me. I roll over and he gently wraps his arms around my waist making sure that he didn't touch the bruise. He hugs me tightly. I snuggle up into his chest and fall asleep.

I wake up in Ashton's bed. I look over a sleeping Ashton to see that it is already 10:26! Shit! I am late for school!I army roll right over him and run into his bathroom. I run through the shower real quick then get out. While putting on my clothes I decide that my hair will just dry on the way to school. I slip on some clothes from the little stack of my clothes that I have at Ashton's house. I run down the hallway to the front door. As I am reaching for the door knob someone grabs me around the waist and pulls me away from it. "You not going to school" I hear Luke's voice say. "Yes I am leave me alone!" I say trying to squeeze out of his hands. When I finally jerk out of his hands I accidentally run into Michael. "Hey listen you really don't need to go to school Ruth" Michael says rubbing my arm. Why are this boys being so nice? This is not like them. I calm down at Michael's touch. He's so nice. Well nicer than the rest of the boys. I look up at the galaxy haired Michael. "I'm going!" I stomp my foot. "No your not going!" Luke yells at me. I brush past Luke and go back into Ashton's room. He's still asleep on the bed. I shut the door behind me and open up his bedroom window. I jump out of it, landing on my feet. I turn around and shut the window back. I start to head towards the drop. I honestly don't feel like going to school. I make good grades anyways so who cares. Ashton's house is about three miles away from the drop. I walk slowly with my head down. When I get to the drop I walk to the very end of the pier and sit down. I lean up against a pole and close my eyes. I listen to the waves crashing up against everything. I swing my heavy combat boots back and forth like a little kid. It is cloudy but the ocean is still so beautiful. "BOO!" Someone yells behind me while grabbing shoulders. I jump so much the I tumble into the water. I sink down into the depths of the ocean because of the heavy shoes on my feet. I try to swim up but I can't. I struggle to breath. I finally give up on everything knowing that this is the end of me. What will happen to my dad? Will he go even crazier over my death and kill himself? I just stop moving and let myself sink. As I am going down I watch up at the surface to see someone jump in the water. I start to loose my conscience when some one grabs my arm pulling me up to the surface. Who ever saved me jumps out of the water with me in it's arms. They push me over onto the dock and I start coughing up water. I breath heavy and flip over to see no one standing there. All I see is 8 fingers holding on to the dock. I crawl over to see who it is. I look over the edge to see a soaking wet Luke holding on to the pier breathing heavy. He looks up at the me his blue eyes shining brighter than the ocean. When he try's to pull himself up his right hand slips. I scream and catch it. "I got you" I say softly. I lift him up and he plops down on the pier. I fall onto my back and continue to breath heavy. My stomach hurts where the bruise is. I clench it and look up at the cloudy sky. "Thanks for saving me" I quietly say. I get up and run off. I head towards my house because I don't want to bother Ashton anymore than I already do. I get about a mile in until I get tired from all the rush. I sit down on a sidewalk bench and pull my knees up to my chest. I sit there quietly, freezing to death. Why would Luke save me? He hates my ever living guts! I pick up a stick that is laying on the ground and start to draw in the dirt. "Hey!" I hear a familiar voice yell. I look up to see Michael smiling down at me. "What do you want?" I say growling. "Well that's a nice way to say hi. Miss moody." He growls back. "I'm not moody. I just want to know why the schools bad asses keep hanging around me. Like Luke he saved my life today. Tray. He...I really don't know anymore. And you. Why do you actually talk to me now? You and Luke used to hate me. Always making everybody laugh at me... Embarrassing me." I say putting my head down on my knee. "Wow it's nice to know we are the schools bad asses." He says crossing his arms. "Aww is the little girl mad?" I say poking my lip out. Michael quickly grab both of my shoulders and pushed me up against the back of the bench. He stares strait into my eyes but I show no fear. It's worthless, he can see strait through me. He eases up on me. Sensing that I am scared of him. "Where are you going" he says watching me get up. "Home!" I yell without turning my head to look at him. "Well I'm coming with you!" He yells while trotting up by my side. "Urm no your not" I say smiling at him. "To bad cause I am! And plus I can't just leave you out here you can get kidnapped." He says putting his hands in his pockets. "Psh like you would actually care!" I say walking faster. He walks behind me and stays quiet. When we get to my house he follows me in. I giggle at Ashton and my dad playing the xbox on the couch. "Heyloooo!" Ashton says without taking his eyes off the tv. He pauses it. "What happened!? Why are you soaking wet?" Ashton says getting up off the couch. "And Michael what are you doing here?" Calum says coming out from the kitchen. "Umm yea about that I'm just gonna go change" I say backing up. Calum sits in Ashton's spot and Ashton follows me up stairs to my room. "What happened to you!?!?" Ashton says sitting down on my bed. "Well um I kinda walked off into the drop. But someone saved me!" I say waving my hands. "Who saved you?" Ashton says looking at me in confusion. "" I say scratching the back of my head. "Well tell me!" Ashton say waving his hands in frustration. " was Luke" I finally get out. Ashton's mouth dropped to the ground. I nod my head and bite my lip. "Ok I have heard of Luke having sex with girls but I have never heard of him actually saving one!" Ashton says looking me strait in the eyes. "I know right! And I want to know why!" I tell him while getting some clothes out of my drawer. My bra and panties are dry so I just take off my shirt and pants in front of Ashton. He don't care he's seen me in my bra and panties before but that is as far as he is going. Ashton bites his lip and gives me a cheeky grin. "You little pervert!" I yell while tossing my wet shirt at his head. We both laugh. "How come you are so like that?" He says laying back on my bed. "Like what?" I ask sitting on top of him. "Like you are so pretty and perfect. Your literally flawless!" He says rubbing my thigh. "Aha aha aha! I thought you were serious there for a minute!" I tell him while poking his stomach. "Why are you so stubborn you never let anyone give you a compliment or anything!?" He says flipping us over to where he is on top of me. "Because I know that they are just waisting their time!" I tell him. I push him off of me then walk out the door before he could say anything else. My stomach was hurting so I had to get him off of me somehow. We walk down the stairs and into the living room. My dad sits on the very right of the couch. Then Calum to his left and Ashton and Michael to his left. I sit down in Calum lap. I lay my head in the crook of his neck. He wraps his arms around me to where he can hold me and hold the remote at the same time . I look over at my dad who is focused on the xbox. "You are a fourty year old grown man child!" I say poking him in the cheek. "Where exactly do you think you got all your child likeness from?" He says glancing at me. I take the remote from my dad and start to play. I'm still sittingin Calum lap. Calum sits there still focused on the game. I immediately kill Calum's player. "No fair! How are you this good! Danny (my dad) can I marry your daughter?" Calum says restarting the game. "You sure can!" My dad laughs. I get up and hand my dad's remote back. I walk out to our back yard to play with my dog. My dogs name is Rhett. He is an over sized black Doberman pincher. He is like a brother to me. He's not like fat. But he is as tall as a Great Dane. His bite is worse than his bark. And yes I meant that his Bite is worse than his bark. I walk out the back door to find a wiggling Rhett. I open the door to let him in. "I'm going out!" I yell while walking out of the door. Me and Rhett hop into my car. "Lez go to de park!" I say in a baby tone while rubbing Rhett behind the ear.

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