Luke Freakin Hemmings


6. rescue

Luke's P.O.V

I watch as Michael come up gasping for air. But where is Ruth? We help Michael out of the water. "RUTH!!" Michael tries to yell but it's only faint. "LUKE!!! ASHTON!!!" I hear Ruth yell. I look off further into the sea to see Ruth trying to swim towards us. "RUTH!!" I yell. I try to jump in but Calum keeps me from going in. "We have to get help!" Calum says taking my arm. "Y'all stay here and watch her!" I inform Michael and Ashton. I run as fast as I can't to Ruth's motorcycle. We drive fast to the nearest sea patrol station. We run up to the door only to find that it is closed. "DAMMIT!!" I yell kicking it. I quickly take out my phone and call 911.

Ruth's P.O.V

"Ashton stop doing whatever you are doing! In trying to sleep here!" I yell. But there is no Answer. What the hell? I'm to tired to open my eyes so I. Just lay there wondering what the hell he is doing. Did he put my bed in the pool or something? I wouldn't doubt it. He always does crazy things like that to piss me off. "ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN!!! I SAID TO FUCKING STOP IT!!" I yell while yanking myself up to sit strait. I stare at the blank ocean then burst into tears again. The sun is already up and I can no longer see anything. Not even the tiniest bit of land. "Luke..." I whimper. I curl up into a ball and cry then cry some more. The tears just keep coming until I get a head ache. I hit my head hard against the cupboard hoping that that will get it over with and kill me. But it doesn't it just brings more of a head ache. I lay my head down and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.

Luke's P.O.V

It took a while but we finally got the cops to come out here in a boat. Ashton and my moms came out here with us. The police took all of us and our moms out here in the boat to help look for Ruth. It is now 4:00 in the morning and we still haven't found her. Im not going to hide anything... I am still crying like a baby and so is Ashton. But You have to feel for Ashton more than me. Ashton has known Ruth longer than me. They are like brother and sister. She knows things about Ashton that we don't even know and probably will never know. Ashton knows everything about her. Ruth is technically a part of Ashton. They are so close it kinda makes me any to punch Ashton in the face sometimes. Ruth doesn't know it but one time when she was joking around with Ashton she told him that she was moving back to Ireland with her dad. Ashton literally cried the whole week until she told him it was just a joke. I've seen Ashton cry into Ruth's arms before. Sometimes I think that he has feeling for her. They are always glued to each other never to be separated. Ashton claims that everything that he has is partly Ruth's. Even his house is partly Ruth's he says. He stuff is thrown all around his place and they sleep together. Huh I wouldn't be surprised if Ashton knew exactly when Ruth even has her period. Ashton's stands holding on to the edge of the boat looking out into the ocean. Tears standing his face. Same with mine. I am hyperventilating I've cried so much. "Luke shhh shhhh. It's going to be ok sweet heart. We will find her." My mom says rubbing my back. I've told my mom so much about Ruth she practically knows her like the back of her hand. I'm so tired but I can't go to sleep with Ruth out there like this. Everybody has tried contacting her dad but he won't answer. The sun comes up and we are still looking. We looks for about two more hours when Calum randomly starts yelling his head off. "THERE!! RIGHT THERE SHE IS!!! RIGHT THERE!!!" He yells pointing into the distance. Everybody rushes and looks to where he his pointing. We could see in the distance there was something big. The police made us back up so they could see. We couldn't see over the side so I couldn't see if she was there or not. One of the police men drove the boat over to the floating thing. One of them held the other one while he bent over the ledge. He came back up with something in his arms. "Is this y'all's little mermaid?" He smiles and turns around showing off the gorgeous wet Ruth. She was asleep. Everybody cheered. I bet she fell asleep from the heat out here. The police man wraps her up in a blanket and hands her to Ashton. Her cheeks are flushed and she has a fever. "Poor baby... We need to her out of the sun." My mom says. I pull off my shirt and hang it over her head making sure the sun didn't touch her fragile skin. She mumbled and rolled over in Ashton's lap. "Ash it's hot in here...turn the air condition on..." She mumbled while hugging Ashton thigh. "I will" Ashton smiles and puts her long hair over the side of her shoulder. We reach back to the beach and I pick up Ruth off of Ashton. Ashton gets on Ruth's motorcycle and I ride in the back seat with both our moms. I hold Ruth tightly. Michael and Calum both go home. We take the short drive to Ashton's house and go inside. I walk down the hallway and through Ashton's bedroom door. I lay Ruth down on the bed and she immediately wakes up. She flairs out having a spasm attack. "Hey hey don't worry... Your back home" I informs her gentle while holding her arms still. "Luke" she cries and jumps into my arms. "I thought I would never see you again" she says crying into my shoulder. I can tell she was traumatized by what had happened. The heat has gone to her head and now she is sick. First thing was that she was going to have to get a bath then she was going to eat. "I'm right here. I promise as long as I am alive you will see me everyday" I tell her. Without looking at her I could tell that she was smiling. "I'm gonna go start your water" I tell her. "Bath please?" She says grabbing my arm. I nod my head. I really feel bad for Ruth. She has been through a lot. I go into Ashton's bathroom and put on some coldish kinda warm water. I am going to set in here with her and watch her. No not like pervertedly but I am scared she might have a spasm again and something will happen to her. I'm not going to risk that. I walk back into Ashton's room and get Ruth. She wobbles behind me while we walk to the bathroom. She strips and get in the tub. I know she doesn't mind me being in here. She kinda sits there staring at the water. She puts some shampoo in her hair and starts staring at the water again. I could tell everything was bothering her. "It's going to be ok... Your safe now" I tell her while leaning over the tub and massaging the shampoo into her hair. "I'm not competently nuts you know... I see the way you look at me. But if I was you I would do the same... I'm so stupid" she turning and looking into my eyes. I nearly choke at her words. "I know your not nuts. And your not stupid. What makes you think your stupid?" I ask her. "I shouldn't have jumped in the water. Michael made it up to the surface fine on his own and look where it got me..." She trails off. "Your not stupid! You did the right thing! Nobody else would have ever had the guts to jump in the water like you did!" I tell her. She just shrugs and finishes washing up. She gets dressed and I lead her back to Ashton's room. I turn her on a movie and run some stairs to fix her food. Within a matter of minutes I am walking back into her room with a bowl full of soup. I kiss her on the forehead and head for the door. "Don't leave" she says grabbing my hand. I look at her big blue puppy eyes. "Never" I whisper. I crawl up in bed beside her and snuggle up. She finishes her soup then cuddles up into my chest. I hold her over heated body tight. "I love you" I hear her mumble. "I love you too" I say rubbing her arm. I start to her faint tiny snore from her. I giggle at how cute she is. I lay my head on top of hers and drift off to sleep.

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