Luke Freakin Hemmings


10. keeps getting worse

Pierre's P.O.V

"Hey I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'm bout to piss in my pants!" Luke says while getting up from the lunch table and running to the bathroom. I giggle at him. Michael and Calum sit across from me laughing about who knows what. We are having an extra long lunch today because it is supposed to be Christmas celebration or whatever. It's been a month since my dad's death. I look at the clock to see that Luke has been in the bathroom for over ten minutes. It usually only takes him a minute. "Ruth what's wrong?" Michael says while flicking my elbow. "Ouch! Nothing!" I say rubbing my elbow. "Sorry" he mumbles and Calum giggles. I shoot him a dirty look. "I'll be right back" I tell them while I get up from the table and make my way to the boys bathroom. I come to the door and hear a lot of weird noises. There is no one around so it's just me standing by the boys restroom. It sounds like someone is hitting another someone. Luke couldn't be doing it.... He stopped all that. Luke is a really nice guy now. I stand there biting my nails wanting to go see what's wrong. I can't just walk into the boys bathroom. But what if something is happening to Luke. A million things fly though my mind. I can't take this anymore! I think to myself and burst open the door and literally fall to my knees at what I see. Trent and another boy are holding Luke's arms with him down on his knees. Tray standing in front of Luke with bloody fists and one bloody knee. I gasp and struggle trying to breath. Tray turns to look at me and I see all of Luke. His face was all bloody and he wheezed with every breath he took. His sad bloody eyes looks at me. "Ruth....don't worry....just leave...." Luke gets out earning another kick in the stomach. "LUKE!!" I scream and try to reach for him but Tray yanks me up by my hair. "NO! NO! PLEASE DONT HURT HER! DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO ME JUST DONT HURT HER! PLEASE DONT TAKE HER!" Luke yells while tears stream down his face. Tray pushes me up against the wall making my head hit. I wince at the pain but I have to think about Luke's condition. "Tray stop it!" I growl while tugging on his arm that has a heavy grip on my hair. "No! If I don't get you then no one gets you! You brought this on him!" Tray yells at me. Tears start to roll down my cheeks. I look at look who is mouthing 'no you didn't'. "Now are you mine or that piece of trashes?" Tray asks. My lips tremble looking at Luke. Tray let's me go then pulls a gun out of his pocket and puts it up to Luke's head. "Now let me ask you one more time! Me or Luke!?" He yells. Luke shakes his head like crazy trying to tell me not to answer. But I have to or else he dies. I can't let Luke die. I wipe the tears off of my face and race over to Tray. I pull his arm that Is holding the gun away from Luke's head and place it on my head. "RUTH NO!" Luke cries over and over. "Come on Tray...just pull the trigger...your right no one can have me this way...just pull it and everything will be ok. But I don't want to ever see you around Luke can never hurt him again..." I whisper while closing my eyes. I try to ease his finger down but it won't budge. "No....your mine" Tray says pulling the gun away from my head mad pointing it at Luke again. "One last damn time now Ruth! Me or him?!" He yells at me. I look at Luke. I'm not going to let this happen to Luke. I love him to much to watch this happen. He's my everything. "Yours Tray!....I'm yours... Shhh shhh just put the gun down.... I'm right here...." I say while slowly pushing the gun down and hugging him. "What I thought" he snickers. "But you can't do anything to Luke.....Promise...." I say squeezing him. I don't want to hug him or even talk to him but Luke's life relies on it. "Ok just one second!" Tray says while kicking Luke right in the face. I squeal and gasp as he falls back into a pool of his own blood. He's so limp. So weak. This is all my fault. He try's to reach out to me but his arm falls. "Alright here are the rules. You will never see this douche and all of your friends ever again! You will live with me without question. You are mine only mine. Don't do anything without asking me first. Don't even leave a room without asking me! You will do whatever I tell you. And I you will play no instruments." He says while pointing a finger at me. I glance at Luke then bite my lip and nod. "Ok." I cry while he puts his arm over my shoulders and we all exit. All but Luke.

Luke's P.O.V

I lay in a puddle of my own blood. This is the worst hurt I have ever experienced. No not being beat up but watching my soul mate walk away in the hands of a faggot. She did it for me. This is all my fault! I should have listened to Trays warning.

~"I'm gonna go to my locker babe!" I say pecking Ruth on the lips. She smiles and I know that's an ok. I walk to my locker and open it. I put some books up and right when I shut the door someone jerks me into the janitor closet. I watch as Tray pushes me up against the wall. "Let me tell you one damn thing! You stole my girl and if you don't break up with her y'all both are gonna get it! I'm giving you two damn months to break her heart!" He yells at me. And with that he walks out and slams the door shut. What the hell!? I'm not breaking up with Ruth! He's lost his damn mind. I'm not gonna let anything happen to Ruth. She's my everything....~

The tears come so hard they hurt. He warned me but I didn't listen. I practically just soled Ruth out. Who knows what he is gonna do to her! I bet she thinks it's her fault! It's not! It's all mine. I try to sit up but just fall into my own blood again. I'm to weak to do anything. "Calum! Michael!" I try to tell but it comes out scratchy. I had Ruth in the palm of my hands and I let her slip away! I have to get her back!

Calum's P.O.V

"I wonder what's taking Luke and Ruth so long?" I ask looking at where they both walked off to. "Eh probably having sex" Michael laughs. "No I have a serious feeling something is wrong!" And with that I watch as Ruth and Tray walk out of the bathroom. His arm thrown around her shoulders and her head hung. He face was all puffy and red. She had been crying. She glances over at me and motioning towards the bathroom with her eyes. I softly hit Michael making him get up. We both get up and run to the bathroom. We walk in to see Luke laying in his own blood. "Ruth....go get Ruth......someone needs to get help for!" Luke try's to yell. "Luke just calm down and tell me everything!" I say while he sits up. I listen closely while he tells me the whole story.

Ruth's P.O.V

Tray drags me into his house then pushes me in a room. He slams it in my face then locks it. I turn around to see just a bed, lamp, and tv. I run to the window and try to open it but it won't budge. I keep trying to open it while I try to comprehend what just happened. Tears pour down my face. I will never get to see Luke or Ashton again. This is all my fault. I love Luke! I have to get out of here and we will all run away! I try to open the window but it doesn't open so I finally give up and lay down on my bed. I fall asleep thinking about the boys.

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