Luke Freakin Hemmings



Ruth's P.O.V

It is now the day my dad is supposed to come back....Friday. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see my dad! Me, Ashton, and Luke are coming back from the skate rink to meet my dad at the house. I left my motorcycle there and it had my phone in the pouch so my dad has probably called and I didn't get to answer. I sit in Luke's lap while he holds me tightly. "I'm never letting you go!" He says squishing me and kissing my shoulder. "I know" I say while reaching back and patting him on the head. Life has been great! We arrive at my house and I hop out. I walk strait over to the pouch on my Davidson and take out my phone. I turn it on to see that I have 82 missed calls from my dad! "Wow!" I say while calling him. I put it up to my ear. He answers and I hear some screeching of wheels in the back ground.

Ruth: DADDY?


A tear streams down my face when I know something bad is about to happen.

Ruth:Why dad?!

I yell. Luke and Ashton now staring at me in concern. I put the phone on speaker.


He yells at me. I can tell he is crying.

Ruth: Daddy calm down tell me where you are and I'm coming for you!

I tell him. But the line ends and I toss my phone into the concrete making it shatter. "There's something wrong!" Ashton says raising a finger. We all come to complete silence when we hear the same wheels screeching. We watch has my dad comes flying around the corner going at least 105. Then another giant semi trucks comes rumbling behind him. I can't believe my eyes. "DAD!!" I scream and try to run for the truck. Luke grabs me from running and getting hit. I keep screaming dad until my heart completely collapses as I watch the semi truck hit my dad. The truck does a flip and the semi truck does the same right on top of my dad's truck. Everybody in the neighbor hood is standing in the drive way watching. Both of the trucks are flipped over on their tops. The back end of my dad's starts to catch fire when I see my dad moving inside the truck. I yank a loose from Luke and start running at full speed towards the tucks. "DAD!" I scream at the top of my lungs. "RUTH STOP THERE IS A GAS LEAKE!!!" I hear Ashton yell after me. There is no way in hell I am going to stand her and watch my dad die right in front of me. I watch as my dad squirms around. "DADDY IN COMING FOR YOU!!" I cry. I see the fire touch the gas and someone yanks me to the found and shields me. I hear a big explosion. I can't see anything all I can feel is heat. Some one picks me up and we fall back down into grass. I look over at the two tucks that are now filled with fire. You can no longer see my dad. All there is is fire. "DADDY!!" DADDY!!" I yells and cry while hitting everything in sight. I feel arms wrap around me when I start to see the fire trucks, ambulances, and cops. I have no home anymore. I'm a orphan. I have no dad anymore. I sit there staring at the blurry fire while a million things run though my mind. I sit and think about how I could just stand there and watch my dad burn to death. I hear the person who is hugging me says something but I block everything out. In all the blurriness I a red headed Michael run up and wave his hands in front of my face along with Calum. I domt even bother to look at them. I just stand there watching the trucks burn. With my dad's attitude I stand up and start throwing things at the semi. "I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!" I scream multiple times while flipping off the truck. I fall back o my knees on the pavement. I can feel the heat of the fire on my skin. Everybody is talking to me but I can't hear them. I can't even see strait. The wind blowing makes my hair fly around in my face. The tears permanently stain my cheeks. All I can hear is the blank sound of nothing. I see peoples mouths moving but no words to be heard. I slightly runs my head to see all four of the boys sitting next to me crying their eyes out. Ashton on my right with his head laid against my shoulder and Luke at my left clinching my hand. "I'm a orphan...." I mumble while starring into the fire. No one wants to mess with me right now. Especially when while I am planning out my death. I can't take this shit anymore.

What's the point in it?

What's the point in living?

I stand up and start walking towards the fire. Someone grabs me then I turn around and bitch slap him. Everything comes back and I am standing there staring at Ashton holding his cheek. I start to tremble. I just hit my best friend! The only one that has really truly been there for me. "It's ok Ruth! I know you didn't mean it!" He sniffle while pulling me into a hug. I am to astonished by the recent events to speak or react to him. "Your going to be alright! I promise!" Ashton says while pushing the hair out of my face. I turn back around and stare at my dad's burning body that is still laying in the truck. "Please come with me miss. And bring your friend." I tall man that is wearing a ambulance costume. I grab Ashton's hand and Ashton motion for the boys to follow. I follow mindlessly behind Ashton as we all get into a ambulance. Luke wraps his arms around me and cries Into my neck. I just sit there no longer crying. I am to overwhelmed to cry anymore. One of my hands holds Ashton's hand and the other holds Luke's. Why me? What did I do? In a blink of a eye we are at the hospital. The doctor takes us all in at the same time. I listen to Ashton while he tells the doctor everything. Rage is growing inside of me. I want to know who did this?! Everything starts piling back up in my mind and the tears start coming again. "Luke..." I whisper to him. He looks up at me with tears still steaming down his face. "Ruth baby it's going to be ok. I won't let anything happen to you!" He cries. Everything goes back blurry and hazy. I close my eyes and think about all the bad things I've done.

"Ruth babe wake up" Ashton says shaking me. "I wasn't asleep" I say sitting up. "Yes you were. We have been here for four hour and you fell asleep at the first. I roll my eyes. "Come on let's go home" Ashton says while picking me up. I watch the rest of the boys while they follow closely behind. Calum waves a cab down and we all squish in. I can't wait to get home. Ashton's home. I know that Ashton will never get tired of me being there. He was always begging let me stay over. The longest I've ever stayed there was for three months. But now it will be until I can afford a place of my own. I can't have my dad's house because apparently the doctor told Ashton that it will have to be auctioned off....that I'm too young to be living by myself. I turn my head to see that Luke is staring at me. "I'm fine Luke. Nothing can get worse than this. So I'm fine. Maybe it was for the best." I tell him. I'm lying to myself. It can get ten times worse than this but I don't want to believe it. It wasn't for the best. It was just some psycho chasing my dad down. Luke can tell I am lying. The cab stops at Ashton's house. I dart right over the top of Ashton and into the house. I run in the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I think we all know what I do next. When I am done I lay down in the floor and watch the blood drip from my arms. I slowly drift off to sleep with Ashton and the boys beating on the door.

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