Luke Freakin Hemmings


5. here again

Luke's P.O.V

I got up at 5 this morning even though we stayed up late last night. I had to go get Ruth's present. I hope she will like it! I even got her an accessory to go with it! I put it in the back of my dad's truck and drive home with it in there. I wrapped a huge red bow around it. I do a little dance because I am so happy to be getting her something!

Ruth's P.O.V

I feel someone shake me slightly. "Ruuuuutthhhh?" Ashton sings shaking me. "What could you possible want this early in the morning princess?" I mock him. "Your dad's about to leave" he says slowly while rubbing his hand on my back. I quickly get up and run down the stairs. I run out the front door and jump right into my dad's hands. "I'm gonna miss you daddy!" I tell him about to break into tears. "Don't worry sweetie Ashton is going to be right here for you. I might not get to call you because I'm going to be with the boss man the whole time. But I want you to know that I love you no matter what's and happy birthday! Bye sweetie!" He says getting into his truck. I wave at him as he leaves in his truck. I fall to my knees and I feel Ashton wrap his arms around me in a hug. "I'll be right here" he says laying his head on my shoulder. I nod to him. I start picking some grass out of the ground. Not even five minutes later we watch as Luke pulls up in a truck. Luke gets out and gives me a big smile. I look over into the back of his truck and my mouth drops open. There is a Harley Davidson motorcycle sitting in the back of it. "What the hell is that?" Ashton growls. "It's Ruth's birthday present!" He says opening the tail gate. "She can't ride it!" Ashton says. "She will learn!" Luke says smiling. I run over to him and hug him. I look up to see that Luke didn't have his hair in a quiff and his lip ring wasn't in. I smile at him and he smiles back. Before anyone could say anything I run into the house and get freshened up. I put on some black booty shorts and a white crop top. I run back out and wrap my arms around Luke's neck then kiss him. "Ready to learn?" He smiles at me. Ashton scoffs and I nod my head. Luke gets it out of the truck and sets it on the ground. It is a mint blue color with black fire. It even has a big red bow wrapped around it. It looks hot! "I don't have a helmet" I tell Luke. "That's why I got you this!" He says getting a box out of his truck. He hands it to me and I open it up. I take out a solid black helmet that says 'Feisty'. I giggle at it. "I love it!" I smile at Luke. He smiles back. I take the bow off and lay it on the ground. "Your gonna hurt yourself!" Ashton repeats for about the fiftieth time. "Ashton!" I squeal at him. "Ok! Ok!" He says waving his hands around. Luke pushes the motorcycle out into the road. "Ok here is how you turn it on" he shows me everything. I crank it up and mentally freak out. What happens if I wreck and die? Oh stop worrying Ruth! I command myself. "While you two learn I am going to pack your stuff!" Ashton says walking up into my house. "Do you want me to drive first?" Luke smiles. I nod and scoot back letting him on. He puts on his own helmet and revs the motor up. It sends chills through my body. I wrap my arms around Luke as we start to go. We go a little ways then he gets off. "Try it" he says getting on behind me. I'm so nervous right now it's not even funny. We make it back to my house alive. I would have done pretty good if I hadn't of stop three million times. I would go a foot then stop then go a foot and stop... When we stop Luke burst out laughing and lays his head on my back. "Haha what's so funny?" I ask him. "This is going to take a while" he giggles. "Yep" I laugh. He scoots his body closer and reaches in front of me grabbing the handles. He mashes the gas and steers us down the road. "Ok. Just like that" he says patting my leg. I take a deep breath and press the gas. We arrive back at the house without any stops. "Yes!" I squeal. "Finally!" Luke laughs. I turn the motor of and turn around to where I am facing Luke. I slide my helmet off then slide his off. "Why do you tease me like this?" I whisper and smile to him. Before he can answer I crash my lips into his. He grabs my bum bringing even closer. Bombs combine with fireworks went off everywhere. We pulled away for air and put our foreheads together. "I noticed that you aren't wearing your lip ring..." I tell him. He smiles and closes his eyes. "This makes me want to throw up..." I hear Ashton say. We both turn our attention to Ashton who is standing with his arms crossed staring at us. "Come on I have all you stuff ready! Let's go home" Ashton says. "I want to drive there!" I tell him. "As long as you don't kill yourself go right ahead." He says getting in his car. I smile at Luke as he gets up and gets in his truck. I crank it back up and slip on my helmet. I head towards Ashton's house leaving them behind. I'm actually pretty good at this. I love this thing so much! Now I have something to drive so I don't have to walk anymore. I pull up into Ashton's drive way and park it. Being my normal childish self I squeal and give the motor cycle a hug making sure I didn't burn my hands. I want to keep going! Maybe I will ask Luke if he wants to go to the drop with me. "Oh my Lord what is that!?" I hear Michael yell. I look up to see him running towards me. "Luke bought it for me!" I tell him. "Awwww just aren't y'all just adorable!" He says pinching my cheek. "What are you doing here?" I ask him. "I don't know. I go here when I get bored. So I'm always here." He informs me. I nod. "Let me on!" He says pushing me back. "Please don't kill us Michael" I says clinging to him. "Psshhh don't worry I have my own motor cycle so I promise you I'm not going to wreck" he says cranking it up. He backs us up and then takes off popping a wheely. I close my eyes to get from having a spasm attack. He's going ten times faster than Luke was. I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I take it out and put it up to my ear with out looking who it is.

Luke:where are you?

Ruth:Michael saw that I had a motorcycle and he is driving us around now.

I feel Michael chuckle a bit. I squeeze him tight.

Luke: oh well are you ok? I think you need to tell him to come back.

Ruth: I'm fine

I lied

Luke: no you aren't! Don't lie to me Ruth!

Ruth: it's ok it's just this speed is kinda scary

We hit a bump and I accidentally tap the end call button. "Dammit!" I mumble. "Does Luke want us back home?" Michael says. I can tell he was listening to the whole conversation. "Yea" I tell him. He slows down and turns around. We reach Ashton's house and I gasp out thankful that that came to a end. I feel someone hands go underneath my arms and pick me up. Instantly I new it was Luke helping me up. He sets me on the ground and I turn around to him. "Thank you Luke for the awesome birthday present! I love it!" I say hugging him. He stood there kinda in shock but soon reached his arms around me and squeezed me tight. I could've tell he was thinking about something. "Good" he whispered and laid his head on top of mine. "I'm gonna go call Calum and we all will go down to the drop" I tell him. "Ok mrs busy body!" He giggles. I am always busy. I have ADHD and it usually gets the best of me. I grab my phone out of my pocket and call Calum. He agrees and tells me he's on his way. Me and Luke crawl up into the back of Ashton's car and have a make out session while waiting for him. Luke slide his hand under my shirt but I quickly remove it. "No. Not right now." I tell him while intwining our fingers. "Why?" He says giving me a confused look. "We don't know who could be watching us through the windows and plus when Calum gets here we are leaving" I tell him. He pokes his lip out and starts pouting. "Don't even" I tell him rolling us over to where I am now on top of him. We start making out again and something hits the window hard making me jump and hit my head. I awe at the pain and stuff my face into Luke's stomach. "You ok baby?" He says rubbing my head. "No not really" I say holding the my neck. I look up to see Calum laughing his head off. I flip him off and open the door. I help Luke out of the car and shoot Calum the dirtiest look I can possibly give. "Let's go!" I growl. Luke get on my motorcycle and I get on right behind him. We park it then wait for the rest of them to get here. When they get here me and Luke walk hand in hand down to the drop. We set on the very edge and talk about life.

Luke's P.O.V

We all sit on the edge of the pier. Mine and Ruth's fingers are intwined and Ruth's head is laying on my shoulder. I look at our hands and notice something I have never noticed before. One of her wrist bands is pushed up over the other one revealing the scar. I slowly move her hand to where I can see it. She takes her head off of my shoulder and looks me in the eyes. I wait till the rest of the boys are talking their heads off and give Ruth an 'it's going to be ok, don't worry' look. She nods and watches as I slip off all the wrist bands. I run my fingers over all the cuts and scars. She leans her head down and places her lips on my shoulder. "Why?" I choke out. She just shrugs her shoulders. I bring her wrist to my lips and kiss each of the cuts. "Please don't do that anymore" I whisper to her. "I won't" she informs me. I kiss her forehead and we continue to listen to the boys conversation. I start to doze off and lean up against Ruth. She scoots back and let's me lay my head down in her lap. I fall asleep at her soft hand brushing the hair out of my face.

Ruth's P.O.V

Luke lay there in my lap asleep. I admire his beautiful face while I trace it with my index finger. "NO ASHTON EMINEM!!!" Michael randomly started yelling. "NO MICHAEL GREEN DAY IS BETTER!!!" Ashton yelled at him. They both stood up and kept yelling at each other. They started to play fight and it kinda went to far. Michael trip then fell to the ground and tumbled right into the water. I pushed Luke to the side and stood up frantically looking for Michael. When I saw bubbles I yanked my shoes off then dived into the water. I swam with my mouth in a bubble trying to get to Michael. What the hell am I doing? I'm scared to death of the water over here and now I'm back in it. I got my courage up than kept swimming down to Michael. I grabbed his hand and he instantly woke up from whatever he was in. He jumped a little then started swimming up fast. I tried to move as fast as possible but our heads still collided. I muffled a scream and curled up into a ball grabbing my head. All the sudden a big wave comes up and pushes me out further to see. I could see a distant Michael trying to get to me out the current was pushing him back. I started swimming up to the surface frantically. I reach the top and come up gasping for air. I looked around only to see the pier was who knows how many feet away from me. "LUKE!!! ASHTON!!!" I screamed. I was getting so far away all I could see were blurs of the boys standing on the pier. I started swimming towards them But the current was to strong. "RUTH!!" I hear someone's voice yell. I try to yell but the sea water drowns it out. I'll be honest I'm not a very good swimmer. I can swim but I'm not good at it. I'm small and weak and all this movement is draining my power. I can't move anymore. I rest there floating on top of the water until something touches me arm and I instantly start freaking out screaming my head off. I turn around to see a giant cupboard floating. Oh what a fucking coincidence what the hell now? Is there going to be a dead body inside of it? I seam scramble my way in top of it. I burst out in tears when I find that I can't see the pier or the boys anymore. All I can see is distant beach. "LUKKKKEEE!!!" I cry out. No answer. Why did this have to happen? And out of all days... It happens on my birthday. I lay there watching the sun go down with no sign of any of the boys. Is this the end?

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