Luke Freakin Hemmings


12. betrayal

No ones P.O.V

It has been three months since the thing with Tray and Luke happened. Ruth still cries herself to sleep every night. She has been missing a lot of school. And when I say a lot I mean a lot! Luke and Ruth still have the same connection they had before they fake broke up. They haven't giving up on each other. They hold hands and peck each other on the lips when no one is looking. Luke has thought of every possible way to get Ruth back. He came up with a good plan but it will have to wait until it can be let out.

Ruth's P.O.V

It's 11:55 at night. Everyone is asleep but me. I'm still trying to open this damn window. I take the hammer out from under my bed and wedge it in between the window and the window frame. I spend about an hour trying to push down but it won't pop open. I finally break off a leg to the chair in my room. I hit the hammer so hard it breaks the leg and the window pops open. I jump out the window and tumble off the roof. I watch as Trays bedroom light turns on. I quickly take off for the closest house of the boys......Calum's. I run until I can't breath then keep running. I bang hard on Calum's door and it instantly opens. I run inside while Calum shuts the door. "Calum hurry! Help me hide!" I say while pinning myself against the wall making sure no one sees me. "I'm sorry Ruth but I can't. If I do Tray will beat the shit out of me or even kill me" he cries. He moves a slight bit revealing his phone that is calling someone. Within seconds blue lights and cops sirens are going off outside the house. "YOU BASTARD! I WOULD KILL MYSELF JUST FOR YOU AND I ASK YOU TO DO ONE SIMPLE FUCKING THING THEN YOU RAT ME OUT! I THOUGHT WE WERE BEST FRIENDS!? HOW COULD YOU!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT TRAY IS GOING TO DO TO ME!?" I yell at him while the tears stream down my face. The cops break through the door and grab both of my arms dragging me out.

Calum's P.O.V

What the hell did I just do!? I just ratted out my best friend that has always been there for me! What the fuck was I thinking!? What is Luke and the boys going to say? Hell they will probably kick me out of the band! I call Luke as I watch though the window. The cops are in a deep discussion with Trays mom and Ruth. Trays probably going kill her when his mom isn't looking.

Luke: what do you want

Calum: Luke

I cry

Luke: cal what's wrong?

Calum: it- it was Ruth! She busted out and came to me bu-but I ratted her out!

I am full on crying now. Without a word Luke hangs up on me. That's it! He hates me!

Luke's P.O.V

I break down crying at Calum's words. How could he have done this? "SHE WAS HIS BEST FRIEND!!" I scream and to at my hair. I am now on my knees crying while tugging at my blonde hair. "Lucas what's wrong?" Ashton sniffles. Ashton hasn't stopped crying since the day they took Ruth away from me. Neither has Michael. Him and Ruth had grown a great friendship and he had that all taken away from him. "Calum ratted her out!" I know lay on my side in the middle of the floor bawling like a baby. "Sh-she broke out and went to his house an-an-and he RATTED HER OUT!" I yell at the top of my lungs. Ashton hangs his head then breaks down beside me.

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