Luke Freakin Hemmings


1. About me

My name is Ruth. Ruth Dexter. Ya I know. Ew Dexter. I hate me last name. I'm Irish. I have long natural curly bleach blonde hair and saphire blue eyes. I'm about 5'6. I make strait A's even though I don't pay attention in class or even study. I am 16 years old. Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin are both my best friends. I don't have any girl friends. None of the girls at my school like me and I don't like them. So we don't pay attention to each other. Calum is in every class with me except one. History. Ashton has already graduated. Me and Calum have known each other since the seventh grade. When I got stuck with him as a partner. But we became best friends from that very day. I know Ashton through Calum. In 8th grade me and Calum were sitting in his living room with his mom when Ashton comes running through the door yelling "ITS TIME TO BAND!!!". I thought he was completely crazy but me and him are fingers crossed since that day. I really don't know how? He just stuck with me. My dad says that if I was to get a boy friend it should be Ashton or Calum. I laugh and him and he laughs back. My mom died from having my baby brother when I was 12. My baby brother didn't survive either. After that my dad moved us down here in Sydney. My dad is originally half Australian and half Irish. My mom was full Irish. So I have the accent and everything. Everybody in my family was black headed except for me I am blonde headed. Every body makes fun of me at school because I'm Irish but It doesn't bother me anymore. The schools bad ass/ bullies are Trent and Tray. And the other pair of them are Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford. Luke and Michael are in a band with Calum and Ashton. The most bad boy at out school 'Tray' is my ex. He's one of those jocks. He is 6'1 and has dark brown hair with that natural flip. He still till this very day says he wants me back. But I will never take him back after what he did. The first thing he done was take a swing at my face. I had a gash and bruise on my cheek for 4 months. He claimed he was drunk, but I know he wasn't. I forgave him knowing that I shouldn't but I did anyways cause I was in love with him. The second and last thing he did to make me break up with him was that I caught him in bed with the schools slut. He broke my heart. I'm kinda scared that I'm starting to fall in love Luke. I don't want to fall ever again. So I keep my distance from the boys. Luke is always tripping people and laughing at them. Making them feel bad, including me. He picks fight and cheats on every girl he meets. He uses them in bed then breaks their hearts the next day. I'm probably one of the only girls that hasn't dated him. I don't plan on dating him. Michael is like his side kick. But he doesn't join in on fights cause he has a lot of more sense than Luke. My favorite place to go is to the 'drop'. The drop is where the sand in the ocean comes to a complete cliff. There is a pier that goes out to it. I don't swim in the water because I'm scared something might get me. I have the mind of a 5 year old girl. But I can be serious when I want to. But anyways back to the drop. I like to go out and sit on the end of the pier and watch the fish under me. I go there when I'm sad or happy it just depends. But when I do want to swim I go to the beach part.

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