Immortal Salem

Madison is finally feeling at home since moving to Salem, Massachusetts, home of the infamous witch trials of the 1600's. While she had an initial fascination with the history and modern-day hype, her belief in the supernatural aspects of all of the legends were only skin deep... until the secrets around her began to reveal themselves, including her love interest Ronnie.


1. Prelude

I never thought in depth about the legends of Salem. They were fascinating and fun, though there wasn't a soul on earth who could have convinced me that witches and other supernatural creatures existed all around us. The media, our parents, even the government; they all convinced us that these were imaginary creatures of the night. They scared us as children, excited us as teenagers and remained in our imaginations forever.


The first time I was confronted with the idea that there might be some truth to the stories I still held my skepticism, despite the evidence. It took love to remove the blinders over my eyes that had been placed there by society. One man, one extraordinary man made me trust enough to see the light, to see the truth. For the first time in my life I discarded the shield that had been placed upon me and focused on the facts.


The facts that I came to find were simple, though seemingly unbelievable to the modern trained mind. I came to realize that the legends of Salem had extended far beyond the seventeenth century. The small town I now called home was a host to immortals of all kinds, and it almost took death for me to finally get a clue. That, and the faith and trust in Ronnie.


He saved me, he loved me, and he helped me down perhaps the scariest, most thrilling time of my life.

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