Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


3. What Happened!?

Luke's POV

Ashton is still in the hospital. The doctor agreed to have a tutor come to the hospital everyday, and teach him everything that he is learning in school. Liz is being homeschooled by a tutor, because everyone is busy. The guys are working on new songs, I've been working on some songs, Autumn is busy with work, Kylie is busy with school, lolly is busy with her work, so no one is really home.

Autumn's POV

I came home early today from work, and Liz was no where to be found. I checked all the rooms, the kitchen, everywhere.

I heard crying coming from Skylar's bathroom. "Liz?" I asked knocking on the door, no answer. I opened the door, and saw Liz sitting on my floor with a blade in her hand. "Liz, what are you doing!?" I asked running over to her. "A-Ashton is in the hospital! H-He isn't home! I-I got worried, and the worry wouldn't go away." She replied releasing her hand from her wrist. "I'm calling mum and dad." I said taking my phone out of my back pocket. Liz went into her room. "Skylar, you and Luke need to come home now." I said once she answered her phone. "Why what happened?" She asked. "I think its better if you come home and see." I replied. "Alright. We are on our way." She said, and hung up.

Skylar's POV

"Did she say what happened?" Luke asked as we got in the car. "No, she only said it would be better if we come and see what happened." I replied.

"Aut, we're here." I said as we got into the door. "Liz come downstairs!" Autumn yelled. Seconds later, Liz came downstairs. "So what happened?" Luke asked. I looked at Liz. She wore long sleeves. She never wears long sleeves. I looked at Luke. "Long sleeves." I whispered. "You don't think." He said. I rolled up her sleeves. "Elizabeth Marie! Why would you do that!" I yelled. "Ashton's in the hospital! I'm worried about him!" She replied. "Liz you are only ten, you shouldn't be doing this!" I replied. "Weren't you ten when you started." She said. "What?" I replied. "Don't think I don't know, because I do. I saw the interviews. I've seen you do it." Liz said running upstairs. "I'll go talk to her." I said. "No, I'll go." Luke said, I nodded.

Luke's POV

"Liz." I said knocking on her door. "What." She said. I walked in. "I know how you feel about this." I said sitting on her bed. "I doubt you do." She said. "I had to go through it with mum. I made her stop." I said, she looked to the floor. "Shes blaming herself for this now. She said that if she didn't cut, then you wouldn't." I said. "Tell mum that it's not her fault." She said. I nodded. "I don't want you to go through what she did." I said. She nodded.

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