Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


25. Wedding

Skylar's POV

Today is my wedding, and I am going crazy! Lolly, Kylie, Autumn, and Amber are all dressed in their dresses, but I'm not ready yet. I'm still running around like crazy. "Skylar. Stop! You're going to faint if you keep running around the that." Kylie said. I took a breath and sat down. "Here. Put your dress on. I'll go see if Luke has the guys ready." Autumn said, I nodded and she left the room.

Autumns POV

"Awe. Look at you guys all dressed up!" I said closing the door. "Aunt Aut! Look at me! I look like Uncle Cal!" Ashton yelled. I laughed. "I see. You look good Luke." I said. "Thanks." He replied. I could tell he was nervous. "Sky's the same way." I said. "Um Aut, we have a little problem." Amber said running into the room. Oh lord what now!

I walked into the room where the girls were, and Skylar was totally flipping out. "Skylar! Skylar! Calm down!" I said grabbing her shoulders. "What's wrong." I said. "Dress... Doesn't... Fit... Won't... Zipper..." She said taking deep breaths. "Okay. I'm sure I can make it zipper. Just stay still."I said "there. It just was stuck." I said. She sighed in relief.

Ashton's POV

"Uncle cal, when do we go out?" I asked. "Soon. Your mum is in her room with Chloe, so you will walk out together." Uncle cal replied, I smiled

"Alright kiddo, get with Chloe, and go in front of all of us." Uncle ash said. Chloe and I locked arms, and waited at the entrance. "Alright go." Uncle ash said. When we walked out, everyone awed at me. Then Uncle Cal, and Aunt Aut came down. And Uncle Ash and Aunt Lol. And Uncle Mikey and Kylie, then mum came down the aisle. I've never seen her in a full dress before, her dresses are usually short ones.

I looked out at the crowd of people during the ceremony. There were lots of people. Grandma, grandpa, uncle Zayn, uncle Lou, Uncle Harry, Uncle Liam, Aunt Bella, Chloe, Alex and her dad. Wait what? Why was Alex here? Eh, who cares! I saw mum's dad and sister, and her friend, Lucas, and Zoe. I saw lots of reporters and paparazzi and fans too. The doors were see through, and police men were guarding the door. I guess that's so then people wouldn't get inside?

Lexi's POV

Damn there's a lot of people here. I didn't know there would be so many people. Wait, is that one direction? Wow. My sister is pretty cool. Who knew! When I saw Skylar up at the alter, I couldn't help but smile. Seeing my dad give her away to the man she loves is just so beautiful. Am I crying? What's happening to me! Okay Lex, your weirding yourself out! Okay, this is weird. Honestly, I don't even know why I brought Sabrina here. Shes nothing but trouble. Like at the dinner we had at Skylar's, I didn't know Sabrina put nuts into Skylar's food. I mean, everyone knows shes highly allergic to them, but all Sabrina is trouble.

I looked up at the altar and saw Skylar crying. She must really love this guy. She looked amazing in her dress, and her hair curled and up in a bun, just made her look flawless. Wow, where did that come from? Okay, I need to stop! Then, I saw Skylar and Luke kiss. I felt a tear fall down my face. "Lex are you crying?" Sabrina asked. "What? No. I just have something in my eye." I replied. She nodded.

"Hey sky, I wanted to say sorry for everything that I did to you." I said. "wow. Um. Apology excepted." She said. "Sisters forever?" I asked. "Friends for life." She replied. I smiled, and hugged her.

Skylar's POV

This has to be the best day ever, well, maybe one of the best days ever. I got married to the best person in the world. Ashton and Liz were in the wedding. Lexi apologized to me for everything she did. Honestly, I didn't expect that. And now we go to the reception!

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