Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


9. Unexpected Guest

Skylar's POV

After my dream last night, I couldn't stop thinking about what my life would be like without Luke. I wondered what Tate looked like now. Yes, Tate did go to our school, he never really came up before last night though. Tate and I used to date, until I found him cheating on me with one of my friends, so of course it was over.

"Mum, can you help me with my homework?" Ashton asked. "Yeah sure." I replied walking into the living room. I was the only smart one in the family. "So, the answer would be 72." I said. "Thanks mum." He said.

There was a knock on the door. I opened it, revealing an average height guy, with brown hair, and big brown eyes. "Tate?" I said. He smiled. Great. Of course, speaking of the devil. "Mum. Can Alex come over?" Ashton asked. "Come in." I said opening the door wider. "Mum! Can Alex come over!" Ashton said again. "No Ashton. Not today. Your sister isn't feeling good, and neither is dad." I replied. "Go ask uncle Cal to help you." I said. Ashton sighed and went upstairs. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I wanted to see you again." He replied smiling. "Well, that's lovely, but my daughter isn't feeling well, and neither is my-" I got cut off by him kissing me. "Tate." I said pushing him back. "Look, I want to say that I miss you, and I want you back." He said. "Tate. I have a boyfriend. And kids, and a family." I said. He nodded. "And you cheated on me. Not the other way around. I found you in bed with another girl. I found her clothes under your bed." I said. "And you never told your dad about me, so we got even." He said. "My dad hates my boyfriend now, and he hated you, that's why I didn't tell him about you. So don't pull that shit on me, making me look like the bad person, because I'm not." I said. "at least I didn't get you pregnant at seventeen." He said. "Don't fucking pull that on me. We both know what happened that night you asshole. We both know you used me, and we both know I was apart of some fucking dumb ass bet. You're lucky I gave that baby up for adoption. It's bad enough I had a child, with you. You asshole." I said. "And who stayed by your side the entire time?" He asked. "Luke. Luke Hemmings. Because he cares about me. He didn't use me as some fucking bet." I replied. "Luke Hemmings. Skylar, that's what he is known for. Making bets on girls." He said. "Get out. Get out now." I yelled pointing to the door. He smiled and walked out. I sat there crying. Hysterical crying actually.

"Are you okay sky?" Calum asked. I shook my head. "What happened?" He asked. "Just. An old friend I never thought I would see again." I replied. "Sky, what baby did you give up for adoption?" He asked. I looked to the floor. "I was fifteen. I went to a party with my ex boyfriend. I got drunk. He used me. He got me pregnant, and I put it up for adoption. During the whole time, Luke and Amber were there to support me." I replied. "Oh. Was that your ex boyfriend?" He asked. I nodded. "He cheated on me with a friend of mine. I found him in bed with her, and her clothes under his bed." I said. "Sky, I'm so sorry." He said. "He said that I am apart of a bet with Luke. He said that's all that Luke does is bet on girls." I said. "That's not true. Luke loves you." Calum replied hugging me. I cried into his shoulder. "If that asshole comes back, I'll handle him. You sit and relax. Luke will kill us all if you have too much stress." Calum said. I smiled. I have the best family.

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