Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


15. Tryouts and The Truth

Ashton's POV

I looked out at all the parents at baseball tryouts, I saw Franky's mom, Kyle's mom, Harry's mom, but not my parents. They promised they would be here. Then, I saw them walking to the bleachers. I smiled. "Ashton Hemmings!" The couch yelled. I picked up the bat and waited for the pitcher. I swung the bat, and the ball went all the way across the field. I ran around the bases. I had trouble breathing though, and I felt like I was losing air. Then, I remembered that I forgot to take my inhaler.

Skylar's POV

"Well, he can't run like you." I said as I leaned into Luke. "Um sky. Where's Ashton?" Luke asked. I looked onto the field. Ashton wasn't there. I got up, and saw him lying on the ground. "Parents of Ashton Hemmings!" The couch yelled. Luke and I ran onto the field. Ashton wasn't breathing. I went into my bag and got his extra inhaler. "Hi." He said once he woke up. "Baby you have to remember to take your inhaler." I said. He nodded. "Hemmings! You're on the team!" The couch yelled. Ashton nodded and got up. "Promise me you will take your inhaler." I said. "I promise mum. Geez. Calm down." He replied. "Ashton. You know what could happen if you don't take your inhaler. And don't give me an attitude." I said. "I don't have an attitude. If anything you have one." He replied. "Ashton Calum Michael! Do not speak to me that way." I said. "I just want to go home." He said. I nodded and continued driving home.

We got into the house and Ashton threw is bags and books all over the floor. "Ashton! Pick these-" "no!" He yelled back. I sighed. I picked up his bags and books, and went upstairs. "Ashton. Are you okay?" I asked walking into his room. "Can't I just be alone!" He yelled. "Sadly no. Tell me what's wrong." I said. "Is it true that you cheated on dad with those guys Tate and Brad?" He asked. "Where did you hear that from?" I asked. "These girls were talking about it at school today. They made fun of you. They said that you sent Zoe and Lucas to live with grandma, because they weren't dad's." He said. "Ashton. Honey. I didn't cheat on dad. And I sent Zoe and Lucas to live with grandma because it was too hard to take care of all four of you." I replied. "Oh. Ok." He said. "Is that all?" I asked. He nodded. "are you sure?" I asked. "Franky is being mean to me. He's calling me names. He said we will never be friends again." He replied. "Come here." I said opening my arms. He cuddled into my arms. "I promise you, you will get better friends. I went through the same thing with dad." I said.

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