Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


23. The New Girl

Ashton's POV

I was in the hallway in school, when I saw a girl. She was blond wavy hair, and blue eyes. She was very fit. She looked about my height. She was really pretty too. Just the way her hair fell into her face made me smile.

When I was walking through the hallway, I saw this new girl get tripped by one of the "popular" guys. I walked over to her. "Are you alright?" I asked as she picked her books up. She nodded. "Here, let me help you." I said helping her up. "I'm Ashton." I said. "Oh uh, I'm chloe." She replied. "Are you new?" I asked. Wow, that sounded like dad. "Uh yeah. I just moved here from Chicago." She replied. "I've never been there before. But my parents have." I said. "Oh. Cool. I've seen you somewhere. You look familiar. Have we met before?" She asked. I could tell she was starting to open up to me. "I don't think-" "wait. Your dad is Luke Hemmings." She said. Here we go with the screaming. "Yeah." I said. "You look like him. Cute, funny, smart." She said. I blushed.

The bell rang for the end of the day. "So Chloe. Would you want to come over today? We can hang out. My uncles are home. They're pretty cool." I said. "Sure." She replied. "So tell me about you." I said on the walk home. "Um. My name is Chloe. I'm thirteen. I'm 5'2. And I play soccer." She said. I smiled. "Tell me about you." She said. "My full name is Ashton Calum Michael Hemmings. I'm named after my uncles. I have there younger siblings, Liz, Zoe, and Lucas. Zoe and Lucas live with my grandmother. My dad is Luke Hemmings. My mum is Skylar Williams. They are getting married soon. I'm 5'6. I get my height from my dad. I play baseball. I can't run. I have asthma. I barely see my parents, because they are either recording or on tour." I said. "Wow." She said. I smiled.

"Uncle Ash! Uncle Cal! Uncle Mikey! I'm home!" I yelled. "Hey buddy. How was school?" Uncle ash asked. "Good. Oh uncle ash, this is Chloe. Shes new to school. Chloe, this is my uncle. Ashton Irwin." I said. "Hi sir. It's nice to meet you." Chloe said. "Hi. And you can call me Ashton if you would like." Uncle ash replied. She nodded. "Kiddo, your parents said they will be home soon, they had to stay at the studio for a meeting." Uncle ash said. "I'm shocked. Anyway. We will be in my room." I said. Uncle ash nodded.

Chloe's POV

I felt different around Ashton. I felt normal. Like I can be myself. He was beautiful. His blond hair and blue eyes were just stunning. He is so nice too. I like him. He's nice. "Wow. I love your room." I said. "Oh thanks. Sorry about the pink too. My sister and I share a room." He said. "It's fine. I share a room with my siblings too." I replied. "Really. How old are they?" He asked. "Well Mia is my little sister. Shes nine. She looks nothing like me though. She has brown hair. And my older brother, Jared is 18. He has ginger hair, and plays American football." I replied. "Me and my siblings look nothing alike. I have blond hair an blue eyes, like my dad. My sisters have brown hair and brown eyes like my mum. And my little brother has blond hair and brown eyes." He said. "My brother is really protective. He had to step up and be like a dad to my sister and I, because my dad left when my little sister was born. But he always has his friends over. He's cool though." I said. "That's like my dad. Except, his friends live with us. My mum said that before I was born, they came over everyday and just wait for food to be ready." He said. I laughed a little. "So does it get annoying being Luke Hemmings' son?" I asked. "Sometimes. Like, my mum, my dad, my sister and I went to the mall a few weeks ago, and there were so many paparazzi there. We can't really leave the house without a family member." He replied. "When I was little, I remember my mum went out with her friend, and I went along, and paparazzi were asking her questions and stuff." He said. "But, it's good at times too, because I have an awesome family." He said. I nodded.

Ashton's POV

"Ashton! Dinner!" Uncle cal yelled. "Come on. My mum is a great cook. But if my dad or uncles offer to cook for you, say no!" I said. She laughed. "Hey buddy how was school?" Mum asked. "Good. Oh mum, dad this is Chloe. Shes new to school." I said. "Hi Mr. Hemmings. Hi ms. Williams. Ashton told me so much about you." She said. "Hi Chloe. Would you like to stay for dinner?" My mum asked. "If it's alright." She said. "Oh of course." My dad said looking at me.

"So chloe, are you from Australia?" My dad asked. "No. I'm from Chicago. I moved here with my brother." She replied. "Oh. Has Ashton been good?" Uncle cal asked. "Yes sir. He has been a good friend so far." She replied. I smiled. "Luke honey. Slow down. Leave some food for everyone else." Mum said. "Sorry." He replied. I laughed.

"Thank you for the dinner." Chloe said. "Anytime. You're always welcome here." Mum replied. She smiled, and walked out the door. "Shes cute." Mum said. "Mum. She just moved here. I want to be friends with her." I replied. She laughed.

Chloe's POV

"Thanks Jared for picking me up." I said once I got in the car. "You texted me about the Ashton kid. Is he nice?" My brother, Jared asked. "Very. He's sweet, kind, friendly, cute-" "good. How's the shyness around him?" He asked. "The only time when I was shy around him was when I first walked into the school. Then, we just talked." I replied. "Good. So he's a good friend." He replied. I nodded. "A very good friend to meet on your first day." I replied.

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