Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


12. The Mall Trip

Skylar's POV

"Cal." I said. "What." He replied. "Help me set up for Luke's birthday." I said. He sighed, an got up. "You get the streamers and I'll start the pancakes." I said, he nodded and went into the closet.

I made chocolate chip cookies, eggs, bacon, and toast, and of course apple juice. Calum set up the streamers, everything was set up.

"Ashton. Liz. Come on down stairs." I said opening their bedroom door. They both got up. "Go wake dad up." I said, getting back into bed. "Dad! Dad! Wake up!" They yelled. Luke woke up. "Happy birthday." I said kissing him. He smiled. "Do I smell... Chocolate chip pancakes!" He yelled running downstairs. I just laughed. "CALUM! THOSE ARE MINE!" Luke yelled. "Luke! I'm sorry!" Calum said running away.

"So, now that we had breakfast. And you have the whole day off, let's go out with the kids." I said. "Where?" Luke asked. "The mall. Liz needs new clothes. I need new clothes. Ashton needs new clothes." I said. "Okay. I'll get dressed, and we will go." Luke replied, as we walked upstairs.

Luke's POV

Skylar wants to go to the mall, I couldn't say no. "Ashton. Liz. I need to talk to you." I said walking to their room. "At the mall, don't leave me or mums side. Got it." I said. They both nodded.

"Okay, both of you hold my hands." I said. Liz and Ashton grabbed my hands, and we walked into the mall. There were a lot of paparazzi at the mall. They all were taking pictures, and asking questions, and touching me. One of them touched Liz. "Hey! Touch my daughter again, your camera will be up your ass!" I yelled, and everyone recorded me saying that. "Come on." I said walking faster.

"How do you like this one dad?" Liz asked walking out in a dress. "Wow. You look good. I like it." I said. She smiled. "Can you buy this for me?" She asked. I nodded. "Alright. Here's this one." Skylar said walking out in a silver short dress. "Wow. You look-" "smoking" someone said behind me. I turned around. "Tate." Skylar said. "Liz, go ahead and change, I'll buy that for you." I said. "That dress looks good on you." He said. I got up. "Luke." He said. "Tate. What an awful surprise." I said. I haven't seen Tate since the night I brought Skylar home from that party when she was fifteen. "Mum. Can you come here." Liz said. Skylar looked at me, and gave me her stay-calm look. I sighed. "I want to see her again. Her body." He said. "You're daughter. Man shes beautiful. Looks like Skylar. Her hair. Her body." He said. "I swear you touch my daughter you won't be able to touch anything again. Let alone feel anything." I said. He laughed. "Can't make any promises. That's what you said about Skylar, but we all know how that went over. Got her pregnant." He said. "You better leave now." I said. He laughed and walked away. I think this has been the worst trip to the mall I probably have ever had.

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