Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


35. Sex

This is an inappropriate chapter. So be aware of any sexual content, or language.

Michael's POV

"Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke!" Is all I heard from Luke and Skylar's room. Can't they be any quieter! "Yes! Yes! Yes! Luke yes!" Skylar yelled. "Dude do you hear them!" Calum said coming into my room. "Yea. It's a little hard to miss." I replied. "Luke! Luke! I hear. Voices!" She yelled. I rolled my eyes. "Luke!!!!!!!!" She yelled. I got up out of bed and went into their room. Skylar was under the covers, and so was Luke. Luke was on top of her, and he poked his head out of the covers. He was all sweaty, and naked by what I could tell. "Guys. Some privacy." He said. "Can you be a little quieter. We are all trying to sleep. We really don't want to hear Skylar screaming." I said. "Shut up Michael!" She yelled from under Luke. "Just try and keep it down please." I said. "We will try." He replied. I nodded and walked out.

Luke's POV

I woke up to a fully naked Skylar. Her hand was on my bare chest, and she was turned towards me. I moved her hand, and got up. I put on some shorts, and went down stairs. "Damn Luke. What the fuck were you doing in that room last night! It sounded like Skylar was getting killed with all her screaming." Ashton said. "She was getting killed. By my dick." I replied. "Gross." He said. I smirked. She came down the stairs. She wore my boxers and one of my shirts. "There is a disturbance in the force." I said. She smiled and rolled her eyes. "How did you sleep?" Ashton asked. "I didn't. I got tossed around all night by the virginity stealer." She said. "Hey you promised me you wouldn't call me that!" I yelled, "well, you promised me you wouldn't call me penis whisperer!" She yelled. "Good bye." Ashton said going upstairs.

Skylar's POV

My phone vibrated, of course it was Luke.

Lukey<3: hey baby

SkySky: hey. Im bored. Let's do something.

Lukey<3: me too. Come up here. And we can do something.

SkySky: okay. I'll be right there.

When I got to our room, I immediately got pushed against the wall. Luke kissed down my neck, and took my shirt off. He kissed down my body. He picked me up by the waist, and I wrapped my legs around him. He continued kissing my neck. He threw me on the bed, and climbed on top of me. He kissed down my body. "Luke. I think someone's home." I said. "So." He said still kissing me. "What-" "Shh." He said kissing me. I smiled. He unbuttoned my pants, and I did the same to him. He kissed up and down my body again. He unhooked my bra, and threw me on top of him. I laughed. I ran my hands over his bare chest. I could tell her liked this position, because he kept on smiling at me.

We laid there with our bare and sweaty bodies against each other. He had his arm over my waist, and my arm over his chest. "I love you." He said out of breath. "I love you too." I replied. I got up, and tried to find my clothes. "Where's my clothes?" I asked. "Oh. I think they're under the bed." He replied. "Got em!" I said. He laughed. "Where are you going?" He asked. "Downstairs." I replied, as I got out a necklace. "You still have that?" He asked. "Of course. You gave me this. I would never get rid of it." I replied. He got up. "I'll help you." He said. He leaned his body up to me. I looked down. "Uh Luke. No offense, but your hard as hell." I said. "Oh. Shit! I forgot." He said. I laughed and walked out of the room.

Luke's POV

"Apparently you're hard as hell." Michael said laughing when I walked out of our room. "Shut the fuck up." I said. "Ouch. Someone needs to have sex again." Calum said. "Someone needs to leave me the fuck alone." I said. "Is it that time of the month lukey? You know we have tampons in the bathroom." Michael said. "I know. I had to fucking buy those." I said. "You did?" Ashton asked. "Yeah. Spur of the moment stuff." I replied. They all laughed.

Lolly's POV

Ashton and I haven't had sex in so long. After Violet was born, we just stopped. It's so tempting when he comes out of the shower. I just want to jump on him, but he doesn't want to have sex. It makes me angry, because we are married, and we have two kids. I mean, Luke and Skylar fuck like every night, and we just sit in bed.

Ashton walked into our room. He walked up to the bed and just stood there. "Ashton?" I asked confused. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. "I missed you so much. I miss the taste of you. How it feels to be inside of you. The sound of you screaming my name." He said. I slammed my lips on his, and he did the same. He threw me against the wall, and started to kiss my neck. He took my shirt off, leaving me in my shorts and my bra. He kissed down my body, and unbuttoned my shorts. He picked me up by the waist, and threw me onto the bed. He climbed on top of me, and kissed my body. He took his clothes off.

"Ash! Ash! Ash!" I screamed. He laid next to me, his sweaty body clinging to mine. "That... Was... Amazing..." He said trying to catch his breath. "It felt so good to finally have you back." I said. He smiled. "Best sex yet." We both said together.

Autumn's POV

Calum walked into the room. He just got back from the studio. "Aut." He said closing the door and locking it. "Yea cal?" I asked. "Aut I want you. I really want you so much. I want to be inside of you. I want to feel you." He said. Okay, well that turned me on. I got up, and walked over to him. I jumped on him, and wrapped my legs around him. "Cal. I want a baby. I want what ash and Luke have. I want a family." I said. "I can make that happen." He said smirking. I could tell he saw the fear on my face. "Don't worry baby. I'll go easy." He said. I smiled. He put me on the bed, and climbed on top of me. "I know you're a virgin, so you don't know how it feels. Don't worry. I'll go gentle and easy." He said. I smiled. He kissed my lips, and then my neck. He unbuttoned my shirt, and I took his off. He kissed down my stomach, and got to my waist. He slid my pants off. He kissed up and down my body. Then, he finally took his pants off. When he entered me, he went slow, then he went faster.

He laid next to me, after along time of sex. "That was amazing." I said. "Yes it was." He replied. I looked at him, and climbed on too of him. "Round two I guess." He said. "You know it's not good to-" I cut him off by kissing him. "Have sex after you just did it." He finished. "Shut up and kiss me." I said. He smiled.

Sorry for not putting Michael and Kylie in this chapter. I keep on forgetting about her.

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