Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


29. Settling In

Skylar's POV

"Guys! Can you come down here please!" I yelled. Everyone came running downstairs. "We heard." Calum said. "The news. It's all over the place." Michael said. "How's-" "he's fine. He's happy he has another sister. He's happy it's Alex because now, he knows why she stopped talking to him." Calum said. I sighed in relief. I guess there's nothing to say.

Alex's POV

Im finally living with my birth mom. My real mom. I have a step dad, and brothers and sisters. And aunts and uncles. I can't ask for anything else. "Hey ash." I said. "Oh hi Alex. Welcome to the family I guess." He replied smiling. "Thanks." I said. "I'll show you your room. It was Zoe's old room." He said. I smiled.

It was perfect. The room was painted pink with zebra pillows, and a black carpet, and pictures of the whole family. Then, I came across a photo. It looked like me. It was me. It was Skylar holding me. I guess it was on the day I was born, because Luke was besides her. "Do you like your room?" My step dad, Luke asked. I nodded. "A lot. Thank you Mr. Hemmings." I said. "Alex, you're family now, you call me dad. And Skylar mum. We are your family." He said. I smiled. I have a good feeling about this family.

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