Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


51. Secret

Skylar's POV

I walked down the stairs, after hearing Luke yelling at Aleisha. Luke sat on the couch staring at the wall. "Luke. What's wr-" I said until I noticed the smashed picture on the ground. "No. No. No. No." I said running over to the glass. "No!" I yelled. "That was the only picture!" I yelled. Luke just sat there, his eyes wide. "I'm sorry. I could've done something." He said. I shook my head. "It's not you're fault. I don't blame you. I blame Aleisha." I said.

I picked the picture up, and looked at it. "Daniel. I'm sorry. I-failed." I whispered. Luke heard me. "Why did you fail?" He asked. I looked to the ground. "Luke, there's something that I have been keeping from you."

Sorry for the short chapter and the cliffhanger!

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