Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


19. School Dance

Skylar's POV

After the "talk" I had with Tate, I decided to show Ashton that I never cheated on Luke. Ashton is having a school dance tonight, and they need chaperones, so I signed Luke and I up, to have fun, and live again. "Ashton! Alex is here!" I yelled. "Hi Ms. Williams." Alex said. "Hi honey." I replied. "Come in. He will be ready shortly." I said opening the door wider. "You look amazing." I said. "Oh. Thank you ms. Williams. The dress is my sisters." She replied. "Well it looks good." I said. "Hi mr. Hemmings." She said. "Hi Alex." Luke replied. "Ashton! Let's go!" Luke yelled. "Alright! I'm coming!" He yelled back. "Hi ash." Alex said. Ashton's mouth dropped. "Wow. Alex you look great." He said, i couldn't help but laugh.

"Mum! Go away!" Ashton said as we walked in. "Alright. Alright. I'm going." I replied laughing. A slow song came on. "May I have this dance?" Luke asked. I laughed a little and took his hand. "You look amazing in this light." Luke said in my ear. I smiled and blushed a little. "You look quite dashing in that suit of yours." I said. He smiled.

"mum. Alex is sleeping over." Ashton said on the car ride home. "Okay. Just remember I have work tomorrow." I replied. He nodded. I glanced over in the back seat, and saw Ashton and Alex kissing. Awe. How cute! My little boy has a girlfriend!

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