Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


47. Sadness

Skylar's POV

I haven't cut in about a month. Things have been stressful lately though. Things at home, with Autumn being pregnant and all. She has actually been complaining of stomach pains. Which are common when you're pregnant, but she said that they knock her down. That's not normal. I've been worried about her, she doesn't look good either. Her eyes are all blood shot, and she has bags under her eyes. That usually happens when the baby is born, not still forming. I could tell that Calum is worried as well, because he's always asking me questions about things.

Work has been really stressful. My manger said I have a write a new song, which I did, but he told me it wasn't good enough. I recorded new songs as well. I'm at the studio for hours now. Usually if I'm at the studio, Luke, Calum, Ashton, or Michael will leave to get Liz and ashton from school.

Liz's POV (finally)

Since I started my new school, I've gotten followed home by fans, told to go die, and I've been followed home by paparazzi. I usually walk home, uncle cal picks up Ashton.

Autumn's POV

The guys had a day off today, so they stayed home with me. Life for me now hasn't been so good. I've been sick and I got fired from my job.

I was laying on my bed, and suddenly I got this really sharp pain in my stomach. I was screaming so loud. "Cal!" I yelled. "Cal!" I yelled again in between screams. "Babe. What's wrong?" He asked running into our room. I couldn't stop screaming. "Let's go." He said picking me up. "I'll call Skylar on the way to the hospital and see what's going on." He said.

Calum's POV

*on the phone*

"Sky autumns in the hospital." I said. "What. Why?" She asked. "I-I don't know. I was down stairs. When I heard her screaming." I said. "What did the pain feel like?" She asked. "She said i-it was a really sharp pain." I said. The phone went silent. "Calum." She said. "Yea?" I replied. "Be by her side right now." She said. "What why?" I asked. "Just do what I say. And keep me on the phone." She said. "O-okay." I replied. "Can you tell me why you're so worried?" I asked. She sighed for a moment, then replied, "cal. Shes losing the baby." She said. "W-what." I said. "That's the same kind of pain I went through when I lost the first Ashton. Remember." She said. "Just stay beside her, and don't leave. I'll be there as soon as I can."

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