Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


27. Reception

Ashton's POV

Chloe and I were dancing, until we got interrupted. "Can I dance with Ashton?" A familiar voice asked. Of course, it was Alex. "Why are you here?" I asked dancing. "I need to talk to your mum, and you maybe, my dad thought it was best to come." She replied. I nodded. "Well my mum is over there with my dad. They changed." I replied. She nodded and walked away.

Alex's POV

"Um Ms. Wi-mrs. Hemmings." I said. She turned around. "Alex, what are you doing here? Is your father here?" She asked. I nodded. "I was wondering if I could talk to you." I said. She nodded and we walked into a room.

Skylar's POV

"What's wrong honey?" I asked. "Well, my dad told me I was adopted." She said. I looked to the floor. "Oh." I replied. "He told me you are my mom." She said. "I just found out last week. I had no idea until your father told me." I said. She nodded. "My dad said that he wants to get back together with you. He's going insane Mrs. Hemmings. Shes crazy. I don't feel safe anymore. He drinks every night, comes home late, throws things around. I feel like he will hurt me one day." She said. "Alex, honey, has he ever hurt you?" I asked. She looked to the floor. She didn't say anything. "I may be Ashton's mom, and Mrs. Hemmings to you, but I am your birth mother. So, tell me, has he hurt you before? If he did, I will take you into my custody." I said. "It was only once. I was in fifth grade. He got drunk one night, and he just lost it. He threw pictures on the ground, lamps, broke the computer, smashed the tv. And hit me across the face, and didn't let me eat the entire day." She said. "Come with me." I said. "Where?" She asked. "You may be Alexandra Langdon, but you will be Alexandra Langdon- Williams for now on. As a parent, and your birth mom, it's not safe for you in that house." I said, she nodded. "When you went to the dance with Ashton, did he do anything? Is that why you said you can't be friends anymore?" I asked. She nodded. "He told me I had to ignore him, and I couldn't talk to him, an if I did... He would lock me in the basement. With no food, no water, no blankets. Nothing." She said. "I am getting you out of that house Alex." I said. She nodded.

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