Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


13. News and Magazine

Michael's POV

"Uncle Mikey. Look you're on the cover." Ashton said looking at a magazine. He opened it up. "Um. Uncle Mikey." He said, and handed me the magazine. I read it. It read: '5 seconds of summer, Luke Hemmings has become very protective of his family. Yesterday, Skylar Williams, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Hemmings, and Elizabeth Hemmings were spotted at the mall. One of our reporters touched Elizabeth, and Luke replied to that in not such a good way. Our question for Luke, are you becoming too much of a father, and not paying attention to your career?' "Ash come on." I said taking his hand.

Skylar's POV

"Luke! Turn on the news!" I yelled as I ran down stairs. The news was on, and Luke sat on the couch. The news lady came on the screen. "Yesterday, 5 seconds of summer member, Luke Hemmings, Skylar Williams, and their children were spotted at the mall. One reporter for a magazine touched Hemmings' daughter, Liz, and Luke lashed out. His words were not very pleasant to the reporter, Hemmings said, 'if you touch my daughter again, that camera will be up your ass.' We have our own reporter on the scene now where this all happened." The news lady said. "Luke, this is everywhere." I said. He just sat there. "Dad! There's reporters outside!" Ashton said running inside, Michael soon followed. I went outside. "Skylar!" Luke yelled. "Stay inside Luke!" I replied closing the door.

"Skylar!" They all yelled. "How do you feel about Luke lashing out on that reporter." One reporter asked. "I think he did the right thing. She is my daughter as well, and he was just being a protective father." I replied. "Does Luke always do that?" Another reporter asked. "No. He is a really good person. But if you mess with his family, he gets very protective." I replied. "Who is Tate!" Someone asked. "That is a personal question. I can't answer that." I replied. "This interview is over." I said walking inside.

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