Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


40. New School

Ashton's POV

Since we moved yesterday, I start a new school. I'm not excited, because everyone knows who I am. "Have a good day ash!" My dad yelled as I walked out the door. "New school. New people. New house. New everything." I said to myself.

"Look it's Ashton Hemmings!" Someone yelled. Here we go. A group of girls ran up to me. "Hi." A girl said. I smiled. "Date me please." A different girl said. "Sorry girls, but I already have a girlfriend back at home." I said. They looked disappointed.

"Okay class, today we have a new student. His name is Ashton. He moved here from Australia." My teacher said. "Um, I was wondering, could you not say my last name? In don't want people to know who I am." I said. "Sure. Your mother already talked to the whole staff about it, so don't worry." He replied. "Okay, you can take a seat next to... Ah, Heather." My teacher said, pointing to a girl, who's eyes lit up. "Heather." She said. "Ashton." I replied shaking her hand. "Wait. You're parents are-" "Shh. No one knows." She said. I nodded. "You're secret is safe." I said. "Aren't you the son of L-" "Shh. I keep yours, if you keep mine." I said. She nodded. So, maybe the first day isn't so bad after all. But, I jinxed it. It ended up to be really bad.

"Look what we have here! New meat! New kid." Someone said. I looked across the hall to see four boys, about my age, maybe older. They walked over to me. "Hey freshy." One of them said. I smiled a nervous smile. "Wait. I know you. My ex girlfriend Chloe is dating you." The front person said. I gulped. "I've seen your picture all over the place. Instagram, twitter, magazines, Facebook, news." He said. "Oh. Um. I didn't know Chloe was dating you." I said backing up a little. "Yeah, no shit Sherlock. You probably never even been to L.A before." He said. "I have actually. Three times." I said. His eyes widened. "Wrong idea to talk back to me." He said stepping closer, and other students gathered around us. "Well Chloe is mine so, that means she lives in Australia." I said. "She is not yours." He said. "Yes she is. Shes mine. Not yours." I said. "You're going to wish you hadn't said that." He said walking up to me. "Josh that's enough." Heather said walking in between us. "Babe, let's go." This so-called Josh said to Heather. So, they are dating? Wow. Josh threw his arm over her shoulder and they walked away. It's official. I hate this school. Can I move back to Australia?

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