Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


33. Living The Life Of Ashton Hemmings

Authors Note: In this chapter, it's all about Ashton. How he is treated at school, what he thinks about, how his life is compared to everyone else, and how he feels about being the son of Luke Hemmings and Skylar Williams. *End of Authors Note*

Ashton's POV

"Hey Ashton." One of the "popular" girls said. People treat me differently from everyone else. I don't like it at all. I get it that my dad is famous and all, but I'm still a normal person, and I still have friends and go to school. "Hi Ashton." A random person said to me in the hallway. Yes, this happens everyday. "Ashton! Hey wait up!" Crystal Justice yelled behind me. I stopped. "Hey. I was wondering, if I could come over, and meet your family. You know, because of who they are." She said. "Uh. Sorry. I can't." I said walking away.

"Ashton! Ashton!" Reporters yelled at school once I went outside the doors at the end of the day. "Ashton! How do you feel about your mum and dad finally married!" A reporter yelled. I waited for Chloe. "Hey, come on. My uncle is here. We have to walk through the crowd though." I said. She nodded and took my hand tightly. "Ashton is this your girlfriend!" A reporter yelled when we walked through. "Don't look up. Look down." I said. "You go through this every day?" She asked. "Yea. Sometimes it's worse." I replied. She lifted her head. "Keep your head down." I said. "Sometimes I hate being who I am. Like my family and stuff." I said to her. Reporters got closer and closer. "Ashton! Can you tell us about what happened between you and Chloe on valentines day!" A reporter asked. "What happened on valentines day?" She asked. "I'll tell we get into the car." I replied. "Uncle Mikey! You could've came out and helped us!" I yelled once we got into into the car. "Sorry. I was talking to your mother about a certain person." He said. "So ashton. Tell me what happened on valentines day." Chloe said. I sighed. "Your brothers girlfriend, Sabrina. Well she isn't so nice to my family." I said. She laughed. "Shes so nice though." She replied. "No she's not. Shes a total devil. She made my mum have an allergic reaction." I replied. "You know what. Just take me home. I don't want to go back to yours if you are going to say lies about my brothers girlfriend." She said. Shes making a big deal out of nothing!

"God! I hate my life! Why can't I be a normal person!" I yelled once we got into the door. "You are a normal person." Uncle Mikey said. "A girl came up to me today and asked if she could come over. JUST TO MEET MY FAMILY!" I yelled running upstairs. "MY PARENTS ARE RUINING EVERYTHING!" I screamed, and slammed my door shut.

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