Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


10. Life Before Luke


I decided to do a life before Luke, so you can see how her life was before she met Luke, and when she met him, and when they stopped being friends. Tell me if you guys like this chapter.

"Skylar! Come on! It's your first day!" My dad yelled. I sighed. I just moved to Australia. I have like no friends. My mom and dad just got a divorce, and my twin sister, Lexi, decided to live with my mom back in Los Angeles, and I moved here with my dad. My mom cheated on my dad, so my dad got pissed, called his lawyer, and they got a divorce. It wasn't my dad's fault, it was my moms, but Lexi seems to think it was the other way around.

I walked into the huge school. I felt, I don't know, different. I saw sole girls laugh at me, but I ignored them, and kept walking. I bumped into a tall blond haired boy, with beautiful blue eyes. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" I said. "Don't be. It's alright" he replied. "Here." He said giving me his hand. I blushed, maybe this school is good after all. "Do you know where the office is?" I asked. "Follow me." He said walking past me. "Here you go." He said. "Thanks." I said. "I'm Luke Hemmimgs." He said smiling. "Skylar Williams." I replied. "I hope to see you around." He replied walking away. I blushed.

I walked to my locker, trying not to get lost. "Hey! You're my locker buddy!" Someone yelled behind me. "Oh. Hey Luke." I replied trying to open my locker. "Here, let me help you." He said laughing. "Thanks." I said. "So, are you new? Wait of course you're new. I'm stupid." He said smacking his forehead. "It's fine. I just moved here with my dad from Los Angeles." I replied laughing. "Can you hang out after school?" He suddenly asked. "Yea, sure. You could come to my house." I replied. "Okay. Here's my number." He said giving me a piece of paper. I smiled, and closed my locker.

"So, you walk to school everyday?" Luke asked, as we were walking home. "Yeah. My dad doesn't really like to drive me places, so it's either I walk, or call someone to pick me up." I replied. He looked a little shocked.

"Dad! I'm home!" I yelled. "Okay! How was your day!" He yelled back. He came down the stairs and saw Luke. He looked shocked, wait, more like surprised. "Dad, this is Luke." I said. "Hi Mr. Williams. Nice to meet you." Luke said. "Same to you." My dad replied. "Well. We will be upstairs." I said.

"So here's my room." I said, opening the door. It was painted hot pink and blue, and a king size bed, a desk, a laptop, a balcony, basically every girls dream room. "You play?" He asked pointing to my three guitars in the corner. "Sometimes. I mean I'm not that good." I replied. He took two guitars, gave one to me, and he kept one. "Play me something, and I'll see if I can join." He said. I smiled, and started playing. "Green day. I like them." He said joining in. I started singing, 'American Idiot'. "Wow. You're really good." He said once we finished the song. "Thanks. I haven't played in a while though. I haven't sang in a while actually." I replied, he smiled.

The last few months have been awesome. Luke and I are best friends, he comes over the everyday, he's a best friend. He's like my brother actually. "Hey sky, I want you to meet, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford." Luke said. "Hey." I said. "Sup." they replied. "I'm going over Michael's house today, so I can't come over today." Luke said. "That's okay. Have fun." I replied. Honestly, I was a little upset. Luke and I always go to my house after school. "Does your little boyfriend not want to be with you anymore." Someone said behind me. I turned around, and saw the biggest bitch in school, Sabrina Walker, and her followers. "He's not my boyfriend." I replied. "Obviously. Who would want to date you." She said. "What the hell is your problem. I did nothing to you." I replied. "You came to this school, that's what you did." She replied. I felt a strong pain, as I got kicked to the floor. "Next time, it will be worse." She said walking away.

I laid there on the floor for minutes, before Luke came to him locker. "Skylar! Are you okay!" He asked kneeling down next to me. "I would've been if someone was here." I said getting up. "Wait. Sky." He said running after me. "Let me walk you home." He said. "What happened to going to Michael's." I said angrily. "He can wait." He replied.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Luke asked when I got to my house. I nodded. "Dad. Im home." I said. "Dad?" "Dad!" "Dad!" I said. Oh whatever. I walked up the stairs in pain. I passed the bathroom. I backed up, and went into the bathroom and took the blade out of my dad's razor. That was the first time I ever cut.

The next couple days haven't been good. Luke hasn't been talking to me. Sabrina has been bullying me everyday. It felt like my whole world was falling apart. Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael walked passed me. Luke didn't even see me. He didn't even look at me. I felt a tear fall down my face. I went into the bathroom, and cut. I had my dad's blade still, so I just cut, and cut. No one knew I was in there, so that's good.

I'm fifteen now. I'm a freshman in high school, I have one friend, Amber. Luke and I barely talk anymore. "Sky. Tate alert." Amber said. Tate has blond hair, and big brown eyes. He's sweet, kind, friendly, I like him. "Hey Skylar. My friend is having a party tonight. You should come." He said. "Okay." I replied blushing. "See you tonight. I'll pick you up." He said walking away. "Skylar. You just agreed to go to a party with Tate." Amber said. "I know." I replied.

"Hey." I said getting into Tate's car. "Do you drink?" He asked. "Never tried it before." I replied. "You will tonight." He said. I laughed.

When we got to the party, I immediately got a drink. I drank, and drank, and drank, and drank, and drank, and drank. I was really really drunk. "Come upstairs with me." Tate said. He took my hand and leaded me upstairs. "Lay down." He said pointing to the bed. He climbed on top of me, and started to undress me.

I woke up in my own bed, dressed in pajamas, and my hair in a bun. I had a massive hangover. "You got too drunk." Someone said. "Luke? What are you doing here?" I asked. "I found you naked in a bed. No one was there, so I brought you home." He replied. Everything started coming back to me. Drinking. Sex with Tate. "Skylar. I know what happened last night." He said. "You do?" I asked. "You got drunk. Tate took advantage of that." He said, I nodded. I got out of bed, and walked into my bathroom. "Pregnancy test. Pregnancy test." I said searching. "There we go." I said.

"Here goes nothing." I said looking at the test. "Positive." I said. I walked out of the bathroom. "You okay?" Luke asked. "I-I'm pregnant." I replied sitting down, crying. "It's okay. I'm here for you." He said. "What am I going to tell me dad!" I said hysterical crying. Luke hugged me and rocked me back and forth. "I'm going to kill that asshole." Luke said. I just cried. Luke never seen me cry before.

"Here are some families that are looking to adopt." Luke said. "Thanks." I said. I'm six months pregnant, and Luke has stayed by my side everyday. He spends the night, he takes care of me, he is there for me. I chose a family with a child, who are looking for a new born.

I finally had the baby, and I gave it away to the family. Luke stopped talking to me after that. It's like, if I need help, he's there, but once I'm better, he leaves. It's pissing me off now. Honestly, I wish I never met Luke Hemmings. All he did is ruin my life. Here with me one day, the next, he's not.

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