Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


34. Hate and Love

I have no idea if these twitter accounts are real or not, but if they are, I'm sorry for using them.

Skylar's POV

My phone buzzed. I looked at it expecting a text from Amber, but it was from twitter. I opened up the notification. It said: @Skyskywills go die

@skyskywills start cutting again, but this time, don't let anyone save you.

@skyskywills leave Luke be. You're ruining him. He doesn't love you. He loves @BellsTrot. (Bella's twitter)

@skyskywills you're such a slut. You had your first child at sixteen. How can Luke love a slut like you.

"Sky? What's wrong?" Luke asked. I handed him my phone. "Don't listen to that." He said. I nodded. "Why are you going all shy on me?" He asked. I shrugged. He sighed and went upstairs.

A few minutes later, I got another notification. I opened it up, to see a picture of Luke and I at our wedding. It read: @Luke5SOS guys, please stop hating on Skylar. She is my perfection. She is an amazing person to be around. I know you guys think I should be with Bella, but I'm not. Skylar is my world, and my everything. @skyskywills I love you no matter what. @BellsTrot I of course love you too.

My phone vibrated. It was Luke.

Lukey<3: love you. Did you read it?

SkySky: Read it. Brought tears in my eyes. Love you too.

Lukey<3: come up here.

SkySky: no I don't feel like moving.

Lukey<3: please. I'll surprise you with something.

SkySky: fine. What will you do?

Mikey: guys take it off group chat!

Cal pal: yes please take it off of group chat. It's bad enough we hear you guys at night.

Ash: yea seriously. I'm trying to sleep and all I hear is Skylar screaming Luke's name. Lilly always asks why aunt sky is screaming uncle Luke's name,

SkySky: alright! Damn I get it

Ash: this time try not to be loud

Lukey<3: can't make any promises. ;)

Cal pal:gross

Mikey: haha cool! I laugh when I hear Luke's name being yelled. It reminds me of Liz yelling at him to wash his god damn underwear and stop taking ours.

SkySky: OMG I touched your underwear. I need to burn my hands.

Mikey: and I touched your thong! I will never wash my hands. Just kidding! I will always wash my hands. But seriously, nice color thongs sky.

Lukey<3: alright. Tmi now.

SkySky: now that I think of it, I'm missing a shit ton of thongs and bras. Mikey I know you like your values, but can I have mine back before you give them a blow job.

Ash: HOW DID WE GET INTO THIS SUBJECT! It was about Luke and sky having sex. Then it went into stealing and missing underwear. And now blow jobs!

Lukey<3: alright. I'm out of this conversation.

Cal pal: me too. Too weird

Mikey: sky Luke wants a blow job. Bye

Ash: bye

Sorry for the inappropriate language. I think we all know 5sos's mouth. You never know what could come out. Especially with Mikey and Cal.

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