Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


16. Family Dinner

Skylar's POV

Since Ashton made the team, I decided to cook some dinner and dessert. "Guys! Dinner!" I yelled. No one came. "Guys! Food on the table!" I yelled, all the guys came running downstairs. Liz soon came down.

"Mum, you never told me how you and dad met." Ashton said. I looked at Luke. "Well, I was in year six, and I just moved here from Los Angeles with grandpa. And I started school here, and dad showed me around school. He was actually my first friend. But as the years went on, we stopped talking. I believe it was when I was in year nine, I went to a party. This was before dad and I were dating. Well, I did something that I didn't mean to do, and I had a little baby like you." I said, Michael practically spit out his drink. "With who! That gross Tate guy?" Michael asked. I kicked him from under the table. "Ow. Continue." Michael said. "And dad rescued me from that party, and that was when I liked him. And then we stopped talking. In year twelve, the idiot your dad is, asked if I was knew to the school, and he asked me out on a date, and a few months later, you were born." I said. "Wow. Mum you seemed like a badass back then." Liz said. "Oh she was. She got into a fight with your dad's ex girlfriend. I will never forget that day." Calum said laughing. "Mum, you said you didn't cheat on dad with Tate. But you said you had a baby with him." Ashton said. "Ashton, I didn't cheat on your father. This was a long time ago." I replied. He nodded. "Well, you are just a liar then. You said there was nothing between you and Tate." He said. "Ashton! Don't call your mother a liar." Luke said. "Why?! I could be Tate's child! Or Liz could be his daughter!" He yelled. I felt tears forming. "Excuse me." I said getting up.

Luke's POV

"Excuse me." Skylar said getting up. I noticed she rubbed her wrists. "Stay here." I said running upstairs. I got to the room just in time. She started hysterical crying. "I know. I know. It's alright." I said as I held her. "Luke. Luke please. I have to." She said. "No. I will not let you." I replied. "Please. I can't just sit here. I have to." She said trying to get up. "Skylar. I won't let you." I replied. "Please! Just once." She said. "Skylar Marie Williams! I will not let you! You have been clean for too long to start up again." I replied. She sighed. "This dinner was a waste." She said. "It was a good dinner. Just a little mishap at the end that's all." I replied. She nodded. She laid back into my chest, and quickly fell asleep, and I did as well.

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