Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


7. Dinner Gone Wrong

Ashton's POV

"Ashton! Come down and clean up your homework!" My mum yelled. I sighed and walked downstairs. "Oh mum, Alex is coming over today." I said. "Oh okay. Your grandpa and aunt is coming over." Mum replied. "Dad doesn't have a sister." I said. "No, but I do." Mum said. "Oh. So can Alex still come over?" I asked. "I guess so." Mum said. I hugged her an ran to the stairs. "Ashton!" Mum yelled. "What!?" I snapped. "Don't give me the attitude or Alex won't be coming over at all." She said. I sighed. "Is your homework done?" She asked. "I'll do it later mum." I said. "No you won't. You will do it now." She said. I sighed and sat down. "Thank you." She said. I smiled.

Luke's POV

There was a knock on the door. "Mr. Williams." I said. "Lucas." He said. "Luke! I missed you!" Lexi yelled hugging me. I smiled. This feels awkward. "I hope you don't mind, I brought a friend." Lexi said. Of course, the one person. Sabrina. I sighed. "Sorry, Ashton has a friend over, let me go get them." Skylar said. Lexi and Mr. Williams walked into the kitchen, leaving Sabrina and me alone. "What are you doing here Sabrina?" I asked. "What? Is it a crime to visit an old friend?" She replied smiling, and walking away. I could tell will not be a good dinner.

Skylar's POV

"Alright. Everyone is coming down. The guys are on their way down now, Liz, Ashton, and Alex are all on their way down too." I said walking into the kitchen. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked. "Can I come and see and old friend?" She asked. "What friend? It's not me." I said. She looked at Luke. I rolled my eyes. "Ash. Can I talk to you?" I asked once he got into the kitchen. He nodded. "I want you to protect me from her." I said. "Why? Luke is-" "Luke is helping out with Liz and Ashton. I don't trust her ash." I said. He nodded. "Stay by me the entire time." He said, I nodded and we went into the kitchen.

"So, when's the wedding?" Sabrina asked. I spit my drink out. "You alright?" Ashton asked. I nodded. "This fall. It's in a really pretty church." Luke replied. "Well, I'm going to get dessert." I said getting up. Ashton looked at me. "I'll be fine." I whispered. He nodded. "So, I heard about your little mishap with Brad." Someone said behind me. "What mishap?" I asked, turning around. "I know you cheated on Luke with Brad." Sabrina said. "I didn't do that. Who told you?" I relied. "Everyone knows it. Just wait until Luke find out." She said. She walked over to the dessert. "Your kids are beautiful you know. Look nothing like you. I could've sworn, the girl looks like Brad." She said. "It's not his, and I never had sex with him, so." I replied. "Whatever. Oh that cake is mine, it's really good. My mother made it." She said leaving the room.

"Alright. Here we go." I said bringing the desserts out. I grabbed a piece of the cake Sabrina brought. "This is really-" I started coughing. "Sky? You okay?" Ashton asked. I kept coughing. "Skylar? What's wrong?" Luke asked. There's only two things that could do this: 1. It was poisoned. 2. I was having an allergic reaction. I couldn't breathe. I fell to the floor holding my throat, gasping for air.

Luke's POV

"What was in that cake!?" I yelled. "Coconut, nuts, hazelnut, chocolate, butter, sugar, and flower." Sabrina replied. "Shes allergic to nuts!" I yelled. I ran into the bathroom, and grabbed her epi-pen. She was gasping for air, holding her throat. I stabbed Skylar with her epi-pen, and she went back to breathing normal. "You bitch! You knew I was allergic!" Skylar yelled. "Oh Whoops. I guess I forgot." Sabrina replied. "Alright. Out! Sabrina! Out!" I yelled. She walked out the door. "Come on. Let's get you to sleep." Ashton said.

Ashton's POV

Skylar was right. You can't trust her. "Are you alright?" I asked. She nodded. She started coughing again. And again. And again. "Calm down. It's alright." I said, holding her. She cried into my chest. "Thank you." She said. "I'll take it from here ash. Thanks." Luke said. I nodded and left the room. Some night this was. It was scary seeing Skylar like that.

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