Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


37. Day 2

Skylar's POV

"Guys come on! We are going to the beach!" I yelled. I had on my blue bikini and flip flops, and my short black cover up, my hair was up in a bun, and my big sunglasses.

"Okay. Go ahead. Have fun." I said to the guys. Ashton and Liz were already running into the water. I laid back into my beach chair, and pulled my sunglasses up. My dress was behind my chair, and my flip flops besides me. I closed my eyes, trying to get some tan.

Then suddenly, my sun was being blocked. I opened my eyes, to reveal a wet Luke. "Shouldn't you be wearing sunscreen missy?" He said. "No. And you're blocking my sun." I replied. He picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder. "Luke! Luke no!" I yelled. "Haha! You need to have fun!" He yelled walking to the water. "Luke! Don't put me in the water!" I yelled. "Too late!" He yelled dropping me in the water. He swam away. I swam after him.

When I almost reached him, someone pulled me up. It was Michael. Luke was too far for me to catch him. Michael finally let me down, and Ashton, Calum, Niall and Harry all came over to me. They circled around me. "Don't you dare." I said. Calum came close to me, and picked me up.

Then, the all followed him out into the deeper parts of the ocean. "No Calum! Im not as tall! I can't stand!" I yelled. "Don't worry. I got you." He said in my ear. I was surprised Niall was standing. "Calum. Please take me back to the shallow parts." I said. He let me go. "Swim." He said. I went under the water, and swam to the more shallow parts.

"Sky. Your bikini is untied." Luke said. "Oh. Can you retie it." I said. He retied it, and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Here comes a wave!" He yelled. We went out further, and went right over the wave. "Just like we did when we were little." I said. He nodded.

"Guys dinner!" I yelled from the kitchen. Liz came into the kitchen. "Ashton Luke Calum Michael Ashton! Food is on the table!" I yelled. They all came running down. We all sat down.

During dinner, I felt a leg run against my leg. I looked up, and saw Luke smirking at me. It really turned me on, but I ignored it. "Luke, babe eat." I said. He nodded and started eating. "Thanks mum!" Ashton said running upstairs. "Yea thanks mum!" Calum said. I laughed, and everyone went upstairs except for me and Luke.

While I was doing dishes, Luke came up behind me, and kissed me neck. "You know, I heard sex after dinner isn't good." I said turning around. "That's for swimming." He replied. I smiled. "Just think this is going to be our new house." I said as he kissed my neck. "Mhm." He replied. He picked me up and put me on the table. He started kissing me, and he slipped his hand under my shirt. "Luke we are playing League of Legends wanna-" Michael said as he walked into the kitchen. "Uh. Sorry. Continue." He said walking out. "See what happens when we start down here." I said. He smiled and stopped kissing me. "Go ahead." I said. He smiled and ran out.

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