Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


24. Date

Ashton's POV

"Hey Chloe. I was uh wondering if you wanted to go out tonight? It's Friday so we don't have school tomorrow. And my uncle can drive us around." I said. "Okay. Sounds good." She replied. "I'll pick you up around six? We can go for dinner and a movie? My uncle Cal knows this great restaurant." I said. "Okay. Sounds good. I'll see you at six." She replied. I smiled.

Chloe's POV

He finally asked me! I can't believe it. What if he saw me blushing? "Hey kiddo." Jared said as I walked inside. Of course he was with his friends. "Hey. Uh I'm going out with Ashton tonight. So I won't be home until late." I said. "Awe. Does Chloe have a date!" Kyle, Jared's friend said. I stuck my tongue out. "Okay. Have fun. Where are you going?" Jared asked. "We are going to dinner. His uncle knows this really good restaurant." I replied. "Okay." Jared replied, and with that, I ran upstairs to get ready.

Ashton's POV

"Here. Let me fix that." Dad said, fixing my tie. "You look handsome." Mum said, pinching my cheek. "Mum. Please. I'm a grown man." I said, she laughed. "Alright! Uncle cal! Let's go!" I yelled. He came down the stairs. "Have fun!" My mum yelled as we went out the door.

When I saw Chloe walk out, I was breathless. She wore a silver dress, with flats, and her hair was curled. She looks beautiful. "Why thank you." She said as he got into the car. "Hi Chloe." Uncle cal said. "Hi Calum. Thank you for doing this." She said. "Anything for my little boy." He replied.

"Reservation for two. Under Hood." Uncle cal said. "Right this way." The lady said. "Here we are." She said placing two menus at the table. "And mr. Hood, your table." She said. I laughed. "So. Did you see the soccer game at school last night?" Chloe asked. "Yeah. I must say, you're pretty good." I said. I saw her blush. "Here's your drinks." The waitress said. I smiled. "I'll have the spaghetti." I said. "I'll just have a salad." Chloe replied. the waitress then took our menus and walked away. "So you said you play baseball right?" She asked. I nodded. "How do you play with asthma? Like is it harder to play?" She asked. "Not really. I just have to take my inhaler before and after the game. And if I don't, my mum comes on the field and gives me her extra inhaler." I replied. "Oh. Are you any good?" She asked. "My team says I am, but I don't really know. My mum says I'm good, but I just can't run." I replied. She laughed.

Once we finished dinner, it was about eight. We went to walk on the beach. "This is the best night I had so far." She said. "Me too." I replied. "You look amazing tonight." I said. I looked over at her, and saw her blushing. "I like it when you blush." I said. "Really?" She asked. "Yeah. You're cute when you try to hide it." I replied. She smiled. Then, I leaned in. Our lips touched. I pulled away. "Wow. I never kissed anyone before." She said. I smiled.

"I had an amazing time tonight Ashton." She said as I walked her up to the door. "So did I." I replied. "Thanks for taking me out." She said. I smiled, and kissed her cheek. "Have a good night." I said. "You too." She replied. I smiled.

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