Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


28. Court

Skylar's POV

"Luke, you know the daughter I had with Tate when I was younger?" I asked. He nodded. "Well, that child is Alex." I said. "What." He said dropping the remote. "And there's one more thing." I said. He looked at me. "I'm going to court today, in about an hour. You need to be there. She's not safe in that house Luke. Tate abuses her. She's not safe. And I don't want her to have a father like that. It's bad enough I gave her up for adoption, and now her father hits her, and gets drunk every night, and threatens her by locking her in the basement." I said. "Okay. I'll be ready." He replied. I smiled.

When we got to court, there were a lot of reporters there. Calum is bringing Ashton and Liz, so they didn't have to ride with us.

Tate and Alex were already there, and sitting. Luke and I sat down across from them. "Skylar Williams- Hemmings. Lucas Hemmings." The judge said. We both got up. "Tate Langdon. Alexandra Langdon." He said, they both stood up. "Mrs. Williams, is Alexandra Langdon your child." The judge asked. "Yes. I had her when I was sixteen. But gave her up for adoption." I replied. "And his Mr. Langdon the father." He asked. "Yes." I replied. "Explain the situation Mrs. Williams please." He said. "About a week ago, I had a wedding, and Alexandra and her father were there. Alexandra and I talked, and she told me that Tate, her birth father gets drunk every night. Throws things around, breaks things, and abuses her." I said. "And as her birth mother, I feel she is not safe in that house with her father acting up this way." I said. "Mr. Hemmings, how do you feel about this situation." The judge asked. "As a parent myself, I feel any child, in this case it is Alexandra, I feel that she has a right to live with her birth mother, which is Skylar, I wouldn't mind Alexandra living with us. She is just as much a child of mine as she is to Skylar." He replied. "Mr. Langdon, what do you have to say about this?" The judge asked. "Alexandra is my child, my last name is on her birth certificate. Skylar hasn't been there for Alexandra her entire life, and she has four children her self." He said. "Mrs. Williams is that true." The judge asked. "Yes, but my two youngest are currently living with their grandparents a few blocks away from our house." I said. "And why is that." He asked. "My son was in the hospital a few weeks ago, he collapsed at our house while his aunt was watching him, my daughters and my youngest son. And he has a severe case of asthma, which is common with children who are born earlier than expected, and because he needed the help, and the care, we both decided to have Luke's parents watch my two youngest for a week, but they like it there so much, they don't want to come back." I replied. "And Mrs. Williams, as Alexandra's birth mother, is your household a safe environment for Alexandra to live in." He asked. "As safe as it can be." I said. "Alexandra Langdon, you will now live with your birth mother." The judge said. How am I going to explain this to ashton.

"Skylar! Can we get an interview!" A reporter asked. We have time, so why not. "Is it true that you have a child with Tate Langdon!?" A reporter asked. "Yes it is true. I do have a child with him. And she is now in my custody." I replied. "Does Luke know!?" The same reporter asked. "Yes, Luke does know. He was the one who was there when my first ever child was born." I said. "Did Tate ever care for your child?" A different reporter asked. "Alex, why don't you go to the car with luke." I said. She nodded and walked to the car. "To answer your question, I do not think Tate has cared for her, nor will he will ever care. Tate was not there during the entire time I was pregnant with her, and he wasn't there when she was born. I don't know why he adopted her, if he wasn't there for anything, but he just wasn't a good father to her, and he never will be." I said, and with that I walked away. Now comes the hard part. Telling Ashton.

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