Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


54. Calum Hood Jr

There is a huge time skip here. Sorry about it too!

Luke's POV

"Cal! Skylar... Hospital... Baby... Born... Now... Labor..." I said. "Huh?" He asked. "Calum! Skylar's in labor!" Autumn yelled. "Thank you!" I said running out the door.

"Who's the father of the baby?" The doctor asked once we got into the room. "That would be me." Calum said. Wow. Never thought I would hear those words. "Okay. Come here and hold her legs up. She won't put them up." The doctor said. I laughed. Calum walked over the the bed, and help both of sky's legs up. "This is weird." I said. Autumn laughed. "Luke!" Skylar yelled. I ran over to her. "We did this four times. You know what to do. Why the hell is Calum staring at my vagina!" She yelled. "Hey! Hold your legs up on your own and I wouldn't have to!" Calum yelled. I laughed.

After forty five minutes of pushing, and screaming. And hand holding, and fainting(that was Calum. He saw the babies head come out, and he lost it), a little baby came out. "Okay. Okay. It's done. It's done right." Calum said. The doctor looked worried. "Um." He said. "Um what!" She yelled. "There's another one." The doctor said. "What the fuck are you waiting for!" She yelled.

After a few minutes of pushing, and screaming, another baby came out. "Alright. Skylar here you go." The doctor said. Calum and Autumn joined her side. "They look like you cal." Autumn said. He smiled. "So what are the names?" The doctor asked. Autumn smiled. "Calum Thomas Jr. And, Skylar Elizabeth." Autumn said. I smiled.

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