Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


26. Authors Note

Anyone know why Alex and her dad are there? I didn't write it yet, but I think it will make a pretty good chapter. How do you like it so far!? It's officially my second fanfiction, so I'm sorry if it's not good. But, I have been thinking about writing another one after this. Oh! Did I ever say the characters? Well they are:

Skylar Williams- Me

Alexis Williams- My friend

Ashton Hemmings- my nephew

Elizabeth Hemmings- my friend

Liz Hemmings- as herself

Andrew Hemmings- as himself

Luke Hemmings- as himself

Calum hood- As himself

Ashton Irwin- as himself

Michael Clifford- as himself

Kylie- Fan❤️

Autumn- Fan❤️

Lolly- Fan❤️

Chloe- Fan❤️

Sabrina- Mean girl in my school(not her real name)

Harry Styles- as himself

Niall Horan- as himself

Zayn Malik- as himself

Louis Tomlinson- as himself

Liam Payne- as himself

Tate Langdon - as himself(American horror story character)

Lilly Irwin- my friend

Violet Irwin- "friend"

Alex Langdon- "friend"

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