Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


20. Alex's Parents are...

Ashton's POV

"Um. Alex." I said in the hallway of my school. "Yea?" Alex replied turning around. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to a movie?" I asked. "Look Ashton, you're sweet, but I can't. My dad doesn't want me talking to you anymore. I'm sorry." She replied walking away. I felt my tears coming down my face. So, I lost Franky and now Alex. What's next!

I ran home from school that day, and slammed the door closed, only to find my mum in the living room. "Ashton honey. What's wrong?" She asked. "Alex said we can't be friends anymore." I replied sitting next to her. "Why not?" She asked. "Her dad said she can't talk to me." I replied crying. "What's Alex's last name? I can talk to her father if you want." She replied. "Langdon." I replied.

Skylar's POV

Her last name is Langdon. That's Tate's last name. Shit! "Alright. I'll go over right now and talk to him." I said getting up. I went upstairs. "Ash, I need you." I said walking into Ashton's room. He had his room to himself, because lolly, Lilly, and Violet went on a vacation, and Ashton stayed home. "Alex's dad said Alex and Ashton can't be friends. And I need you to come to her house with me." I said. "Why?" He asked. "Her dad, is Tate Langdon." I said. His eyes got wide. "Can I beat the shit out of him?" He asked. "if he touches me, yes." I replied, he nodded and we left.

"Oh hi Ms. Williams. Hi Mr. Irwin." Alex said answering the door. "Hi Alex is your dad home?" I asked. She nodded and let us in. "Dad, someone is here to see you." She said running upstairs. "Skylar? What are you doing here?" Tate asked. "My son tells me you told Alex she can't talk to him anymore." I said. He sighed. "Yes. Yes that is true." He replied. "Why. They are such good friends." I said. "Skylar, that's your daughter. That's your daughter that you had when you were younger." He said. My eyes went wide. "I gave her up for adoption." I replied. "And the family put her up for adoption as well. And I went and adopted her. She was about one when I adopted her." He said. This is so much to handle! "That is her. That is my first child? The child that you didn't want any part of. The child that didn't even see her own father when she was born. Her father who never cared about her." I said. He stepped closer to me, and we were in kissing distance. "I adopted her. She was always our child. Our child. Not Luke's. Not anyone else's. Mine and yours." He said. His eyes went from my eyes to my lips. He kissed me. Just kissed me! I pushed him back. "Ashton. Let's go. Ashton won't talk to this family ever again. And if he does, I don't care if shes my child or not, I will teach her a lesson." I said walking out the door.

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