Sequel: A Box of Chocolates

The Sequel to Everything Happens For A Reason


30. 4 Idiots, 1 Mature

Luke's POV

We all had the day off today. Calum, Ashton, Calum, Skylar, Liz, Ashton, Alex, Lolly, Autumn and Kylie. "No! I can't believe you won!" Calum yelled. I laughed. "Cal we all know you aren't good at FIFA." I said. He threw a pillow at me. "Dad can I play?" Ashton asked. "Sure. Here." I said handing him my controller. "HAHA UNCLE CAL I BEAT YOUR ASS!" Ashton yelled. "Ashton. Watch the language." Skylar said. "Sorry mum!" He replied. "Wow cal. You just got beat by a thirteen year old." Michael said. Calum stuck his tongue out.

Skylar's POV

Liz and Andrew are coming over tonight to have dinner, and this house is a mess. There's cups, wrappers, toys, bags, clothes all thrown over the place. "Can you come help me clean up?" I asked. No answer. I sighed. This always when they play FIFA. I turned the tv off. "Can you four idiots help me clean up!" I yelled. "Yes Skylar." They said. "Ashton, can you go get your sisters and tell them to come down and help too." I said. He nodded.

In about an hour the whole house was spotless. Perfect. Liz and Andrew are coming in about ten minutes, and they are bringing Zoe, Lucas, Ben and Jack, so this should be fun. "Calum look at me!" Michael yelled sliding across the floor. Michael, the idiot he is, slid into the kitchen. "Michael are you okay?" I asked. "Yea!" He said.

"Liz! Hi!" I said hugging her. "My new daughter. Hello." She said. "There's my little boy." She said hugging Ashton. "Andrew." I said. "Skylar." He replied walking in. He still doesn't like me. "Skylar!" Ben yelled. He tackled me to the floor, and Jack soon plopped on top. I laughed. "Skylar, who's this little one?" Liz asked. "That is my daughter. She is Ashton's age." I replied getting up. "When did you have her?" Andrew asked. "Dad." Luke said. "I had her when I was about sixteen. Her father isn't in the picture anymore." I replied. "Well, welcome to the family." Liz said. "Lucas can I talk to you." Andrew said.

Luke's POV

"You let that thing into your house." My dad said. "Alex is not a thing dad. It is a child. And yes. She is just as much a child of mine as Ashton and Liz are." I replied. "But she's not your child." He said. "Yes. I am aware of that. But I don't care. Alex is Skylar's daughter, and my daughter now as well. We both agreed that her father was not a good father to her, and we got custody of Alex." I said. "She seems very, awkward. Like she doesn't fit in. Kind of like Skylar." He said. "I get it dad. I get that you don't like Skylar. I understand that. But can't you be happy. Can't you actually enjoy her being my wife. Being in my life. She makes me happy dad." I said. He sighed, and walked away.

Alex's POV

They don't like me. Well, dad's dad doesn't like me. I heard him talking to dad. "They don't like me." I said to dad. "No honey, they love you. Don't worry. You're a Hemmings now. They love you. I promise." He replied kissing my head. I smiled.

"So, Alex who is your birth father?" Dad's mom asked. "Mum." Dad said. "It's okay dad. I don't mind talking about him. I mean he is my father I guess." I replied. Mum smiled. "My birth father is Tate Langdon." I said. Dad's mom spit her drink out. "Luke, isn't that the one who you-" "mum." He said. What is going on?

Luke's POV

My mum was so close to saying what happened between Tate and I when Skylar had Alex. That would have been bad. I guess. But, I must say, this dinner was pretty good.

Ashton, Lucas, Zoe, Liz, and Alex all played in the toy room, leaving Skylar, mum, dad, and I alone. "Lucas tell her." My mum whispered in my ear, and she walked out. "So, at dinner, you're mum was saying something, but you cut her off." Skylar said, I nodded. "What was she going to say?" She asked. "Skylar, when you had Alex, and Tate wasn't there for you, or her, I took matters into my own hands." I said. "What did you do?" She asked. "I beat him up for not being there for you." I said. She hugged me tightly. "This is why I love you." She said. I smiled.

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