Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


7. Part 7

The concert was appealing, as was all the concerts she had attended. Her eyes held gleaming stars as she watched her boyfriend perform for the first time in front of so many people. Boyfriend. She felt triumphed being able to call him that word. The way his hand shakily gripped the microphone, the way he pushed back damp hair with his limber fingers, the way his voice cascaded off the mic and erupted in joyous tune across the stadium. The stage was where he belonged. Even a blind man could see it. All the people in the crowd could see, judging by their cries of approval. She had so much pride and respect for him, and she had no idea where the new feelings came from. It had been too little of time for her to feel the things she felt. She thought she had it all with Liam, but looking back at her older self, she was blinded by his charm. He was a jerk to her. The media was a jerk to her. It was a rollercoaster of a mess of emotions, and she planned to never go back to those days. She had wasted too many tears on Liam.

Rylie blinked away her roaming thoughts, and looked at the boy standing next to her. Calum. It was just them outside the enormous building, leaning their bodies against the concrete slabs, and looking out upon the starry night. She forgot how they ended up there, but it wasn't worth brooding over.

She tilted her head to him, and watched in admiration as he placed his plump lips against the end of his cigarette. He inhaled, and blew the remaining smoke into the unlit sky. He truly was quite handsome. The black ink glistened on his tan skin, especially under the light of the street lamp above them. She tried to look away as his lips wrapped around the cancer stick, but she couldn't bring herself to.

"So..." her voice sounded unusual in the accommodating silence.

She met Calum's dark eyes, and quickly looked away, making eye contact with her worn Converses. His eyes were too intriguing, not like Luke's, but dark and frightening.

"Rylie..." Calum spoke. "That is your name, right?"

Rylie nodded, desperately wanting the awkwardness to end. Where was Luke?

"Well Rylie..." Calum's voice was deep; the kind of deep that sent chills up and down her spine. Her body froze as she saw out of the corner of her eye the shadow of Calum shifting closer towards her. "Wanna drag?" she jumped as he spoke in her ear, and she scooted farther away. He made her uncomfortable.

"No thanks." she answered, and he scoffed.

"I knew you were too innocent to take a hit of my cigarette."

"You don't know me." Rylie fired back, and crossed her arms over her chest. "You don't know me or the things that I've done." Calum seemed to get under her skin, and she honestly never wanted to speak with him again.

"Fair enough." Calum shrugged, and leaned his body back up against the wall.

Rylie exhaled, feeling air flood into her lungs in, and her shoulders relaxed. He was a bad boy, and she had too much of a frustrating background with rebels.

"Luke really likes you by the way."

Rylie looked to Calum again, and smiled at the statement. "Really?"

Calum nodded. "He seems real happy. You two are gonna last."

She blushed, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks. She had a feeling they would last too.

Right at that moment, the metal door opened, and Luke appeared before it. His hair was wet on his head, and his eyes transformed to a darker blue from the shadows in the atmosphere.

He nodded to Calum before pulling Rylie under his arm.

"Took you long enough." Rylie teased, running her hands over the dimples in Luke's back.

"Our hotel is just across the street you impatient little cutie." Luke kissed the top of her head, making her heart leap out of her chest.

"Where are the others?"

"Who cares? It's just you and me for now." Behind Luke's pursed lips was a smile just waiting to be tempted out.

Just you and me. Rylie liked that.

"Get on my back." Luke commanded, and she stopped in her tracks.

"What?" she questioned, caught off guard by his immediate words.

"Get on my back." Luke repeated, and his lip tilted with a smirk. "C'mon." he urged, and crouched down to her height level. Rylie did as he commanded, and rested her hands on his shoulder as she hastily jumped onto his back. She felt his hands find the bottom of her thighs, and she shrieked as Luke squeezed lightly. She tossed her hair to the side before placing her head in the crook of his neck.

"You're so weird." she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms around his body. He smelled so good. The heat of his body mixed with the dampness of his hair sent her body in a frenzy for his love. Their hotel was quite literally across the street, but Luke was just the coolest guy to voluntarily give her a piggy back ride.

"I know dork." Luke chirped, and Rylie bit back a smile.

As they strode, Rylie felt the need to bring up Calum. "So Calum, he's...interesting." she tread lightly on the words, not sure what would trigger Luke's defenses.

"Interesting is a good word to call it." Luke agreed, and chuckled at the statement.

"You know what he told me?"


"We're gonna last."  Rylie was indescribable afraid at what he might say, and she bit her lip in nervousness.

"He's right." Luke said after a moment, and peeked at her from behind his back, and smiled, showing adorable dimples, and angelic blue eyes.

Rylie exhaled in relief at his words, and allowed herself to fully soak in the happiness of the moment as they made it to the lobby doors. She jumped from his back and stood awkwardly in front of him.

"So what room are you staying in tonight?" Luke asked, tucking his fingers in the small pocket of his skinny jeans. He looked down at the ground, obviously too afraid to ask if he could come up to her room with her.

"I know you can't stay long because my dad will get mad, but you can come with me, you know?" Rylie assured him, and admired his face turn a deep pink. He nodded in satisfaction, and followed behind her up to the 3rd story of the luxurious hotel. She knew they had to leave pretty early in the morning, and she also knew that Luke had to be with his bandmates, but she had a feeling, being with him, they would break a lot of rules. No one really knew of their relationship, besides a few people. She kinda wished it would stay that way.

She unlocked the door to her room, and made sure no one was in there already. She wasn't sure if anybody had left the stadium yet. Her hands collided with Luke's, and she pulled him into the dark room. She stopped mid-step, and turned her body to face his.

"So what now?" Luke asked sheepishly, and she laughed. She couldn't see him well in the dim light, but she felt his breath on the top of her head.

"I don't know." she shrugged. "Wanna hear me play some piano or something?"

Luke chuckled, and their laughs mixed together to form a gleeful harmony. "Of course." he answered, and clasped to her hand, bringing it up to his lips, and leaving a soft kiss between her knuckles. Rylie's heart started to beat faster, just like it always did when Luke did something so sweet and wonderful. She tried to regain the feeling in her body before pulling Luke over to the window where her keyboard rested on its stand.

She sat down, motioning for Luke to follow, and they smiled at each other, the moonlight the only light providing their views. It was a bright moon, so there was no need for anything else.

Rylie ran her fingers over the smooth keys that sparkled from the stars in the night. She couldn't explain her love for the ivory sticks. She bit down on her lip as she started to play, pretending like she didn't notice Luke's eyes on her. Her forehead creased in concentration as the music found her soul, flowing into her veins, and she soon forgot Luke's stares as she focused on her fingers finding the keys. Every once in a while, she met his glance with timid eyes, and came to the realization that he wasn't listening to the music; he was watching her.

She took a breath as she finished a melody, and the silence was deafening. Her eyes met Luke's and she smiled shyly. Why was she so shy around him?

"You're very talented." Luke complimented, showing the very smile that warmed her insides.

"Thank you." Rylie blushed. "But I'm not nearly as talented as you."

"Why, Rylie Higgins, are you flirting with me?" Luke's eyebrows raised in questioning, and she giggled at his words, allowing her smile to stretch across her face. He made her real happy. She knew that as a fact. Every single thing he did, she found herself amazed at his beauty. She really liked him.

"Kiss me." Luke acknowledged, barely a whisper, and Rylie exhaled at his pleasant command.

Luke's hand reached up to her face, and the calluses of his fingers were smooth against her cheek. She tried not to shake as his face leaned closer to hers. Their breathing mingled together and quickened. Rylie tried to deny the uncontrollable quivering of her vulnerable heart, but it was obvious she wanted the kiss as much as he did. She stared into his gleaming blue eyes, and realized she could look into them forever.Their lips soon touched, and the fire ignited. She loved the taste of him. His taste was her salvation. She never thought she would love to kiss someone as much as she did Luke. Her kisses were never as passionate with Liam, and they would never be. She was addicted with the toxic feeling of Luke.

Eventually, the salty taste of Luke's tongue knocked on the door of Rylie's lips, and she gladly welcomed it. Her arms tangled around his neck as he pulled her closer into his chest. They were passed the point of a shy exchange of affection, and allowed the saliva to soak the corners of their smile, and the heat of the moment absorb their minds and body.

Time passed, and Rylie broke away, knowing her roommates would soon intrude on their moment. She smiled up at Luke, kissing his chin, and nuzzling her head in the crook of his neck. His strong arm wrapped around her body, and he exhaled in defeat.

"Goodnight." he whispered. She pouted as he got up, feeling the heat leave her body.

"See you tomorrow." Rylie replied, and watched as Luke left the room ever so quietly. The door closed, and she found the loneliness unsatisfactory.

Luke made her happy. It was a simple statement, but very true. If only Paul would be okay with the relationship. He didn't even know they were official yet, and she had to tell him. Maybe she could get across the feeling of how Luke put the smile on her face, and Paul would understand. After all, even though things didn't work out with Paul and her mother, they still were happy together at one point. Maybe that's what he was afraid of?

Rylie got up, and straightened her shirt before leaving her room. She walked down to the lobby, and was pleased to see the familiar group arriving through the doors.

"There you are." a couple of her comrades acknowledged and she nodded to them before spotting her exhausted father walking towards her.

"Hey dad." she smiled weakly. "I need to talk to you."

Paul looked at her with nearly bloodshot eyes, and he whined. "Can't it wait until morning?" he asked as he wiped a bead of sweat off his brow.

Rylie shook her head, and sent pleading eyes his way. She grabbed his hand, and pulled him off to the side, away from the many quests accommodating the large room.

She took a deep breath. She had to be brave. Having memories of her past flash before her was sickening. It was driving her crazy not being on speaking terms with her father. They were just so close. She lived with her dad. She was born in England but then her family moved, and her parents got a divorce when she was 8. Her dad moved away, and after years of loneliness, she finally left that horrible family of her snot-nosed sister and prim mother so she could truly be herself with her father. She hadn't spoken to them in a year. She was never close with her mom after she moved in with her dad at 13, and when she tried to be, they always ended up fighting.

She needed her dad.

"Luke and I are officially together." Rylie breathed out, and avoided her father's wide eyes. Her heart ached from the shunning rejection in his dilated pupils.

"You just don't listen! I want you to stay away." Paul threw his hands in the air, which resulted with him grabbing his chest for air.

"Are you okay?" Rylie worriedly asked, forgetting the matter at hand. She was distracted by Paul's concerning physique. He was sweating; more than usual. His eyes looked worn and his breathing was rough. It was a noticeable change in his health, and she furrowed her brows at him.

Paul waved off her question. "Luke's not good for you."

Rylie felt her stomach twist. She gulped, and tucked her thumbs in her jean pocket. "Luke's a great guy Dad. He makes me happy. Real happy."

"Liam was a great boyfriend."

"No he wasn't! I see that now!" Rylie lowered her voice, trying to stay calm. "I wasted so many tears on him. Now my sadness is replaced with Luke. He honestly makes me feel things again. It hasn't been long that we've known each other, but I truly appreciate him. I'm going to date him, and I really want your approval, but I don't need it."

Paul looked ahead, his lips poised as he found himself at a loss for words. His breathing quickened, and he opened his mouth to speak, but shut it quickly.

Rylie's chest tightened as she watched her dad's hazel eyes widen in fright. It was all downhill from there. He collapsed to the ground, and she kneeled down quickly, holding her breath as she searched for the problem. The surrounding was no longer important.

"Dad!" she shrieked, and watched him grip his heart so tightly that his knuckles turned a pale white. She was clueless as to what to do. His eyes were rolling back to his head. His face was growing a violet purple. She frantically threw her hands around, feeling the hot tears roll down her panicked cheeks. Her heart was racing. Her mind couldn't keep up with her thoughts.

"Help!" she finally screamed. "Help!"

Blurry figures appeared around her, and she blinked away the flashing spots before her eyes. There were people. Then there was a blinding light. Next, there were paramedics loading her father onto a gurney. She slightly recalled them lifting her from the ground too, but it all just felt like a dream. Like she was floating on a cloud. Was she in shock?

Or was it really just a dream?

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