Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


6. Part 6

"Rylie, unlock the door." Luke pleaded, his gentle knocks on the stall echoing throughout the room.

"I'm too scared." she admitted, rubbing her nose with her hand to remove the excess drips.

"You have no reason to be scared of me."

Rylie nodded, knowing he was right, and reached her hand to unlock the stall, allowing it to slip open. Luke was revealed in skinny jeans and a Blink-182 shirt as his hands held onto the sides in patience.

He smiled, expressing sorrow with his bright blue eyes and Rylie couldn't imagine how horrible she looked. She had only known Luke a day, but she honestly felt like they had grown up together, and she knew his eyes held no judgment.

"What's wrong?" he asked calmly.

"I'm sure Liam's told you." Rylie sniffled, ripping some toilet paper from the roll, and wiping her eyes.

Luke squatted down and held her small chin in his large hands as he forced their eyes to meet.

"He has...but I want to hear it from you before I go making conclusions."

Rylie turned away, cowering away from Luke. "It's not that I still love him. Or even like him for that matter."

"Then why are you crying? What did he say to you? He admitted he was talking about Sophia, but why would that bother you? Are you jealous?" Luke's voice was so calm and serene. Not once did he raise it, and just simply asked Rylie the questions without any emotions for himself, but for her.

Rylie thought about it, and all of a sudden, it clicked. The words tumbled out before she even realized.

"No...I'm not jealous. It's just...I've seen the way Liam looks at Sophia and he never looked at me that way. He treats her so amazing, and even at our highest point, I don't think Liam ever planned to see me as more than a girlfriend. I thought we were perfect, and he thought the opposite. I'm glad he found Sophia, I am, but it makes me feel so...stupid. Was I good enough?"

Luke made Rylie turn back around to face him, and he looked into her brown eyes. "I think you're good enough...Who cares about Liam if I think you're good enough."

"Yea, but how long will that last?" Rylie hiccupped, and she felt her lips tilt as Luke chuckled.

"I'm yours if you're mine. And for the record, I look at you that way..." Luke nodded, and her heart warmed at his words. She blushed, and wiped her wet cheeks once more before planting a kiss on Luke's cheek. He was so understanding. She didn't know one 18-year-old boy who understood feelings and the world as good as him. He had such a big heart. A big, intriguing heart, and she was honored to be able to kiss him.

Luke held her wrists as he helped her off the toilet, and she walked with him to the door. He stopped quickly, however, and Rylie feared at the sudden halt. He grabbed onto her shoulders, and looked down at her, flashing a beautiful grin.

"We can't leave this washroom until you answer my question."

She nodded, biting down on her lip.

"Can I call you my girlfriend because I can't kiss you as a friend?" Luke asked, shyness clear in his deep voice. He paused, and his eyes grew big as he looked at her waiting for a final answer.

Rylie smiled, feeling her cheeks heat. She didn't have to think about it. Her mind started roaming with predictions of what they would do together, and she couldn't help but say yes to his charm.

"Only if I can call you my boyfriend..."

Luke looked up and rubbed his chin, as if thinking. "Hmm..."

Rylie slapped his shoulder playfully. "Oh, c'mon!"

"Well, you abuse me a lot...but I guess..." Luke snickered.

Rylie allowed him to wrap his strong arm around her frail body, and she watched them step out of the small bathroom, and into the chaotic scenery. Everyone turned to see them, and surprise seemed to attack their faces.

"Oh, so I guess you are together?" Niall asked, walking over to them.

Luke and Rylie looked at each other and smiled. "Yea. With a lot of pleading from her, I finally said yes." Luke sighed, and shot her a playful glance.

Rylie raised her eyebrows. "Pleading? More like you getting all sentimental with your puppy dog eyes and quivering lips." She bit back a smile, and watched Luke's cheeks grow red with embarrassment.

"Luke? Sentimental?" Ashton shockingly remarked. "Wow, Luke, Rylie really does bring the best out of you..."

Rylie blushed, and leaned more into Luke. She honestly couldn't bring herself to leave his arms. She was warm against his side, and felt like right next to him was where she belonged.

"I have to go get ready." Luke frowned down at her, and she did the same. She wanted to do something with him, but it could wait.

She reluctantly pulled from his grasp, and watched with somber eyes as he walked towards the backstage area. The hearts fluttering in her eyes were obvious, and she held her breath as her stomach flipped. She felt like she was the brink on potential happiness, but the boulder blocking her path reminded her of Paul. "Great..." She mumbled under her breath. For her to be truly happy, she had to get approval from her father. No matter how mad he or she was at each other, it just tore her down not having a supporting hand to help her.

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