Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


3. Part 3

Luke was silent for a moment, searching for the right words to say. "She's an say the least." he decided, and it offered no understanding towards Rylie. The air of mystery hung in the air. She figured it was his ex girlfriend, but she just wanted an explanation to why he was so afraid.

"Luke, give me a little more details..." she said impatiently.

Luke looked ahead at the road that shone with a glossy moistness from the bright moonlight above them.

"Luke!" Rylie yelled, and she felt her voice echo against the starry night.

"You're nosy..." Luke stated, and he tucked his large hands in the skin of his jean pockets. The sudden chill that rang through the air made both of them wish they had worn more than a light jacket.

"Yea, I know, but just tell me." she pleaded, knowing she was being annoying, but was it too much to ask for some answers? She barely knew Luke and it wasn't a crime to want to get to know him better.

Luke sighed, defeated in his internal battle, and shot Rylie a sly glance. "We got to together back in Australia right after the band formed..."

Rylie nodded, waiting for him to continue.

"We dated for like a year or so...and i was crazy for her...I loved her so much." Luke looked embarrassed, and Rylie could faintly see the apples of his cheeks turn a bright pink. He brought his lip ring inside his mouth to gently chew. He looked to Rylie to make sure she was still listening, and she was.

"Anyway...we took a trip to Paris and me being the hopeless romantic...I proposed." Luke hesitated, and grew silent for a minute before speaking again. She could see in his eyes that a flicker of changed direction passed his view, and she questioned his motives.

"She said no. My heart broke in half. I poured myself into my music to block her out. I realized I was over her after a while. The band and I got noticed by the boys. Now we're here."

Luke summed it up in short, quick sentences, and it left Rylie frustrated. There was something else that he was leaving out, but she didn't push him. She knew how hard it was to talk about a breakup, especially when you were deep in love. It made her feel strange in the fact that he wasn't alone. Someone else understood her pain of being rejected, and kicked to the curb. Heartbreak was a bleak anguish that devoured every part of your body, leaving you pitying yourself in misery.

"I don't understand why on Earth she would say no." Rylie tried to lighten the mood as she saw the downcast shadow of the frown on Luke's lips. She didn't want to end the night in haunting past memories. It was their first date. Hopefully not their last. It should end with a spark.

"I thought we were happy, but apparently, she didn't feel the same. And seeing her back there at that diner, I felt a loathing feeling towards her. Why did she have to come back into my mind after I tried so hard to shut her out?"

"Luke, I understand. But just think...if she would've said yes, you wouldn't be walking down the road with a girl like me right now." Rylie giggled seeing Luke's eyes light up. He nudged her in the elbow. "You're right." he laughed. "It wasn't meant to be."

They walked without words for a moment, allowing the silence to absorb them. The occasionally rustle of the leaves, and the faraway barking of the dog made them come back to reality. Rylie trailed her eyes over his body, searching for some small talk to break them out of the awkwardness.

"I never told you how much I like your Cobain shirt." she complimented him, leaving out the part on how it hung low enough to see the strong collarbone that sent shivers up her spine.

"Oh, yea you told me you liked Kurt Cobain. I'm glad we're both into the same kind of music." Luke nodded, and he looked down, making them both realize they hadn't unlocked hands.

Rylie untwisted her fingers from his, feeling the cold air hit her sweaty palm.

"Yea, I've had 'Living on a Prayer' stuck in my head for a couple days now." Rylie admitted, and began to hum the music, watching Luke admire her.

"Whoa-oh, we're halfway there..." she faintly heard him sing along to he hum, and she smiled.

"Whoa-oh, living on a prayer!" She broke out into the night, and wrapped her hand back around Luke's again as he sang with her.

"Take my hand, we'll make it, I swear!" They harmonized.

Luke ended with, "Oh-oh, livin' on a prayer!"

They burst into a fit of giggles at their little outburst, and Rylie couldn't help but be swept away by Luke's voice. Hearing it up close and unfiltered was beautiful. He had such a strong voice. So powerful. No wonder the boys saw something in their band because Luke had a voice that she had never heard before.

"You have a gift," she commented, and he blushed again.

He shrugged. "Not as great a gift as yours."

Rylie didn't consider herself at all talented compared to him, but she knew he was just being polite. She nodded a thank you, and looked ahead to see the distant rectangular block that seemed outlandish in the empty lot.

They walked hand and hand over to it, and soon enough stood outside the door, waiting for the other to do something. "Good first date?" Luke asked. He gripped the handle of the door, waiting for an answer before he opened it.

Rylie had a lot of fun. Just talking and eating. Even though they had faced that small obstacle of Thea, it was a great time. She liked that they had shared such an intense moment together, and she felt even closer to him now. She liked him. A lot. She liked the piercing blue eyes that eyed her with a bright intensity. She liked the strong hands that remained loyal in hers. She loved how their hands fit together like they were made for each other. She loved his lips that were always the perfect shade of pink. She wanted her lips on his...

"I had a great time." she smiled, and felt a warm feeling invade her as the look of relief flashed onto his face.

"Good.. You just make me so nervous." Luke bit on his lip ring again, and her insides collapsed. They could not handle the things he did, or what he said. They just couldn't. It was too much.

"I have to admit I was nervous too because my dad didn't really agree with me going on this date."

Luke shrugged. "People don't like theit first impression of me."

"I did." Rylie thought back when her eyes happened upon him, and heart stopped, indicating he was something special...

Luke smiled, and opened the door for her to climb in first. The bus was dark. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness, she saw the bus driver asleep in his chair, and everyone else must have been in their bunks. Phil, one of the security guards, cradled himself on the couch. Was it really that late?

She turned to see Luke slowly shut the door, and jump at the clicking sound it made, fearing it would wake everyone up. He turned to her, and somehow, the whites of his teeth glimmered.

"Well I should go to bed. And you should too..." Rylie whispered. "You have a concert tomorrow!" she exclaimed.

Luke nodded, and moved closer to her. She felt his height tower over her, and she cringed as a large hand gripped her side. She was almost scared being touched by a boy in the dark, but she knew Luke wouldn't hurt her.

"Goodnight." Rylie shuttered at the breathing by her ear as Luke whispered, and she nearly fainted as the room became a volcano. Her heart was pounding, and it was loud enough for Luke to hear. He was so close...She felt a small kiss right at her jawline, right where her neck and head connected. The lips lingered, leaving her stomach in a twist of knots. She felt a vibrated chuckle against her skin, and she knew Luke was laughing at the beating of her heart.

"Goodnight..." she tried to catch her breath.

Luke pulled away, and she saw his smile grow distant in view as he pushed the button, opening the door to the bunk area.

Rylie's thoughts roamed, and she could still feel the kiss on her skin. If Luke made her feel this way by one, small peck, she could only imagine how he could make her feel in other things...he was so sexy. So strong and handsome. She wanted to call him hers. She wanted to be his only girl.

She stepped into the small bathroom, and washed away the day's activities. She stripped down, and put on her previous night's pajamas. She pulled her loose hair into a bun, and slowly felt her eyelids get heavy with sleep. She tiptoed out of the space, and watched the door slide open as she pushed the button. A night light helped her maneuver to her bunk, and she curiously looked around as to where Luke's was. Eventually, she stuffed herself into her small, but cozy bed, and wrapped the duvet around her. The curtains were pulled shut on every bed, so she had no clue which was Luke's, and she was too scared to call out his name.

Now that Rylie had moved, she wasn't sleepy anymore, and she searched her area for the plug to her phone. As she dabbed her hand over every space, she had a ridiculous thought enter her mind, and she was ashamed at what she was about to do. She located the charger, and slid it farther down, out of her reach as she spoke.

"Luke?" her voice cracked as she tried to keep it as low as possible. There was no way he was already asleep.

A moment later, she heard a low voice. "Yes?"

"Can me find my charger?"

The curtains drew back on the opposite side of her, and Luke peeked out, his hair falling in short strands over his eyes. He willingly jumped rom his space, and walked over to hers, peeking his eyes over the area. "I don't see it."

"Here, I'll move-"

"No, just let me..." Luke pushed himself from the ground, and her eyes trailed over the muscles in his arms. Her heart beat faster as he held himself above her. The bunk was barely able to fit one person, let alone two. Their chests touched, leaving no air to seep between. She felt his chest heave as he exhaled, and she felt honored sharing his breath.

Luke looked down at her, and smirked as his blue eyes trailed over her face. Rylie felt so dirty at the things she thought as she looked into his inviting eyes. "I knew I would end up on top of you tonight." he seductively commented, and she rolled her eyes at his cheekiness.

"Luke, just find my charger." she tried to act like she was unphased by the confinement, but secretly, she loved every second he spent so close with her.

Luke's hands patted beside her, and she could feel the slight touch of his fingers down her thigh, even with the sheet separating them. She tried to keep her breathing steady as Luke locked eyes with her, not even blinking while he searched. She felt so immobile, like his pupils made her incapable of moving.

Eventually, Luke's hand appeared beside her with a cord, and he smiled at the accomplishment.

Rylie grabbed it, and stuffed it in the little compartment behind her, no longer wanting to get on her phone. "Thank you..." she whispered.

"I don't want to get down now." Luke smirked, and Rylie agreed a hundred percent, but she didn't want to look desperate, so she toyed with his emotions for a moment.

"Well, you have to."

"Ah, c'mon. Just for tonight?" Luke begged, and she saw his upper lip quiver.

"Fine." she didn't care that she was technically sleeping with Luke on the first date. Who cared what the other guys would think? It's not like they were doing anything bad, right? "We're going to have to rearrange if sleep is gonna be possible."

Rylie slid her body to the very edge of the bunk, and allowed Luke to adjust his much larger one. Then, she slid closer to him, and let out a small gasp feeling his muscular arm wrap around her small body. The heat in the cramped area made sweat appear on her forehead. Luke was so warm...His body pressed against hers, and her back could feel every groove as he breathed in and out.

"Happy?" she asked, and his head appeared in the crook of her neck. She felt the air from his lungs escape down her, and her heart began to pound again. Curse it for making her embarrassed.

"I love the way I make you feel..." Luke's voice was so intriguing in her ear, and she found herself struggling for air. "I love the way your heart beats faster when I touch you..."

Rylie bit her lip in nervousness. "Goodnight Luke." she said, feeling so vulnerable that she too scared to continue their conversation.

Luke got the hint, and kept quiet. Rylie's thoughts roamed as his breathing got heavier, and her mixed emotions left her in a frenzy. She couldn't sleep. She didn't want the moment to end just yet.



"Are you asleep?" she mentally slapped herself at the stupid question.


She let out a quiet chuckle, and spoke again. "I want to try something."

"And what is that?" Luke mumbled.

Rylie attempted to turn her body to the other side, and after a lot of maneuvering and creaking, she found herself meeting his eyes.

She was mesmerized, almost forgetting what she planned to do in the first place. Too quickly, she regained sense, and leaned her head, her lips crashing into his.

Electricity shot from them. His lips were soft, like a pillow, and even plumper than she thought. They were so smooth against hers, and the feeling was eccentric. His lip ring was cold against the side of her lip, but it was a nice cold. Fireworks shot through her nerves as they moved their lips in sync. Their lips fit perfectly together, like a...lock and key. Like a puzzle and their lips were the missing pieces. She yearned for more of the feeling, but as the kiss grew more heated, she knew she had to end it. She didn't want to, but she wanted their first kiss to leave her to reminiscence in that toxic feeling.

When she broke away, she regretted it as she looked into Luke's disappointed eyes, but she offered a smile. "That was amazing...was it as amazing for you as it was for me?" She feared for the answer because if it was just another kiss for him, her heart would break. Liam had never kissed her like that, and she started to question if he ever made her feel half the way Luke did.

"I..." Luke widened his eyes as he found himself at a loss for words. "That was incredible."

Rylie smiled in relief, and nudged her head into his shoulder. They both fell asleep after a while.


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