Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


26. Part 26

Rylie waited for a couple minutes after Luke left to comprehend all of the events of the night. It was so miraculous how Luke was able to change moods so quickly. Rylie couldn't take the silence anymore. Her head was reeling with possibilities of whatever was going on. She had to get answers, or she might lose her mind.

Rylie knew it was wrong, but she got up from the side of the bed, and slowly walked over to pull some Toms on. She abandoned her high heels for fear of too much noise. She didn't know why she was being so quiet and suspicious yet. She hadn't even left her hotel room.

Rylie gently opened the door, and peeked out of it, seeing an empty hallway adorned with dim lights and wine red wallpaper. She tiptoed down the hallway, and cupped her ear to every door to see if she could something...anything. There was no sound coming from any room, and she decided to head down to the lobby to see any familiar faces who might know where Paul or Luke was. She felt so guilty for planning to eavesdrop, but could you blame her? Her family and friends had been so secretive to her for some reason, and by the way Luke's face turned from delight to utter horror by the mention of Paul's name, she knew it was something big, and something she would not be happy about.

Drunk people of every kind hovered outside the club doors in the lobby, but Rylie didn't recognize any of them. She pushed the doors open, and pounding music attacked her ears, giving her a headache. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the sudden dark room with flashing lights, and she squinted to see. Her eyes spotted a Niall talking to some girls over by the bar. She walked over to him, and patted his shoulder. He turned around and smiled.

"Hey, you naughty girl..." Niall smirked.

Rylie blushed, but it was too dark for Niall to notice. "We didn't do anything." she said innocently.

Niall grunted, not believing her.

"Are you okay...with everything that happened earlier?" she asked, her mothering self exposing itself. She always felt like a mother to Niall, even though he was older than her.

"I'm good." Niall nodded. "Now I can say I've been in a fight." he seemed proud of himself, like he had accomplished something.

Rylie chuckled, and turned her attention back to Luke. "Hey, have you seen Luke...or Paul in the last couple minutes?"

Niall furrowed his eyebrow. "Umm, oh yea!" he pointed to a door in the very back of the club. "I saw both of them go into the storage room earlier."

Rylie smiled a thanks, and started to walk towards it, but Niall grabbed her wrist, rendering her from moving forward.

"Thanks..." he said appreciatively. "For always being there for me..."

"You're welcome..." Rylie said thoughtfully. Niall usually didn't get so mushy.

"And I'm going home in the morning, so if I don't see you before I get on the airplane...Merry Christmas!"

Rylie mumbled a "Merry Christmas," back, but she was distracted by Luke. She wouldn't leave in the morning because she only stayed with her father, and everywhere he was, she was. She never went to her mother's or sister's unless she absolutely had too. She despised them, and going over to their house was torture for her. She just didn't fit in with their business lifestyle. She was into the music, and she was carefree, and improper. Her family had practically turned her back on her. They never had time for her because they were always working. She had to become her own company. Her mother didn't except her. She expected her to be a high businesswoman with a clean house and groomed husband. News flash: she would never be that girl.

Rylie stopped in front of the black door, and ever so slightly, pushed it open an inch, and clung her ear to it. She heard voices and pushed the door open another inch to peek through. She barely saw them standing in that room surrounded by boxes. There was Luke slouching nervously, and Paul's back was towards her. She couldn't see his facial expressions, but she could tell by his voice, he was urgent.

"Did you get it?" he asked Luke, his voice raspy.

Luke nodded, and he stared down at his shoes while he pulled something from his back pocket. The device was small, and rectangular. Rylie tried to place it, but she just couldn't get a good look.

Luke handed it to Paul, and Paul twirled it in his fingers. "You did a good job." he congratulated him.

"Sir, this is wrong. I just want this to be over." Luke voice was weak compared to her dad's.

"It is I no longer need you. Now your career will actually go somewhere."

Luke tugged his hands into his pockets, and kicked dust off the ground. He looked so solemn and unhappy. Rylie just wanted to grab him, and make that frown go away.

Paul pushed a button on the device, and music started to play. She almost didn't recognize it until she heard her own voice. "I drove by all the place we used to hang out getting wasted. I thought about our last kiss; how it felt, the way you tasted."

Rylie's ears betrayed her. She was so flabbergasted. What on Earth was going on?

Her voice continued to sing that private song, and she quickly placed everything. A flood of memories formed in her mind, piecing together like a puzzle.

Luke had recorded Amnesia while she sang, and he was giving it to Paul. Rylie had told him that song would stay between them. He had been lying the entire time.

She gasped, and quickly clapped her hand over her mouth. She had exposed her presence.

Luke's eyes met hers, and they widened. His mouth hung open, and a cloud of shame fell over him. "Rylie..." he breathed out.

Rylie pushed the door all the way open, and stood there like a lost puppy. Tears streamed down her eyes. "What is going on?" she growled.

Paul whipped around, and quickly stopped the recorder. "Rylie..." he looked ashamed as well.

"What is going on?" Rylie screamed. She was done with the hesitation. She needed answers immediately. "Why did you lie to me, both of you?" her eyes switched from Luke to Paul.

Paul sighed, and walked closer to Rylie. She allowed him, but only because she needed answers.

Luke hovered behind, his face frowning with terror.

Paul spoke softly, and tears brimmed his eyes. "When you and Liam broke up, I knew you had written a song, and I knew you would never show me...So...I..." his voice quivered, and he gulped back tears. "I hired Luke to sweep you off your feet so you could trust him enough to sing him the song. I promised in return to bring his band on this tour, and if he got Amnesia, then they could use the song to make it big and become famous. If he didn't, I would destroy his career."

Rylie forgot to breathe. She looked to Luke. "Is this true?" she cried, already knowing the answer.

Luke nodded slowly, too cowardess to look at her.

"How long has this been going on?" Rylie yelled.

"Since Luke climbed on that bus..." Paul answered, unable to make eye contact with her either.

"But you didn't want me to be with him!" Rylie screamed. "You had a heart attack because you saw us together! Remember, you said he went through girls like water?"

"It was an you wouldn't become suspicious." Paul admitted.

Rylie's walls had held her up came crashing down. The last 3 months had been a complete lie. All the cuddles...the was an act to gain her trust. She was going to have sex with him, and he turned out o be a fake. She was humiliated. She loved him. She loved a phony.

Slowly, every part of Rylie's body began to give way. Her head spun out of control. She felt her entire body turn red, and she felt the heat seeping from her pores. Her heart beat so fast, pounding in her ears, and depriving her of her senses. Her body shook with fright and shock. She was frozen in place, forgetting how to move. It was as if her nerves had shut down, too numb to continue. Her hands grew clammy, and the lights above her grew darker and darker until it was complete blackness. A light far away from her flashed on, and she walked over to it. She saw a crippled woman lying on the ground. Her mangled hair covered her face, but her body twitched in uncontrollable terror. Rylie's initial thought was that she was glad that woman was not her. Then, she saw the familiar structure of the lady. It was her. That was what she was going to become. It was a sign. It was a symbol of how her heart felt.

Rylie heard voices in the distance, but she couldn't bring herself to leave the darkness. She grabbed the lady and shook her violently. "This is not you!" she screamed. "This is not you!"

The crippled Rylie looked up at her, and Rylie fell back in fright. Crippled Rylie's eyes were black. The life had left them, and happiness that once occupied those eyes were gone.

Suddenly, Rylie's grabbed her heart in pain. She could feel it tearing...slowly and slowly. Luke had broken her heart. He would take the pieces, and never give them back.

"I'm so sorry..." Luke walked towards her, pulling Rylie back to reality. She saw the room full of boxes again, and she saw Luke. Anger boiled inside her. This rage was something she had never felt before. She was broken, incapable of any other emotions besides anger.

Rylie pushed Luke so hard, he fell backwards onto the floor. "You are a liar!" Rylie screamed, and everyone in the club turned around to watch her. The music stopped, but Rylie didn't notice. She still heard the pounding of her own heart, and everyone else did too. The silence was overwhelming.

Luke's bottom lip quivered, and tears streamed down his face. "No, I do love you!" he defended. "I didn't know I would fall in love. I told you nothing will change my love for you.." his voice was deranged. He was speaking, but Rylie couldn't hear him. Memories of him flashed into her head. He screamed at her for not showing him the song multiple times. He had become impatient because he feared losing his career. His life had been in her hands the entire time. Conspiracy flushed her memories. Had he taken her to the bar to get her drunk so that she would sing? When she had watched him on the rooftop, had it all been an act? She had thought he looked at her the same way she looked at him, but it was a lie. Everything was a lie!

Rylie shook her head, letting the anger fill up her entire body. It was the only motivation she had to continue. "I NEVER want to see you again. I hate you..." She wasn't sure if she meant it. She wasn't sure of anything.

"No..." Luke sulked in his own puddle of tears. "You are my everything..." his voice was hoarse and squeaky. "Please...don't leave me..." He sobbed like a baby, and his face contorted in an awful way.

Rylie wanted so badly to grab him, and they would kiss the most passionate kiss, and everything would be okay again. That wouldn't happen. Nothing was okay. Rylie was broken. Luke was broken. Paul was probably broken. It didn't matter anymore. Rylie just wanted to go. Go far away from everything. She would leave, just like Luke wanted her too. The only difference was that she would be going alone. Boyfriend-less. Heart-broken. Alone.

Rylie gave Luke one more glance. Her eyes were loving, sad, and dreaded simultaneously. She looked to her father and gave him the glance that she had disowned him.

Rylie turned on her heel, and willed her legs to move. Her eyes met Niall's, Harry's, Michael's, and everyone she cared about before she left the room, and ran to the elevator. Did they know too? Did everyone know except her? She had no idea what to believe anymore.

The elevator doors opened on her floor, and she ran to her room. She slammed the door, and grabbed her suitcase, stuffing everything she possibly could in it.

She had to get out, she had to get out, she had to get out.

She checked her wallet to make sure she had enough to hop on a last minute plane. She zipped her suitcase, and ran back to the elevator, hastily pushing the button.

She had to get out, she had to get out, she had to get out.

The doors opened again, and she yanked the suitcase behind her as she pushed through everyone, not even apologizing. She ran right into someone, and already knew who it was. She new his body too well. She looked up, and started crying again. "Please Luke..." she cried. "Let me go..." she needed to leave that place, and everyone in it.

"I can't..." Luke cried harder than she, clasping to her shoulders. "I screwed up...but if you step out that door, I will not be able to continue...I love you..." he looked at her with pleading eyes, but Rylie had to look away. She wanted to stay, but it hurt too much. She wanted Luke more than anything in the world, but there was no continuing on.

"What's going on?" Summer pushed through the crowd, and Luke glanced at her, giving Rylie the perfect opportunity to push past him and run to the door.

She had to get out, she had to get out, she had to get out.

Rylie ran as fast as she could, unable to stop. Her feet ran faster than her mind could catch up. It was then she was thankful for the airport being just next door.

She ran through the doors, pushing through people, and cutting the line. She slammed her hand on the table.

It was then that the thought entered her brain of where she could go. She had nowhere to go. She couldn't go to her dad's house in England because she had disowned her father. There was only one place she could go, and it pained her to think of it, but she had to. Her mom's house.

"I need a ticket to Los Angelos...ASAP!" Rylie huffed.

The lady tapped on her computer, and sighed. "We had one spot left. The plane leaves in ten minutes."

Rylie cheered, and threw all the money she had on the table. The lady handed her a ticket, and she ran to the doorway, and walked quickly down the hallway connecting the airplane to the building. She walked through the small spaces to her seat, and grabbed a sleeping pill out of her purse. She had to knock herself out with the pill, or she might go crazy on the plane. The adrenaline in her system was wearing off, and she felt the horrible pain that heart break brought you. It was the worst pain.

She hoped they would not look for her. She hoped they would not find her. She needed to get away, and never come back. That was her decision. As she drifted off to sleep, she knew that when she woke up, an overbearing agony would gnaw at her, and she would have to pull all the motivation she had out to continue on.

She had said once that nothing can go wrong on Christmas Eve. Man, was she wrong.





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