Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


25. Part 25

"Luke...I need you to understand that this is hard for me..." Rylie licked her lips, and pulled her guitar out of the guitar case. She adjusted it in her lap, and tuned it quickly. Her heart was beating louder and faster than its normal rate. She shook with fright. No one else's ears have ever heard the song except hers. Luke would be the first to hear the lyrics, and she prayed he would take them lightly. The last thing she wanted was for him to feel jealous because there was no reason to. After she played the song, it would no longer be her little secret to herself. She would share with him, and sharing is good, but she had always planned on taking the song to the grave. However, she trusted Luke, and she knew he would hold it as dear to his heart as she did.

Luke smiled supportively at her, and held up his thumbs for good luck. Rylie noticed the support wasn't fully in him. He didn't look as happy as she thought he would. She thought he would be jumping up in joy, but instead, he looked almost...pained. He looked as if he had been stabbed in the stomach, and the agony was overbearing.

Rylie worried of his fear, and her breath shook as she exhaled loudly. She started to start the song, but Luke interrupted her.

"You don't have to do this. I won't force you." Luke said, biting back his lip. His eyes glazed over in sorrow, and Rylie thought back to the argument she overheard between him and Paul. His sudden change of heart definitely had something to do with it. On one hand, he screamed at her for being hesitant with the song. On the other, the minute she is willing to sing him the song, he questions her if she should really do it. Why was he so difficult sometimes? What did Paul say to make him so moody? She had attempted to let it go, but she just couldn't.

"Luke...I want to do this...for you." Rylie told him.

"Please..." Luke closed his eyes, and a tear rolled down his cheek. "I will die with guilt..."

"Luke..." Rylie looked at him with a bewildered expression. "What's this talk about guilt?"

Luke shook his head multiple times, and rubbed the palms of his hands against his thighs. He seemed to battle with himself over an internal conflict.

"Rylie...just..." Luke paused, and bowed his head. "Play the song..."

Rylie continued on to her initial task, and she pushed back her nervousness as she sang the song she never expected to sing again.

~~I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted
 I thought about our last kiss, how it felt the way you tasted
 And even though your friends tell me you’re doing fine

 Are you somewhere feeling lonely even though she’s right beside you?
 When she says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones I wrote you?

Rylie cleared her throat, and tried to calm the nerves that affected her voice.

 Sometimes I start to wonder, was it just a lie?
 If what we had was real, how could you be fine?

‘Cause I’m not fine at all

 I remember the day you told me you were leaving
 I remember the teardrops running down your face
 And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them
 Like every single wish we ever made
 I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
 And forget about the stupid little things
 Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
 And the memories I never can escape

‘Cause I’m not fine at all

 The pictures that you sent me they’re still living in my phone
 I admit I like to see them, I admit I feel alone
 And all my friends keep asking why I’m not around

 It hurts to know you’re happy, yeah, it hurts that you’ve moved on
 It’s hard to hear your name when I haven’t seen you in so long

 It’s like we never happened, was it just a lie?
 If what we had was real, how could you be fine?

Rylie paused, and looked at Luke's facial expression. Tears seemed to roll down his face, and his eyebrows crinkled at the sadness in the lyrics. They were truly heartbreaking.

‘Cause I’m not fine at all

 I remember the day you told me you were leaving
 I remember the teardrops running down your face
 And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them
 Like every single wish we ever made
 I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
 And forget about the stupid little things
 Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
 And the memories I never can escape

 If today I woke up with you right beside me
 Like all of this was just some twisted dream
 I’d hold you closer than I ever did before
 And you’d never slip away
 And you’d never hear me say

 I remember the day you told me you were leaving
 I remember the teardrops running down your face
 And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them
 Like every single wish we ever made
 I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
 And forget about the stupid little things
 Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
 And the memories I never can escape

 'Cause I’m not fine at all
 No, I'm really not fine at all
 Tell me this is just a dream
 'Cause I'm really not fine at all

Rylie breathed out, glad she had finished. She looked to Luke again, and he wiped the tears with the sleeve of his long sleeve t-shirt.


Luke looked at Rylie, and pursed his lips. "That was...beautiful..."

"Thanks..." Rylie said shyly as she put the guitar back in its case. "That was the song I had been so hesitant to show you. That is the result of my heartbreak. That is something that will forever stay with us." she emphasized the last part to direct towards Luke.

Luke nodded, and regained his emotions. "That was truly breathtaking Rylie..." he oohed over her song speaking like it was an angel.

Rylie shrugged, knowing her cheeks were turning bright red. She wasn't usually so shy around Luke, but part 2 was next, and it was most definitely something to be fearful about.

She grabbed Luke's larger hands, and pulled him up where he towered in front of her. He looked down at her with loving, and somehow, aching eyes. He was trying to hide his pain, Rylie saw, but she also saw his happiness. He was a mix of emotions.

Without any words, Luke already knew what Rylie was doing. Rylie pulled Luke inches and inches closer to the bed, and she gently pushed him down onto it. He rested on the side, waiting.

"Luke..." she started, but he quickly shushed her.

"It's ok..." he whispered, grabbing her cheek. His smooth thumb trailed up and down her small cheek. Luke felt her apprehensiveness towards the whole predicament. "You don't have to do this.." his voice was soothing, and understanding.

"I-I want to..." Rylie assured him. It wasn't the first time she had done something like this. Why was she so nervous? The reason quickly came to her. It was Luke. He made her nervous. Everything that she did with Luke was more potent...and more...romantic than with Liam. The feeling for Luke weighed down on her, and she was reminded of him everywhere she looked. Doing special things with Luke felt like the first time because he made her feel so innocent, and untouched. She wanted everything to go perfectly, and even if it didn't, it was ok. She wanted Luke to accept her and her flaws, but she knew he already did. She knew he did a long time ago.

"Are you sure?" Luke was hesitant in the matter, and Rylie considered it so thoughtful, but she was ready.

She leaned down, and placed her lips on his, answering his question. The kiss was soft, and their lips moved harmoniously together, working like the gears of a machine. Rylie placed her hands on Luke's stubbled cheeks, and Luke placed his hands tightly around Rylie's waist. His hands were so strong, and when he touched Rylie, she felt so safe, and hoped he would never let go. One gentle touch exchanged between each other was like experiencing a new sensation.

After a couple minutes, the kiss began to grow more heated, and their tongues automatically slipped into each other's mouths. The intoxication mixed with the lust  and passion was only so much a human body could take.

Rylie tugged at the hem of Luke's shirt, and he allowed her to pull it up and off of him without a moment's hesitation. Their lips broke apart, but were quickly reunited.

Luke went to grasp Rylie's shirt, but she quickly pushed him down onto the bed. He laid there mystified. Rylie climbed on top of him, and straddled either side of his legs. Luke placed his gentle hands on Rylie's bare thighs, and he inched the skirt of the party dress she was wearing, higher and higher.

Luke started to touch uncharted territory, and Rylie was unfamiliar with the feeling. She bit her lip, and greedily leaned down to Luke, and gnawed hungrily at his lips. The feelings were so powerful. Rylie no longer wanted him. She NEEDED survive. Luke was so perfect. Science couldn't prove why he was so perfect. He defeated humankind's complexity, and Rylie wanted him so bad.

Rylie ran her hands down Luke's toned chest, and she halted their intensity for a moment to allow Luke to flip them around so he could dominate.

"You're good at this..." he whispered.

Rylie nodded, and tugged Luke's hair with her fingers. That always managed to make Luke moan. She fiddled with his belt buckle as she multitasked kissing him violently. Luke's fingers trailed under her skirt, and he drew circles in her sensitive skin.

Rylie gasped in pleasure, and broke away from the kiss to breathe. There was no space between them, ad Rylie tried to hurry up the process. She was so ready.

Luke pulled away so suddenly that Rylie groaned. He had broken the intensity, and Rylie couldn't wait any longer.

"What is it?" she groaned angrily, almost irritated with Luke. If he was having second thoughts, she would lose it.

"Do you love me?" Luke asked, his voice deep and mysterious. It wasn't the tone of voice he used to tease her. He was serious, and his eyes were desperate for an answer.

The question caught Rylie off guard, but she didn't have to give it a second thought. She did love Luke...with all her heart. He was there for her when no one else would. The fact that he could put up with her mood swings was enough to know he was a keeper. He made her feel so...special and alive. His touch on her cheek sent butterflies in her stomach into a frenzy. Luke was hers, and she would never let him go. She loved him so much.

"Yes.." Rylie answered. This was the first time she had admitted her true feelings for Luke. They had yet to exchange an, 'I love you,' and the feeling was nice to say it out loud. "I love you Luke.." she smiled, and reached her hand up touch his jawline.

Luke straightened his elbows out, and hovered above her. His next words were something Rylie never expected him to say at that moment. "Then marry me..." his words were dead serious, and they had such an urgency.

Rylie was speechless. Luke seemed to have a history to want to get married quickly. "Luke..." se had no idea how to respond to that. "" she was so confused.

Luke pushed himself off of her, and settled beside her, balancing his head on his arm. Rylie turned on her side to look him in the eyes.

" tomorrow!" Luke smiled excitedly. "We could run away together. Go somewhere far away, and live peacefully. Maybe you could pop a few babies out, and we could grow old together, watching them grow up and have children of their own. We love each other...what's stopping us?" Luke looked proud of his idea.

Rylie was stunned. She loved the idea of running away with Luke, and getting away from the drama. However, she could never leave her father or One Direction. They were her family, and as much as they drove her crazy, she loved them. Family was supposed to get on her nerves.

"What about your band?" Rylie asked. Luke couldn't just leave 5 Seconds of Summer. They were his home too.

"I don't care about my band as long as I'm with you.." Luke grabbed her cheek, and Rylie battled herself on the feelings of the matter. Finally, she decided her answer.

"We can't Luke..." she let out. "We have a life here...I want to marry you Luke, I do, but in years to come. We're only 18." It was true. Rylie loved the idea of marriage to Luke, but she wasn't ready. It wasn't that she was afraid of commitment. It wasn't that Liam had tainted her values of trust. It was just that Rylie was still a teenager. She wanted to do stupid things for as long as she could, and marriage would settle her down. She hopefully had years of life, and the time would come for marriage.

Luke sighed in defeat. "You're always are. I just thought I'd give it a try."

Rylie gasped. "Please don't tell me you bought an engagement ring." she giggled at the wrong moment.

Luke's eyes widened. "No, I'm not that stupid!" he chuckled. "I figured you would say no."

"I do love you though..." Rylie pushed her forehead to his, and they gazed in each other's eyes. Finally, they kissed again, giving the original motives a second try.

The door creaked open, startling them both. They had forgotten to lock it, and a drunk Calum stood in the doorway, a peculiar look on his face.

"Oops..." he giggled, trying to keep himself steady. "Um..." Paul wants to see you, Luke." he hiccupped before closing the door, and leaving them in silence.

Luke looked horrified, and he stayed frozen on the bed for a minute.

Did Paul know what they were fixing to do? Rylie couldn't believe he had ruined such a passionate moment for them. She pulled her skirt back down to its original place, and cleared her throat awkwardly. "Well, my dad wants you..." she restated the original statement.

Luke looked at her with a panicked expression. "Rylie, I want you to know how much I love you. " his voice was urgent and immediate. "You are my everything, and I fell in love with you the day I saw your beautiful face." He looked with sad and already distant eyes to Rylie. They poured into her soul. His tone of voice was desperate, like he had to convince her right there of his love. She didn't need convincing. She knew he loved her a lot, and she loved him even more back.

"Whatever happens, don't forget my love for you...nothing can change how I feel..." Luke cupped Rylie's cheek, and kissed her lips so softly. Rylie was so baffled by his words. He sounded as though she would never see him again. She planned to see him within the next hour, but his words puzzled her. What was Paul needing him for?

Rylie tried to kiss Luke back, but she worried about his state of mind. The most she could do was say, "I love you, too," back.

Luke got up, and pulled his crinkled shirt off the floor, and onto his bare body. He rebuckled his belt, smiled a weak smile at Rylie, and walked slowly and hesitantly towards the door, and it closed before Rylie could process what had just happened.




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