Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


21. Part 21

"My birthday is in 4 days!" Louis announced as he finally gathered everyone in one hotel room.

"And?" Harry questioned. "Your point?"

Louis rolled his eyes. "We will be in Tennessee, and I am aware Tennessee has some nice clubs."

"So we're going to a club?" Zayn said, his arm tightly wrapped around his fiancé.

"Why not?" Louis cheered in the air. "And don't worry for those of you under the age of 21...which is almost all of you...cause I am Louis Tomlinson and on my birthday, I will not drink alone!"

Rylie rested her head on Luke's shoulder, and sighed. Louis loved to use his fame to his advantage.

"For those of you who haven't gotten me a present, I have printed out a list." Louis cleared his throat, and passed around a piece of copy paper containing what he so desired. Louis was always the one to make sure everyone did as he wished. Rylie guaranteed that if someone did not fulfill these demands, he wouldn't be so forgiving.

Rylie scanned over the list, and was satisfied when she saw that one of the things he wanted was already wrapped up and signed by her, lying neatly under the tree; or the suitcase which contained the presents she had bought. She knew the boys too well; maybe even better than they knew themselves.

"These are ridiculous!" Calum snorted, and the others agreed. "A signed baseball by Babe Ruth? He's dead, you know?"

"And he hardly ever signed things." Niall chimed in.

"Whatever." Louis pursed his lips, acting like the ultimate spoiled brat.

Rylie realized she had 4 days to get Luke a present. She wondered if he had gotten her anything. It didn't matter, but it was their first Christmas together. New Year's Eve would be their 3 month anniversary. It felt so weird saying they were only a couple for 3 months. They were so close, it felt like a year. Maybe it was, and the time literally flew by. It didn't really matter how long they had been dating, cause Rylie knew they would be together forever.

As Louis and the others argued about useless things, Luke whispered in Rylie's ear, her hairs tickling her cheek. "Let's get out of here..."

"Gladly." Rylie grabbed Luke's hand, and allowed him to pull her up. They tried to be sneaky, but the others were lost in conversation, so it didn't really matter.

Luke seemed to have a destination in his mind, and he headed straight for it. They walked up a long flight of stairs, and Rylie wondered where they could be going.

Finally, Luke pushed a door open, and held it for Rylie. She walked through, and cold air immediately brushed against her skin. The ground in which she stepped on consisted of gravel, and when Rylie looked up, she saw the night sky, as bright as it was a few hours ago when it boys played the Florida concert in an open-roof stadium.

"Why did you bring me to the roof?" Rylie asked, turning to Luke. His eyes glowed in the moonlight, and shadows were cast on his chiseled jaw. He looked heavenly.

Luke guided Rylie over to the side of the building, and he sat down on the low wall overlooking the city. The hotel was large, and the city gleamed. Rylie sat down next to him, thankful she wasn't afraid of heights. She admired the city below her. Lights shined like fireflies, and a hum from the busy streets could be heard. The city had a harmonious mood, almost as if everyone was working in rhythm. It was peaceful.

"I thought it was nice to get away..." Luke spoke quietly. Rylie looked over at him. He must have been lost in thought. She watched the city dance before his eyes, and she took a moment to really appreciate him and his features.

His baby blue eyes sparkled. His lips were perfectly plump, and pink. The most kissable of lips. His smile showed teeth as white as snow, and captivating dimples. If you were granted to see that smile, your life would never be the same. It was powerful, and sweet at the same time. His tongue stuck out just a little when he smiled, and sometimes he would bite his lip ring, making Rylie melt. 

His body was another story. His arms were strong, but always perfect for cuddling. His chest was tan, and abs were etched into his lower stomach. Below, his v-line curved perfectly into-well, Rylie hadn't seen anything else yet.

Not only was he handsome and gorgeous, he was also, overall, an amazing person. He was kind to everyone he met, and he truly made them feel special. He was loving, and so understanding. His slightest touch gave Rylie goose bumps.  He was an honest and caring guy, but he was also funny, and always knew how to make Rylie smile. He never judged her even when he had every reason to. He was the definition of perfect, and Rylie only wished she deserved him...but she didn't. She was granted the perfect guy, and she would not take him for granted.

Rylie breathed in every detail of Luke, and as she watched him look down at the city, she felt a tingling deep in her soul that she had felt once before. However, this time it was different. It was more potent, and powerful. It was an amazing feeling, but it was so strong, it almost hurt. It hit her hard like a ton of bricks, but as soon as it went away, Rylie wanted more. She was already addicted to the feeling, and she knew Luke had given it to her.

She grabbed Luke's cheeks, and slammed her lips into his, forcefully gnawing at him like a wild animal. She wanted that feeling again, and she hungrily devoured every inch of his mouth. Rylie felt the surprise Luke showed at first, but she figured he eased into it as he set his hands on her inner thigh, sending tingles up her spine. Rylie gently grabbed his bottom lip with her teeth, and pulled, making Luke moan in pleasure.

Luke moved from Rylie's lips to her neck, kissing all around as Rylie's held his hair in her hands, twisting fistfuls of hair and tugging at them, leaving Luke gasping. He bit down on her neck and sucked. An inhuman noise escaped Rylie's lips, and that feeling was slowly coming back.

Rylie noticed in the corner of her eye the rooftop door opening, and she pushed Luke off of her.

Luke looked stunned, looking like he didn't know where he was for a minute.

Rylie grabbed his hands, and pulled themselves from the moonlight, and slumped behind the shadows, providing ideal protection of whoever wished to join them on the roof.

Rylie heard laughter, and squinted to see the owner of the voice.

"I like it when you talk dirty." a male voice said, and Rylie faintly heard it.

"Oh, do you?" the female voice threw back.

Rylie saw a flash of ginger hair; hair as red as a ripe tomato. The hair was hid behind a figure with blondish hair curving up and then outward.

"Isn't that-"

"Shhh!" Rylie hushed Luke.

The people looked familiar, but the light was so dim, she couldn't quite make them out. It was on the tip of her tongue. The man gently pushed the girl against the wall, and hiked up her skirt to reveal thigh. They pulled in for a kiss, and Rylie glimpsed a face she never wanted to see again. The girl took her turn to push the man, and Rylie saw a face she didn't expect to see with the female. This was ridiculous. Rylie's blood boiled, and she looked over to see Luke recognized the man too.

The couple mindlessly chattered, and Rylie pulled Luke and herself up to reveal their presence.

The couple was too busy.

Rylie violently stomped over to them, the gravel crunching beneath her toes. "Niall!" she screamed bitterly, her voice trailing off into the wind.

Niall flipped around, startled by the people he didn't expect to be up there with him. He moved slightly, revealing the dreaded face of the girl.

It was almost like an unpleasant reunion. An awkward one at that.

Rylie glanced over at Luke to watch his face turn perplexed, nervous, scared, and timid all at the same time. "Thea..." his voice cracked weakly.

"Luke..." Thea's said, brushing her hair behind her ears. For a moment, she looked almost innocent and her face slowly turned a bright shade of red.

Luke gulped, and started to say something, but he must have second-guessed himself. "Why-why are you here...doing that...with my best mate?" Luke stuttered, his eyes watering more and more by the second.

Rylie felt a hurtful ping in her gut. She was a little jealous that Luke was so pained by seeing Thea...with Niall, but at the same time, if she had seen Liam with Sophia like this, she would have felt something deep in her soul. She felt as if the pain was going away each day she was with Luke, but she understood how Luke felt.

Thea sighed, and looked down. "I'm-we-" Thea looked so sorry and sentimental, but it soon changed to the look she always had. The look that said she was the boss and she wouldn't let anyone mess with her. "Why am I explaining myself to you?" she snapped. "We broke up a long time ago..."

Luke's lip quivered, and he looked down, obviously feeling stupid.

Rylie took her turn to ask the questions. "I thought you were a one time kind of guy, Niall? I see you're coming back for more..." she chewed on her lower lip, hating Niall for bringing Thea into the mess of things. She was just another complication that they didn't need.

"I just kinda fell for her." Niall looked serenely at Thea.

"All you want her for is sex!" Luke screamed at Niall, but he didn't move from his spot. He was planted there.

Thea laughed. "Who cares?" she smirked, "I'd rather have sex with him every night instead of thinking about the crap you made me do."

"I was a loving boyfriend!" Luke sobbed.

"You were so...mushy and sentimental...I'm not that kind of girl. That's why I did it with that French dude in Paris. I was trying to show you that the relationship was over...and I didn't want you..." Thea dragged out her words, mentally torturing Luke.

Niall looked at Thea surprised, but he didn't hesitate to move even closer to her.

Rylie had had enough. Thea had broke her last straw, and she was so sick of hearing that annoying voice pretending like she was queen. Rylie didn't dare look at Luke because she knew he was hurting, and when he hurt, she hurt. All she wanted to do was show Thea that she didn't belong there. That she couldn't push Luke around, and she needed to go back to the place she came from.

A fire erupted in Rylie, and her feet took her straight to where she wanted to go. She stomped over to Thea, and felt the adrenaline building up inside of her like bricks. She lifted her arm and build her hand into a fist. All the power that Rylie could ever gather up inside herself was soon in her arm. She threw her fist forcefully and viciously straight at Thea's face.

At first, Thea looked at her stunned before she fell backward onto the ground. Time had froze as everyone gathered their thoughts, and tried to process what had just happened.

Rylie looked up at a completely bewildered Niall. He didn't move a muscle, but left his mouth open for the flies to nest in.

Rylie peeked behind her and saw Luke had the same expression.

Thea turned her head, and held her hand up to try to stop the blood gushing out of her nose. A bruise had already started to form and Rylie silently congratulated herself for such a gash. Her hand throbbed, and Rylie knew it was pretty beat up too, but it was worth it.

Thea's eyes grew wide at the puddle in her hand, and she screamed an ear-ripping scream that disappeared into the night. "You punched me!" she screamed.

"That was for cheating on Luke those years ago." Rylie cleared the back of her throat, and spat on Thea's dress. "Now run along before I break something else besides your nose. And make sure you don't come back." Rylie smiled a bitter smile, and waited for Thea to straggle to her feet, and give Rylie one last sinister look before exiting the rooftop.



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