Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


19. Part 19



Rylie opened her sleep deprived eyes and turned her body over to look at her waker. "What, Harry?" she yawned.

"We have to do some work." Harry yawned back, just as tired as she was.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"...30 minutes, I think..."

Rylie groaned loudly, but pushed herself off the bunk. It wasn't a shocker to have been woken up just a while after you go to sleep. That was the tour life. Everyone had so little time to do stuff, they had to take time out of sleep. They had all gotten a great night's sleep the night before, but now they had to work on the next album or they would never get it done.

Rylie stretched her sore limbs as she walked into the studio room at the back of the bus where some producers, some instrument players, and the 1D boys were warming up as they moved sound equipment around. She figured they were fixing to record a song.

She sat down beside a tired Niall that kept yawning into the microphone.

"How are you doing?" Rylie asked. She was worried about him. He was pretty upset last night.

"I'm feeling...guilty." Niall admitted.

"I wonder why." Rylie nudged him playfully, trying to lighten the mood.

She looked around at the eye-drooped men.

"What time is it?" Louis asked, walking in wearing only his underwear.

"Like 3 in the morning." One of the producers checked his watch.

"Ugh! The sun is still asleep. Why am I not?" Louis groaned.

"Because the sun isn't the member of a famous boyband."

Rylie got up so Louis could sit down beside Niall and share the microphone. After all, Rylie wasn't the one singing. She was just there to make sure her songs were portrayed the right way, and helped them with the notes if they needed help.

The pre-recorded music started, and Harry sang his lines first. Rylie admired his voice. So raspy, but when he talked, it was so much more deep than others.

Next, Zayn sang but stopped abruptly to yawn. "Sorry, let's go again." he apologized.

And this continued for an hour. Someone yawned and started again; Rylie told them where to go low or high on; and just as the sun came up, the song was finished.

"Just, like, 6 more to go..." Niall said. "Can we go to sleep now?"

"Go right ahead." Paul told them, and Rylie jumped up to run to her bunk, and try not to disturb the others who didn't have to get up at 3 in the morning, including her boyfriend.


Rylie opened her eyes from a deep sleep the second time that day. She felt more refreshed and energetic this time. She checked her phone, and since it was already noon, she climbed out of the small bunk, and walked into the baby kitchen to get a snack.

All the other boys were still asleep, and she nodded a hello to Michael and Calum who were playing some kind of game on the couch.

"Where's Luke?" she asked.

"Me thinks he's taking the Browns to the Superbowl." Michael said, and Calum burst into laughter beside him.

Rylie nodded even though she was confused, but then she got it, and shot Michael a, "Very funny," look.

"Hey guys!" the bus driver called. "We're in Florida!"

"Aren't we early?" Calum asked.

"Yea, which means I have a feeling Paul might give you the day off!" the bus driver's accent was thick with Irish, and Rylie always liked him. He was a nice man who was sometimes a little cheeky, and he LOVED to drive. That explains why he was a...bus driver.

Rylie was so relieved. She just wanted to relax the rest of the day without interruptions. Except maybe Luke, of course.

Speaking of Luke, a hand wrapped around her waist, and she turned to look up at her spectacular boyfriend. "Hey you." she smiled.

"Hey..." Luke kissed her chapped lips, and then began to make some coffee.

Rylie walked into the bunk hallway, and pulled the curtain back on her dad's bunk. "Dad! We're in Florida already! Can we get the rest of the day off?" she asked in a little girl's voice, begging for something.

"Yea...sure." Paul said groggily, and rolled over the other way, ending the conversation.

Rylie skipped to the front of the bus, and wrapped her arms around Luke's back. "We get the day off. Let's do something." she mumbled into his shirt. She had said she just wanted to relax, but it was the perfect opportunity to spend time with Luke...alone. When they got to the hotel, which would be soon, her and Luke could escape without fear of getting yelled at.

Even in Florida, it was cold. It was a harsh winter, but the beach still looked appealing, and Rylie wanted Luke and her to soak up the sun together.

", you could show me Amnesia." Luke practically pleaded, not turning around to face her.

Rylie rolled her eyes. Why was he being so annoying about that stupid song? They had like 8 hours to do something, and he wanted to listen to that song.

"Or we could go to the beach?" Rylie stated her original idea, but Luke shook his head. "I don't like the beach." he frowned.

She let go of him. "What's up with you today?"

Luke turned around, and rubbed his eyes as he looked down at her. "I just don't understand why you won't show me the song!" he spat at her.

Rylie backed away, and frowned at him. "Be-because..."

Luke shook his head, and put his hand up. "Just don't say anything." he grabbed his steaming coffee, and retreated to the back of the bus, where he closed the curtain.

Rylie stayed immobile. Stunned. Why was he being so rude?

"You ok?" Michael asked her sincerely.

"I'm fine." She said unconvincingly.

Michael cocked his head, and raised his eyebrows.

"I'm fine, really." Rylie told him, trying to convince herself more than him. "Couples fight sometimes." she breathed out, surprised she wasn't crying. It didn't make her sad. It just upset her.

"You know we could-" Michael started to say, but was interrupted.

"Man, am I hungry?" Luke outstretched his arms as he walked into the small space. "Hey Rylie!"

Rylie smiled weakly, and took a moment to admire his tight t-shirt. She looked away quickly, feeling guilty. It was kinda a habit.

"We get the rest of the day off." Calum mentioned.

"Really?" Liam smiled. He turned to Rylie. "Hey, since we're buddies again, we should go to the fair today. I saw a sign about it out the window a couple minutes ago."

"Don't you want to go with Sophia?" Rylie asked a little awkwardly.

"Ry, she left last night."

"Right." Rylie thought about it for a minute. Obviously, Luke didn't want to hang today, so why not? It was just a little fair, as friends. "Sure, I'll go with you." she decided.

"Cool." Liam nodded, and walked into the bathroom.

Rylie turned to Michael. "Now what were you going to say, Mikey?"

Michael frowned and looked down at his controller. "Nothing..." he mumbled.


Rylie pulled on a warm and fuzzy Christmas sweater adorned with hand-stitched bells. She planned, if they had time, to get some Christmas presents and she wanted to look the part. She hadn't talked to Luke in an hour, and tried to when they got the hotel, but he was attacked by fans, and she already knew there was no getting through to him. She just wished they weren't fighting. It really stressed her out. She hated when she was on someone's bad side, especially her boyfriend's. She wanted to apologize, but she had no reason to. She wasn't in the wrong. She just needed Luke to be the understanding guy he was, and have patience with her.

"Ready?" Liam knocked on her hotel door, and she quickly pulled her boots on, and waved goodbye to Gemma, Lou, and little Lux.

"You look...festive." Liam smiled as they walked down the hallway.

"Umm...thanks." Rylie chuckled. "I was wondering if we could get some presents on the way home?"

Liam nodded. "Yea, I need something for Sophia."

"I have no idea what I'm going to get Luke." Rylie sighed. She couldn't think of anything that would be worth giving as a present.

"Christmas sex?" Liam joked, nudging her.

"Haha..." Rylie rolled her eyes, but she couldn't deny she wasn't considering it. I mean, it was the vulgar Luke they were talking about. That would probably be the best Christmas present he ever got.

Luke and Rylie had their van driver take them to the small, but efficient fair. The sun was setting, and the lights on the rides were just starting to light up. Colors upon colors filled the park, and it was magical. The Ferris wheel towered over all the other rides and attractions. Rylie used to go to fairs all the time with her sister, but that was before life got complicated. Those were the simple days where the only things you had to worry about was what time you had to go to bed, and when you had to clean your room.

Liam paid for both himself and Rylie, and they entered the extravagant place filled with laughter, people, and happiness. Rylie smelled Christmas in the air.

"Where to first?" Liam asked her, wrapping his arm around hers.

"Food. I'm hungry." Rylie cringed at her growling stomach.

They walked over to a greasy food bar, and Rylie, thinking more on the fact that they would be riding fast and momentous rides, got a small sandwich, whereas Liam got nachos and a milkshake. Rylie didn't say anything, however, and followed him to a dirty table, and sat down.

"This place is filthy." Liam complained, placing napkins on his seat.

"Okay, germaphobe." Rylie sarcastically commented.

As she ate her sandwich, she admired the different people around her. Little kids looked so happy experiencing such a fun place. She watched a couple stride hand and hand, laughing and smiling at each other. It made her wish her and Luke weren't fighting.

"So what's on your mind?" Liam asked, dripping cheese sauce everywhere.

"I'm just worried about Luke...and Niall."


"Well Luke is mad at me...for some reason." Rylie didn't mention that Luke was mad at her because she wouldn't show him Amnesia. Liam didn't even know about Amnesia, and she didn't want him to. Even though they made up, he didn't deserve to see the song she poured her heart break into.

"And Niall?"

"He didn't tell you?" Rylie looked surprised.

"Tell me what?" Liam straightened up in his seat, his eyes wide.

Rylie shouldn't have even said anything. "It's not my place to tell." she looked down at her lap. She couldn't just tell Liam like that. Obviously, Niall only wanted her to know and she wasn't going to deceive his trust with her.

"Just tell me." Liam pleaded.

Rylie saw the desperate look in his eyes, but she kept her mouth shut. "Just forget I mentioned it." she looked at Liam, begging with her eyes to drop the subject.

She could see he wanted to continue further, but he was a decent man. "So what rides should we go on?" he questioned.

Rylie mouthed a 'thank you.'

Liam nodded and smiled a warm smile. He looked at his milkshake and grimaced. "I don't even like milkshakes." he said.

"I know. We dated for a year, remember?" Rylie smiled.

Liam nodded awkwardly, like he had forgotten that year completely.

"Anyways..." Rylie bit her lip, and looked around the area. "We could do the teacup ride!"

"Rylie...we are adults." Liam looked at her seriously.

"Oh, I know you want to!" Rylie grabbed Liam's hands on the table, but he jumped in surprise.

She let go, feeling awkward. It had started to feel like old times, when they went on dates and joked. It wasn't a date. It was hanging out with a friend.

"Ok..." Liam said slowly. "Let's go on the teacup ride."

Rylie could tell he was being cautious, and she didn't want to give him the wrong impression. She was with Luke, and didn't see Liam like that anymore.

The sun was now completely down, and the lights shined even brighter. Rylie followed Liam to the teacup ride, and they climbed onto one, sitting opposite each other. The ride started up, and gradually got faster and faster. It was really fun for Rylie, but she watched Liam getting more and more greener. She scooted to the side, and held on the teacup, not wanting Liam to throw up on her.

The ride stopped. Liam stumbled off, and searched for a trashcan. There wasn't one close by for some reason, and Liam looked at Rylie peculiarly for a second before he grabbed the floppy hat she had on, and threw up his nachos in it.

Rylie cringed her nose. He truly had just thrown up in her hat. She didn't really mind though. A couple of months ago, she would have cussed Liam out, but Luke had made her more...easy-going. It was just a hat, after all.

Liam looked up and frowned at Rylie. "I'm sorry." he smiled weakly.

"It's fine." She smiled. Liam offered the hat back to her, but she shook her head. "No- you keep it." she laughed.

Liam spotted a trashcan a ways down from where they were, and he ran over, tossing the hat in it. He swiped his hand back and forth, and ran back over to Rylie. "Why don't we go win some teddy bears or something? You're a good shot."

Rylie prided herself on the compliment.


Rylie climbed out of the van with a giant white teddy bear with a green and red scarf on in hand. "I can't believe you paid like 20 dollars just to knock over 3 bottles!" Rylie laughed, walking with Liam up to the lobby doors. She had had a fun time, and even was able to get some presents on the way home. She couldn't find anything for Luke, and she was starting to really consider what Liam said. That would be a Christmas worth remembering. All the fun she was having made her really wish Luke was with her, but she was happy her and Liam had some bonding time. She had a feeling he was happy too.

"I was trying to win you that teddy bear!" Liam defended.

"Overall, I had a fun time." Rylie smiled at Liam, and sat her teddy bear down to give him a hug. The cold air made her enjoy Liam's warmth even more. Heat just seemed to radiate from his body.

Liam pulled away, and gulped. Rylie furrowed her brows at him, and turned to look in his direction.

She gasped, but wasn't sure why. It did look oddly suspicious that Liam and Rylie were talking about how much fun they were having while Luke waited for Rylie by the door, a hanus look on his face as his arms were crossed and he tapped his foot against the concrete.

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