Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


18. Part 18

Almost two months had flown by. A wonderful time. Nothing much happened, but Luke and Rylie grew really close, and they had officially been together almost 2 months and 2 weeks.

The tour was going sufficient. Cold weather brought snow continuously in any country they were at, and that hampered a few things, but fans were dedicated, and they could wait a little longer if that's what it took.

Summer had to leave a while back. It sucked. Her and Ashton were really hitting it off. Summer promised she would see them again, but she had to get back with her friends so they could go home.

Everything was going really well. Everyone was happy and content. They were on a train that went in the right direction. The direction to happiness.


"Just more state after Florida...and I'll see her." Ashton said, as him and the rest of 5sos and One Direction waited with their girlfriends, Lou, Gemma, and Rylie in the back of the tour bus they missed so dearly.fy

"We know how excited you are." Niall smiled.

They were in the states, driving to Florida on a cold, winter night. It was time they had to relax before they went off to do what they did best, and they spent it drinking hot chocolate and talking.

Rylie nestled her head closer into Luke's side, and sipped from her Christmas mug. Christmas was in a week. She would spend it with her favorite people. She was so excited. She loved Christmas, and she planned to help Luke love it too. Once he saw the happy memories Christmas made, he couldn't not love it.

Spending it with the people around you that shape the person you are is the best way to celebrate. Christmas brings everyone together to show their love and appreciation through little gifts from the heart. People spend so much time decorating, and buying gifts that they forget that the whole point of Christmas was never the gifts. It was to celebrate the birth of Christ and show love for family and friends.

As everyone laughed and laughed about old memories, Rylie looked up at Luke, and was happy to have him. They had a great two months together, and she wouldn't trade it for the world. She thought she had been happy with Liam, but she didn't know real happiness until Luke climbed on that bus.

All her life, Rylie wanted more. She never felt like she belonged with the people around her. Her mom was ALWAYS working, and never had time for her. Her sister always felt like competition. Who would make mom happy? When she moved with her dad, things got better, but her dad never really understood her. Once One Direction came along, she could finally have a group she could play her music for and write songs to. It was really great, but with Luke, it continued to get better.

Luke looked down, and caught Rylie staring at him. He kissed the top of her nose. "What?" he asked.

"I'm just so lucky." Rylie whispered.

The bus screeched to a stop. Everyone looked around at the sudden halt, and Liam extracted himself from Sophia to see what was wrong. A minute later, he came back.

"We're at a rest stop." he said. "They got showers if anyone needs one. We might be a while cause Fred(the bus driver) said there's some snow stopping up one of the tires, and they have to get it out."

Louis and a few others jumped up, saying they needed one. The bands only got a shower every few days, so they took the opportunity quickly.

Rylie arched her back and looked out the window, watching little chunks of snow fall from the vast, black sky.

"C'mon!" Rylie smiled, getting up and pulling Luke's hand with her.

"What? Are we gonna take a shower together?" Luke asked. "Cause I'm down."

Rylie shot him an annoyed look, and pulled on her trench coat. She advised Luke to do the same, and they climbed down the bus stairs and stepped into the white snow.

"I love snow.." Rylie smiled, looking around her.

Rylie watched the others head to the showers before she cupped some snow in her hands and patted it into a ball. She twisted it around quickly, and threw it at Luke, but he had had the same idea. A tennis ball size snowball came flying at her and hit her in the shoulder. The result was a small sting.

"Luke!" she shrieked, even though a laugh escaped her lips.

She ran around the other side of the bus, and quickly got together another snowball. She hesitantly walked over and peeked over the side, but Luke was gone. She whipped back around to see Luke running towards her. He crashed into her and as she slipped on ice, they were sent flying to the ground.

Laughter erupted out of both of them like lava erupted out of a volcano.

Rylie hands were tight around the fabric of Luke's jacket as he pushed his body up, stopping when his elbows straightened out. Luke looked down at Rylie, and Rylie pulled the back of his neck down to her. Their lips fit together perfectly. The kiss was wet and cold, but just as magical as every kiss they exchanged.

Luke pulled away, and laughed at the snow sticking around Rylie's disheveled hair.

Rylie exchanged an open smile at the clumps around Luke as well. She looked into his blue eyes. They seemed to always stay so blue. When she looked into them, she imagined herself at the beach, breathing in the fresh air, and watching the waves of the ocean overlap each other. Her and Luke needed to go to the beach when the cold went away.

Luke climbed off of Rylie, and fell down beside her.

Rylie looked up at the sky, admiring every little star shine so brightly against the darkness.

"No star is alike." She said, watching her breath ascend out of her mouth and evaporate into the cold air.

"You like stars?" Luke asked, watching with her.

"Yea..."Rylie answered. "They are just such a great inspiration for me. For more than just song lyrics."



"I'm cold."

Rylie pulled herself up, and offered hands to pull Luke up too. She dusted the snow off his coat. When she looked up at him, his face looked glum. The mood had completely changed. Rylie still hadn't asked him about what Thea said. They were having a great couple months, and she knew the minute she mentioned it, something would go wrong.

"You still haven't shown me Amnesia..." Luke said sadly, almost as if he didn't want to say it.

"Oh. Right." Rylie had forgotten she promised to show Luke. She really didn't want to yet. That song was really great, but it was also special to her.

The bus door opened, and Luke and Rylie turned to see Niall standing on the last step, peeking out at them. "Uh, Luke. Paul wants you to join your bandmates so you can work on that song Rylie wrote."

Luke nodded, and turned to Rylie. "Rain check?"

Rylie grabbed his cheeks with her small hands, and got up on her tiptoes to kiss him. "Go." she said when she broke away.

She watched Luke trudge through the snow and get on the bus, but Niall stayed behind.

He walked out into the cold with just a sweater on and joined her by the back of the bus. "I need to talk to you." he said urgently.

"Okay..." Rylie said hesitantly. "What's wrong Niall?"

"Not here." Niall leaned in and whispered, and he grabbed her hand, leading her as far away from the bus as possible.

They stopped behind the big building and Rylie faintly heard the showers going inside.

"What's wrong?" She asked again, getting worried.

Niall rubbed his hands together to keep warm. "I did a bad thing..." he said slowly.

The stars provided light, and Rylie saw his fearful eyes.

She was getting nervous. She grabbed Niall's shoulder, and looked into his eyes, but he turned his head away. "Niall, what did you do?" She asked, her voice slowly rising in volume.

"A very bad thing." Niall shut his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"What did you do?" Rylie repeated, shaking him. She was afraid of the worst. There was no telling with Niall, but she had a pretty good idea it involved a girl.

"About a week ago...when we had the day off in New York...I-I," Niall stopped, and cried out. "I feel so bad! I hurt my best mate!"

"What was it?" Rylie pleaded, releasing her grip on Niall. "Just tell me, Ni. You know you can tell me anything."

"I slept with Ellie..." Niall finally got out, using the sleeve of his fuzzy sweater to wipe his cheek.

"Ed's girlfriend?" Rylie asked, already knowing the answer.

Niall nodded, and he threw his head against the wall. "And he found out and now he wants to beat me up!"

She pulled him away from the wall, and pulled him to her, closing her hands around him. He wrapped his arms around her small frame, and sobbed.

Rylie brushed her fingers down his hair. "It's ok." She spoke soothingly. "It's not all your fault. It's Ellie's too. She could have said no."

Niall pulled away. "No, I should've said no! I shouldn't have hurt Ed like that!" he yelled.

Rylie hated to see him in pain. It was the worst feeling. She hurt for him, but he did pin this on himself. All she could do now was comfort him and hope for the best.

She pulled him in for a hug again, and let him cry on her shoulder until the tears stopped. She knew the feeling of wanting to cry until it hurt deep in your gut. She knew it too well, and she also knew that when people try to stop the pain, it just makes it worse. So Rylie allowed Niall to feel bad and beat himself up for it because it would get better in the end. Everything does...eventually. If it doesn't...then it's not the end.


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