Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


17. Part 17

"Thea..." Rylie said again, this time with more resentment.

"Do I know you?" Thea said rudely, a scowl clear as day on her face.

"You really don't remember me?" Rylie asked, hating her more every minute. Man, what did Luke ever see in her? She was a slut, and the rudest, snobbiest girl possible.

Thea looked Rylie up and down, and then smiled. "Oh're Luke's girlfriend."

"You two know each other?" Niall asked, getting up, and buttoning his pants.

"Not really..." Thea answered. "We're only acquaintances."

Rylie shook her head. "What are you even doing here? You knew that Luke was here, didn't you?" she accused.

She still couldn't believe that Luke was crazy about her. He had explained to her once that he was so in love to the point where he proposed at like...16. Maybe she changed. Rylie didn't want to think bad about her and go making assumptions. Maybe Thea wasn't that bad...but the 2 times Rylie had met her, she wasn't all.

Thea blinked her eyes innocently, and shrugged. "I was just fixing to get on a plane when I met Niall, and then..." she giggled like a little schoolgirl.

"Oh...shutup." Rylie spat. "You're a liar."

Thea laughed with an evil, smug grin. "Don't worry, honey. I'm not going to steal your little boyfriend away. He'll do a good job of screwing everything up himself."

Rylie looked at her with an odd expression. "You're the one who said no to his proposal!"

"Proposal?" Thea blinked. "He never proposed to me."

Rylie was confused. Was she remembering correctly? That's what Luke had told her.

"Then what really happened?" Rylie asked.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Thea smirked, giving her a wicked look. She turned to a stunned Niall, and blew him a kiss before she left the room, ending the conversation.

Rylie was dumbstruck. By the look on everyone's faces, they were too.

"I know you don't like her, Rylie, but that chick has a nice ass." Calum interjected.

She shot him a glare, and passed the threshold into Niall's little space, closing the door behind her. She walked over to Niall, grabbed his shoulders, and pushed him back onto the couch.

"We need to talk." She said.

She was still worried about Luke lying to her if what Thea said was the truth. It probably wasn't. Then again, the look on Thea's face was very believable. Nevertheless, Rylie had to talk with Niall about his behavior. It was getting out of hand.

"Let's talk then." Niall said, his eyes on Rylie as she sat down also.

"Why do you do that?" Rylie asked, and she meant it in the nicest way, but she was sick of Niall hurting and using girls like that. He would be so nice and then after he got what he wanted, send them crying on their way.

Niall sighed. "Cause I'm screwed up, Ry."

"Summer really likes you...why don't you give her a chance. A REAL chance."


Rylie could tell Niall didn't know how he was going to put his thoughts into words.

"Because..." Niall said again. "Summer is a great girl...and I don't want to hurt her..."

"Then don't."

"'ve known me forever...and you know that's how I am...and you can't change me. I refuse to hurt Summer, and I don't deserve her. That is why I won't give her the satisfaction." Rylie could tell Niall was pained at himself. He didn't like the way he was; it was just that he had been going through girls like water for so long that it just didn't matter anymore.

"Niall," Rylie set her hand on Niall's thigh, "You aren't a bad person..."

"In some ways I am..."

She wanted to say something she had been wondering for a while, but was just too afraid. Finally, since they were getting mushy, she brought up the topic.

"Have you ever...liked than a friend?" she asked hesitantly.

Niall looked at her with a bewildered expression.

Rylie had always wondered if she wasn't good enough for Niall, even though she never saw him as more than a friend; brother. He had picked these girls, but he never looked at her that way, and maybe it was just Rylie being desperate for affection, but it bothered her.

"Rylie..." Niall said, "Of course I've seen you as more than a friend...but you are a sister to me, and I don't plan on hurting you any time soon."

"I feel the same way." Rylie nodded, somewhat relieved. She got up, and quickly planted a soft kiss on Niall's forehead. Out of all the boys, he was the closest to her, and her best friend. "I love you..." she said. It wasn't the kind of love people assumed. It was the love of someone she knew would always be by her side, and she truly...couldn't live without. Niall was her rock, and her brother, and her song-writing pal, and forever friend.

"I love you too..."


Rylie didn't see Thea around anywhere when she got back, and that was a huge relief. She secretly suspected Thea had crawled off and found Luke to toy with. That would have led to disaster.

The security guards led Rylie through the curtain, and Luke was still nowhere to be found.

She noticed Summer and Ashton in the corner crying and laughing at the same time.

"Hey guys..." she smiled.

Ashton and Summer had conjoined hands, and Summer giggled at Ashton's giggles that rang throughout the room.

They looked up. "Hey..." Summer said, halting her fits of laughter.

"All better?" Rylie asked.

"All better..." Summer smiled, and her eyes exploded with imaginary fireworks as she looked over at Ashton.

Rylie was so happy she had found Ashton to lean on. He was a great guy...and would treat her right...even though they had very little time together. Summer would be leaving tomorrow, and even thought long distance relationships never worked, there was always Skype.

"Hey...I know why you look so familiar." Summer said.


"You were Liam's girlfriend for the longest time..."

"Guilty." Rylie sighed.

Ashton and Summer seemingly transfused back into their conversation, and Rylie found herself lost in thought as she stared out the huge glass window. Snow was everywhere. There wasn't a spot that didn't contain snow, and yet it continued to fall. Snowflakes stuck to the windows, and Rylie admired the intricate details of each one. No single one was exactly the same, and it was beautiful. The sun was slowly going down, and everyone was for sure settling in this time.

The growling of her own stomach snapped Rylie out of her thoughts. She pulled a few crinkled dollars out of her pocket, and grabbed a bag of chips out of one of the vending machines.

Waiting for Luke, Rylie ate the chips in silence, rubbed the crumbs on her jeans, and went to find some blankets.

Someone handed her a pillow and a few woolly blankets, and Rylie spread out on the dirty floor, and even though it wasn't the ideal bed, she made due.

She kicked off her shoes, ad settled in. Now the sun was down, and Luke was still out of sight. Rylie was growing impatient. She had to talk to him about Thea's words. A thought popped into her head. Was he with Thea? Oh, that would be the worst. But then again, he didn't even know she was here, and as much hate that Rylie had for the girl, she didn't think Thea was really going to take Luke away from her. She seemed to have moved on...

Rylie scrolled through Instagram until she felt a warm presence beside her.

"Hey..." Luke said as he kissed her cheek. He crawled under the covers and wrapped his arm around her.

"You know my dad will freak if he sees us like this..." she laughed.

"Nothing we can do now." Luke kissed her again, being oddly romantic, and Rylie felt him smile against the kiss. Her stomach had butterflies.

"So where were you?" she asked.

"Me and Michael were...hanging." Luke said slowly, seemingly unsure of himself. "How did the talk between you and Liam go?"

Rylie smiled. "We're good now. He apologized."

The airport lights dimmed down to a small dull now, and the airport was quite dark, leaving Luke and Rylie's actions oblivious to anyone else.

"That's good..." Luke kissed her neck, leaving wet kisses. "And you and Summer?"

"We're...good.." Rylie said, barely getting the words out. Luke was distracting her from her own thoughts. He found his large hands around her hip, and tugged her shirt up slightly, drawing circles into her smooth skin as he kissed all around her neck now.

Rylie put her phone up, unable to focus, and allowed Luke to seduce her, but only for a minute. Then, she reluctantly pulled away. "What are you doing?" she breathed out heavily.

Luke settled down, resting his head on Rylie's pillow. He opened his left arm, and invited Rylie in to cuddle. Rylie did willingly, and she rested her head on Luke's chest, and listened to his heartbeat like she so loved to do.

"Just hanging with my girlfriend." Luke said above Rylie's head.

"Mhmm..." Rylie pursed her lips together. She couldn't bring herself to talk to Luke about the Thea thing, and ruin the moment. If he did lie to her, she assumed it was for good reasons, and he would tell her the truth when the time was right. She just wanted to enjoy the moment they were in.



"Even though we're dating, we really don't know that much about each other." Rylie whispered, trying not to disturb the many people drifting to sleep in the large room.

"What do you want to know?" Luke whispered back.

"The little things. Like...hmmm, what's your favorite color?"

Luke was silent for a minute. "Blue."

"Every guy likes blue."

"Well, what's yours then?" Luke laughed.

"Teal." Rylie said without question.

"Ooh, that's deep!"

Rylie slapped his abdomen as he laughed. "Now ask me a question."

"What's your favorite...animal?" Luke asked. "Mine's a penguin."

"Same." Rylie giggled. "They're just so cute!"

"Yea, my Instagram name is luke_is_a_penguin."

"Next question..." Rylie moved on. "What's your"

"Anchorman." Luke laughed at the memories. "Me and Calum used to watch it all the time!"

"I don't really like that movie." Rylie admitted.

"What? You don't like 'Anchorman'?" Luke raised his voice.

Rylie laughed. She was enjoying this banter back and forth. She bit back a smile. Now she felt like she was getting to know Luke a little better.

"Not really... I like 'The Fault in Our Stars'."

"Every girl likes Tfios." Luke exclaimed. "What's so great about it?"

Rylie gasped, and tilted her head a bit to look directly at Luke. "Luke Hemmings...'The Fault in Our Stars' is a compelling, brilliant, sweet, funny, tear-jerking, novel AND movie that has swept the nation and left the young adults emotionally unstable, but it is worth every minute! It is about star-crossed lovers who go through anything to be together, and they fight until the end, and it's full of comical remarks and overwhelming moments, and it's brilliant..." Rylie breathed out.

Luke put his hands up in defense. "Jeez, I'm sorry..."

Rylie laughed at her little rant.

Luke bit his lip. "What's your favorite candy?"

Rylie shrugged. "Easy. Kit-Kats."

Luke took his turn to gasp. "You have now threatened our relationship. " he joked. "Snickers are life..."

Rylie shoved him with her body, and his grip around her tightened. "What's your...favorite holiday? Mine's Christmas."

"I don't like Christmas." Luke mumbled, almost as if he was embarrassed.

"Why not?" Rylie asked.

"Bad memories. You know, mom and boyfriend stuff."

Rylie nodded, even though Luke couldn't see her. It must have been horrible to have Christmas ripped from someone's happiness because of an ignorant man who didn't deserve to enjoy life because he chose to hurt others.

"Well I'm still getting you a Christmas present. It's almost November and I'm running out of time." Rylie chose to say. She had to go Christmas shopping really soon.

Luke sighed. "Fine..." he whispered. It was getting late, and sleep was tugging at Rylie's body. If her dad saw them right now, she would most likely be in trouble, but it wasn't like they were doing anything. They were just snuggling, and it wouldn't matter anyway. Rylie was 18, and as much as Paul wanted to continue to control her, he couldn't.

"I have a feeling this is gonna last..." Luke said, the tiredness clear in his voice.

"What?" Rylie yawned, and closed her eyes. She didn't quite catch the last part, but she thought she heard, "Us."


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