Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


16. Part 16

"Can I talk to you?" Liam asked Rylie softly.

Rylie shook her head. "I don't think that's the best idea." she said, moving closer to Luke.

Liam breathed out, obviously trying to conceal his impatience. "Please?"

Rylie looked up to Luke, and he nodded as if saying it was okay to go. Rylie let go of Luke's arm, and followed Liam to wherever they were going. The airport was quite spacious, with not many places to go off and talk. Rylie was prepared for Liam to cuss her out or something. When it came to Liam, she never knew what would happen. He was just that type of guy.

She followed Liam all the way to the other side of the airport, where other people waiting for their planes were complaining and skyping or calling their family members to notify them of the interruptions.

After what felt like forever, Liam up and stopped, and sat down in one of the chairs. He waited for Rylie to sit down without even telling her. She sat down opposite Liam, and crossed her legs, feeling uncomfortable.

For a minute, Liam just stared at her, like he was evaluating ever little detail of her body. After Rylie was starting to feel beyond self-conscious, Liam sat back and sighed.

"I have had a reality check." He said.

"And you've discovered how much of a dick you are?" Rylie spat.

"Ok, I'm trying to have a civil conversation with you!" Liam growled.

Rylie, realizing how serious he was being, quickly apologized.

Liam paused, looking for the right words to say. "I'm sorry..." he finally got out.

Rylie looked at him in shock. She contemplated whether he was just joking around or not. No, she knew Liam. He meant it when he said he was sorry.

"For what? Being so horrible to me this past week?" Rylie asked. She had already forgiven him. She just couldn't admit it yet. She actually admired him for having the guts to apologize. It was sometimes wrong to admit you were in the wrong.

"For more than that." Liam used the tone of voice she was very familiar with. It was the voice he used when he was planning on getting emotional...and deep. It's what he used when he broke up with her. "For how I treated you towards the end of our relationship. For how rude I was when I broke up with you, and for...not apologizing sooner."

"It's ok." Rylie said quickly. She was starting to get emotional too. All this talk about the past made her think back to that horrible, horrible year. That year when she didn't go a day without crying, or screaming in agonizing pain. It was the worst phase she would probably ever go through. Rylie shuddered at the horrible memories.

"No," Liam shook his head, "It's not ok. I should have flown to LA and talked to you. I knew you were upset, and it upset me to think about it."

"I'm sure you got caught up too much with Sophia to remember me..." Rylie admitted her feelings.

Liam looked at her bewildered. "It that really what you think?"

Rylie nodded. "That's what I've always thought."

"Well you're wrong." Liam said abruptly.

Rylie was confused. That was what she had always thought. It never occurred to her it could have been some other way. She always assumed Liam forgot about her, and went on with daily life while she sulked.

"You think I never cared about you?" Liam asked.

"Well I'm sure you one point."

"I always cared about you, Rylie." Liam said, the hurt clear in his voice. "I loved much as you loved me. I still love you...just in a different way."

Rylie's lips parted as if to say something, but she had nothing to say. Looking back, she just didn't see him ever trying to comfort her when she was down, or do little, romantic things for her here and there. Maybe it was just the horrible memories she thought of him after their breakup that have mixed with the real memories and tainted them. She didn't know what really happened anymore.

Liam sighed again. "Listen..." he practically commanded. "When I first saw Sophia, I looked at her the way you looked at Luke that first time-"

It didn't occur to Rylie someone else had noticed how she looked at Luke. She remembered that. He was like an angel.

"Wait, you weren't even there." Rylie said.

"Yea, I was. I was in the bathroom, and walked out, and boom! I saw both your eyes light up at the sight of each other."

"Oh...carry on." Rylie motioned for him to continue with whatever it was he was saying.

"Anyways, I immediately saw her as 'the one.' That's why I started getting more distant with you. I was looking for a way to tell you without hurting you...because I cared..."

Rylie nodded, lost in thought. This was the first time Liam had admitted how he felt.

"I wish I had shown you I cared a little more. I can't believe you've gone all this time feeling like I didn't want you." Liam looked down. Rylie watched little teardrops fall from his eyes and hit the floor.

"Oh, Liam..." she said, suddenly feeling bad and she didn't know why. She just hated seeing him upset, no matter what.

"I just feel like..." Liam looked up, and stifled a laugh, "This is going to sound pretty weird, but..."

Rylie nodded. "I'm sure I've heard weirder." she said, actually smiling in front of Liam for the first time in a LONG time.

Liam looked into Rylie's eyes, and reached his hand out, slowly stroking her cheek. Rylie stiffened a little. His hands felt foreign to her.

"As much as I love Sophia...I feel" Liam paused, looking for the right words to say. "I feel like you have a piece of my heart that I will never get back, you know?"

Rylie gasped. She could not believe those words left his lips. She understood completely how he felt, because she had said the exact same thing to Luke the first day they met. It's amazing how things always find a way to come back to you.

"I know exactly how you feel.." Rylie said, trying to hold back her tears. She felt like everything was right in the world. Liam and her were good, Luke was being perfect. What more could she ask for? Rylie had pictured this moment forever. She had wanted so badly in the beginning for Liam to just knock on her door, and make everything better. He never did, and Rylie was ok now because they had worked out their differences and found the person they were truly meant to be with. Liam had Sophia, and she had a feeling they would be together until the end of time. Rylie had Luke, and even though it had only been a week, she felt like they were perfect for each other.

"So, can we be friends?" Liam asked, flashing a crooked smile.

Rylie nodded, and smiled back. "I would really like that."

They both got up, and Liam opened his arms wide, inviting Rylie in. Rylie crashed into him, feeling like the old days were back to normal. She smelled the familiar scent of him. Mint mixed with his cologne. She loved that smell, and she loved Liam. They were friends, and it felt so good to have him again.


Rylie and Liam caught up a bit on their way back to the crew, since they hadn't really talked in a year.

The section where the boys were at was secured, so no fans would get the idea to attack them while they slept.

There was a curtain around the area, with bars keeping fans out. Nevertheless, Rylie and Liam walked up to the security guards guarding the entrance, and Liam was immediately attacked by a crowd of teenage girls. They must have gotten the memo that One Direction was trapped in an airport for the night.

Liam took pictures and signed things, while Rylie slipped through the curtain, and walked over to Gemma sitting in one of the chairs.

"Hey!" she said, looking up from her phone.

"Hey. Where are the boys?" Rylie questioned, looking around the room, and spotting no familiar faces; only crew and stuff trying to get settled in for the night. It was only like 3 o'clock.

"They ran off somewhere, probably doing guy stuff." Gemma shrugged. They were both used to it. The guys always ran off somewhere to goof around.

"Have you seen Summer?" Rylie suddenly asked, remembering she had some apologizing to do.

"The girl from the bar? I think she's in the bathroom. Been in there like 20 minutes."

Rylie nodded, and headed to the girls' bathroom, which was also sectioned off. She slowly opened the door, and spotted Summer on top of the counter, dangling her feet back and forth. She somehow kept herself from falling while scrolling on her phone.

"Hey.." Rylie said softly, revealing herself.

Summer didn't even bother to raise her head up. "Hey..." she said, almost inaudible.

Rylie walked over and stood in front of her. They stayed in that position for minutes. Rylie looked for someway to explain herself. She had no right to go off on Summer like that. She felt so stressed out, and awkward.

"I'm sorry..." she finally said.

"I know..."

"Are you mad?"

"Not were right. I'm a fool." Summer sighed, and finally looked up, meeting Rylie's eyes.

Rylie pushed her stray hairs behind her ears. "No, that was wrong of me to say that."

Summer laughed. "I'm over it. I don't really care anymore."

"I just don't want you to think of me like that. I'm really not a bad person."

"I know...." Summer locked her phone, and put it in her back pocket. She jumped off the counter, and for a moment, her and Rylie just stood there.

"Come on." Rylie said, a thought popping into her head. She grabbed Summer's arm, and led her out of the bathroom.

"Where are we going?" Summer asked, curiously.

"Let's go find Niall, and have a chat." Rylie smiled. She felt like she owed it to Summer to help her and Niall move forward. She mostly just wanted Niall to find somebody. She was tired of him treating girls so poorly; not that he treated Rylie like that. Just the girls he hooked up with, and then made them leave.

The two girls roamed the halls, looking in every corner for a sight of one of the boys. They were nowhere.

There wasn't many places you could go in an airport, and it was quite large. There were many people who were stuck for the night as well, and it just made the job harder.

Suddenly, they happened upon a door. What room the door led to was unknown, but it was the first place they were suspected of being in. Rylie was determined to fine Niall, so she could make things right. That's how she thought of things.

Summer turned the doorknob, and as it opened, they looked inside, and found a small room with a TV, and couch occupied by Harry, Calum, and Louis. They were playing some kind of gory video game, and everything seemed normal.

"Where's Niall?" Rylie asked.

The boys looked up for a second to see who it was, but went back to their video game before there was a risk of messing up.

"He's in the other room..." Harry said.

Other room? Then, Rylie saw another door in the corner.

"...But you probably don't want to go in there." Harry smirked.

"And why not?" Summer asked.

"Oh, hey girl from the hotel." Louis said, looking up at her. He smiled a wide smile, showing all his perfect, straight, and white teeth. They were award winning teeth that Rylie always loved. She wished her teeth were that perfect.

"Hey Louis..." Summer blushed. She probably felt so amazing exchanging words with One Direction all casual-like.

Rylie grabbed her wrist, and walked over to the wooden door that contained Niall. Her hand grasped the sticky, old doorknob, and turned.

"No! You don't want to go in-" Harry screamed, but it was too late.

The door swung open to reveal an even smaller room with another couch. Summer gasped, but Rylie snorted. She had walked in too many times on this.

Niall was lying on his back, while a girl straddled him as she explored his mouth.

This wasn't near as bad as the things Rylie saw. And it wasn't just Niall. She went on tour 2 times already with 5 boys who sometimes got horny. She didn't blame them. They were guys. She saw a lot of things she was never meant to see, and she was used to it.

Summer, however, was not. She really liked Niall, and Rylie could only imagine how she felt seeing the guy she liked with another woman.

Niall noticed their presence, and his eyes got wide. The girl on top of him turned around, and quickly got up.

Summer cried out, as if in agony, and ran past Rylie, past the guys on the couch, and out the door.

Rylie sighed, and propped herself by the door, waiting for Niall to explain.

The girl who Rylie really hadn't paid attention to, took off and ran quickly past Rylie. Rylie caught a glimpse of red hair, and turned around, quickly grabbing the girl's arm, stopping her from escaping.

The girl turned around, and at first, Rylie only thought of her as familiar. Then, her mind placed the girl, and she shivered in anger.

"Thea..." Rylie growled.


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