Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


15. Part 15

Rylie followed Luke through the hall that connected the airplane to the airport. They had just landed in Paris, France.

Luke looked at Rylie with a puzzled expression. "Why is Summer on tour with us again?"

Rylie shrugged. "She wants me to help her get with Niall or something. She's clueless if she thinks I'm going to magically get Niall to fall in love with her."

"Love is weird. Who knows what will happen." Luke smiled, and intertwined his finger with hers.


Everyone sat in the highly uncomfortable chairs in the airport, waiting for their rides. They had seemed to be running late. The news was on the flat screen in the corner wall, and Rylie slightly listened in the background as she tried to write some lyrics to a song while Luke slept, Summer bugged her, Louis and Michael argued over a topic of Fifa, Ashton stared at Summer, Calum played on his phone, Harry and Liam talked about something, and Niall hummed along to a quiet and slow tune he played on the guitar beside her.

Niall played a tune, and Rylie sang along, trying to fit the lyrics in her head with the music Niall played. Since Rylie's keyboard wasn't with her and that's what she used to write the songs, Niall improvised, and they did what they have always done. They put an awesome song together. They really were a great team.

"So kiss me when I lay hands press to your cheeks-" Rylie stopped singing, and Niall stopped playing.

"I think we should go up a note on kiss and hands." Rylie said, using hand gestures. "So kiss me when I lay hands press to your cheeks. That works."

"I like that." Niall nodded.

Summer looked at Niall in the most loving way. You could practically see the hearts fluttering in her eyes. She breathed out. "You're really good at playing, Niall."

"Thanks..." Niall said awkwardly. "But Rylie is also a great singer. You should praise her, too."

Summer quickly said I was "good and stuff," and redirected her attention to Niall.

Niall looked at Rylie as if to say, "Help!"

"Guys, listen!" Harry interrupted them, pointing to the TV.

A lady with short blonde hair stood in the screen. Right next to her was a sign that said Entertainment.

"Now to our entertainment special, where we catch up on the hottest and upcoming celebs." the girl said.

"Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, we think, are officially broken up. It's not shocking they didn't last long. I'm sure everyone's waiting for a hit song to come out on how Harry broke Taylor's heart. The girl chuckled, and new picture popped on the screen. Rylie squinted and tried to see through the darkness of the picture. She swore she saw Luke and herself. And...Summer? Then she remembered that moment. Luke had just pushed that one jerk to the ground, and Rylie and Summer stood frighteningly to the side. How did they get that?

"So now  Liam Payne's ex, Rylie Higgins, has moved on to Luke Hemmings, the lead singer of the upcoming band 5 Seconds of Summer. They were caught in Colombia the night of One Direction's concert, apparently drunk. Witnesses saw Luke attacking a man. Uh-oh. Maybe Luke was a bad choice for a boyfriend, Rylie. In other news..."

Rylie turned her head away from the T.V., completely pissed off.

"It's ok." Niall said.

"Yea, they always make things sound worse than it really is. Like I never broke Taylor's heart! It was mutual." Harry added.

Rylie shook her head. "I just hate it when you talk about someone without knowing them. Paul did it too when he first saw Luke. He immediately judged him. There was a reason behind Luke's anger that night, and they don't know who he really is so they should keep their mouth shut!"

Harry, Niall, and Summer nodded.

"It's just publicity." Summer commented.

"Yea, I know."

Michael suspended them from the conversation, and looked at Rylie. "Hey Rylie. It's getting late, and I'm going to get some Starbucks. Come with?"

Rylie looked at Niall. "Rain check?"

"You got it!"

Rylie got up, and followed Michael down the long corridor in the airport to where the restaurants were.

"So how are you and Luke?" Michael asked curiously.

"Um...we're good." Rylie nodded, biting on her lip. It felt so awkward for some reason. She considered Michael and her to be pretty good friends, but something was off. Something was blocking them from being all cool and collected with each other.

"That's good..." Michael tried to sound happy, but it was very unconvincing.

Rylie pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, and looked at Michael. "What's wrong?" she asked softly.

"Nothing..." Michael looked down, and watched his feet move from one block to another.

"Remember when I said that you can come to me if anything's bothering you?"

Michael looked into Rylie's eyes solemnly. "I'm mad at Luke..."

Rylie looked baffled. "Luke? Why?"

"It's between me and Luke..." Michael said in the tone of voice a mother would use when she is trying to shut her kids up.

Rylie dropped it. She respected Michael, and understood some things you just don't want to share. There were a lot of things she shared between someone and she didn't plan on telling anyone else anytime soon.

They had made to the small Starbucks in the airport, and Michael ordered something, but Rylie didn't want anything. She just went being Michael wanted company, she assumed. It was getting dark, and a little spooky. Wherever the rides were, they were 3 hours late.

Michael and Rylie walked back in silence, Michael occasionally slurping on his coffee. It was getting annoying.

Summer jumped up when she spotted Rylie, and ran to her, grabbing her wrists, and pulling her farther from the group. Rylie caught over her shoulder some fans getting autographs, and her Luke was now awake, looking from side to side, probably for his bae.

"What?" Rylie asked, half in the conversation, half looking for Luke.

Summer grabbed her shoulder, and shook her violently. "I saiiiid..." Summer dragged out the i. "That Niall said I was awesome and I'm freaking! Like we were talking about music and he said I was awesome!" Summer smiled so big.

"Okay?" Rylie said, completely annoyed. She wanted to go talk to her boyfriend, but Summer was holding her back. "Niall calls me awesome all the time, and we're like siblings. He says that to everyone. He told Calum he was awesome for doing something the other day. It's no big deal." Rylie didn't mean to be so rude, but she was tired and cranky.

Summer let go of her, her smile vanishing. "Well thanks for being happy for me..." she said.

Rylie sighed. "I'm sorry." she said, and meant it. "It's have this fantasy that you two are going to fall in love in 2 days, an it's not happening. Niall's more of a one night stand guy to be honest..."

Summer looked at her. "2 days?"

"Well you have to get back to your friends, and did you really think you could stay this whole tour? You're only here out of pity."

Summer's eyes grew cold, and teary. She looked at Rylie with an unforgiving look. The disbelief was clear on her face. Rylie was never that mean. "Wow..." was all she said. And that was all she could say.

Rylie was shocked at herself too. That was cruel on any level. Summer was a fan who was enjoying the little time she had with One Direction, and Rylie was trying to ruin her happiness. What was wrong with her?

Rylie, regretting her words, tried to fix things, but Summer had already run off to the bathroom.

Finally, Luke walked over to her. "What's wrong?" he immediately asked, seeing the sullen look clear on Rylie's face.

Rylie crossed her arms. "I was being a jerk..."

"I'm sure that's not the case..." Luke said, trying to comfort her.

"No." Rylie looked up at Luke with tears in her eyes. "I said some mean things, and if I were her, I would be really upset."

Luke grabbed Rylie's shirt, and pulled it, drawing Rylie to his chest. He wrapped her left arm around her, and twirled her curls in his fingers. "The fact that you feel bad makes up for it."

Rylie listened to Luke, but she still had no reason to go all hate mode on Summer. It made her want to apologize to everyone she's ever done wrong to.

Harry came up, and told them the rides were stuck in a snowstorm, and they wouldn't be able to make it until morning. That meant another concert would be delayed. That meant they were stuck there for the night. "Why isn't anything going right?" Rylie yelled.

Just then, she saw in the corner of her eye...Liam walking over to her. What now?


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