Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


12. Part 12

Rylie fumbled for the key card to her hotel door, and quickly slid it into the slot.

"My roommates are out. They're helping set things up for the concert." Rylie notified the girl, moving her hand up and down the wall, searching for the light switch.

"Concert?" the girl asked.

"I'll explain later." Rylie said. She had had enough trouble getting to the hotel with 2 drunk teens and herself being quite intoxicated. She had sobered up since then, however, and apparently, Luke had too. He was quiet the whole way, his fists clenched into angry, tight balls.

As the lights flashed on, Luke made his way to a chair in the dark corner, and sat down.

Rylie tried to let him cool down, and focused her attention on the girl. She sat her down at one of the beds, and now in the light, she saw a small, cut on the girl's forehead, little, red drops dripping down her face.

"Oh dear! Did that guy do that to you?" Rylie asked, hurting for the girl.

"Yea, he hit me around a couple times." the girl said casually, her mind slurred.

Rylie went into the bathroom, and soaked a washrag in water, and grabbed the first-aid kit under the sink.

She walked back out, thankful the girl wasn't asleep yet. She had some questions to ask.

"So, what's you name?" Rylie asked, applying the rag to the girl's forehead.

"Summer. You know, like the season." Summer said.

"I figured..." Rylie chuckled, and glanced over at Luke. Yep, still angry. "So, can you like tell me what happened. I mean, you're obviously not from Colombia. What brought you here?"

Summer grabbed the cloth from Rylie, and held it to her forehead as she moved to the headboard. "I graduated high school a couple years- I mean, months ago." She was still pretty wasted, and Rylie wondered how much she would get out of her.

"My friends and I decided to go somewhere together for the last time because we were all going off into separate directions of our lives. We were looking into Paris when we saw this Europe tour thing you could apply for. We applied, obviously, and in a couple months, we were ready to leave." Summer looked up to make sure Rylie was still listening. "Anyways, my parents were like, 'Stay together! Never leave each other's sight, and stuff,' so I promised we wouldn't, and then we hopped on the airplane to Scotland."

Summer yawned, and a yawn from Rylie followed.

"We got to Paris, and we were trying to decide on the next place to go. My friend Abby wanted to go to the UK. My friend Gracie wanted to go to Italy. I wanted to come here. We couldn't decide so we went our separate ways, and promised to meet up somewhere. I know, I know. I didn't listen to my parents. Whatever." Summer took the rag off of her head, and pushed her shoes off.

"I got to my hotel, and found myself scared and alone because I was in a foreign land, and who knows what could happen! After I drunk all the alcohol in the hotel, and it cost me a small fortune if I do say, I put on my sluttiest costume, and went to this little pub just a couple miles away. I drank and drank, and from what I can remember, this old pervert sat with me and we drank and talked, and he asked me to come to his room with him. I said yes for some reason, and halfway out the door, I was sober enough to realize how stupid I was being. You saw the rest."

Summer took a deep breath, and watched for Rylie's next words.

Rylie nodded, satisfied Summer wasn't a total stranger anymore. "Well, you can stay here for tonight, and sleep off the hangover. Then, in the morning, you can borrow some of my clothes, and be on your way."

"Thank you..." Summer looked appreciative, and it made Rylie feel good about herself for helping someone off the streets.

There was a knock at the door, and Harry burst in, looking around the room. His eyes met Rylie's. "Where have you been?" he asked. "We were all worried." He noticed Summer on the bed, and furrowed his brows. "Who's this?" he pointed.

Rylie pointed at Luke in the corner. "We decided to sneak off on a little date. We got drunk, found this girl who needed help, and here we are."

Harry nodded, his lips pursed together. He pushed back his hair, and looked at Luke. "What's up with him?"

Rylie sighed, and shook her head. "I honestly don't know."

Harry nodded, ignoring Summer's stunned face.

"You're Ha-Harry Styles..." Summer mumbled.

"Nice to meet you darling." Harry smiled his crooked, beautiful smile. "And you are?"

"My name's Summer. And you're Harry Styles."

Harry laughed. "Yes I am."

"You have to excuse her. She's quite drunk." Rylie spoke for Summer.

Harry nodded, and crossed his arms, still standing in the doorway. "Well you and Luke have some explaining to do with Paul and everyone tomorrow. Since it's like 1 in the morning, and we just got back from sound check, I suggest we all go to bed."

Rylie nodded, and said goodnight to Harry as he left.

She turned, and saw Luke fast asleep on the little chair. His face was soft again; his cheeks looked as lovable as a baby's. His bottom lip popped out, and his hands lay beside his head.

Rylie smiled, hopeful he would wake up as Luke again. She grabbed a blanket off the bed, and wrapped it gently around her little/not so little Luke. Her Luke. No one else's.

Rylie turned back around, and sat on the bed. She pulled her shoes off, and still wearing her coat, pulled it off too. She was still in her sweater and jeans, and her makeup was still on, but she was too tired to care. She crawled under the covers, and wrapped herself in.

Before she closed her eyes, she saw Summer turn off her lamp, and crawl under the covers too. "You are so lucky to know Harry Styles. You probably know the rest of One Direction too, and that means you're real lucky. You look familiar, I think, and that's cool...but you're real lucky." Summer whispered. She kept repeating things, most likely side effects of the intoxications.

Rylie thought about what she said as Summer started to snore. She never really thought about it, but seeing it from Summer's perspective, maybe she was lucky. She had grown up with One Direction, and knew them as brothers, but most of the fans had never even met them, and they practically worshipped the idea of One Direction. What would her life be like without the people that surround it? Does she take her life for granted? Rylie thought about this as she drifted off to sleep.



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