Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


11. Part 11

There really wasn't any time to go out, but Luke and Rylie made time. They had landed in Colombia, but Rylie was really supposed to be helping set things up at the stadium, and Luke was supposed to be in sound check with the guys. Instead, they snuck out just as the sun set, and found the closest little pub where they could fully enjoy each other without distractions.

Rylie walked beside Luke, dressed in a full-length trench coat, and Luke was happy in a light jacket. Their light source, the street lamps, guided them to a small, but efficient bar just a mile from the stadium. It wasn't a bad walk, since there was no other means of transportation.

"This works right?" Luke asked, opening the door for her.

"Yea." Rylie said, watching her breath form a circle in the air.

The inside of the pub was quite rustic and a little dirty. It was small, with a few middle-aged men sitting at tables. The Spanish styles were clear in the room, and the air smelled thick with liquor.  It wasn't much of a party like they were looking for, but the quiet was nice.

Rylie followed Luke to the island, and they sat on the high stools. An old woman walked up to them, at least in her 60's. Her hair was jet black, with many gray, milky strands of hair splotched all around her scalp.

"Can I see your ID?" she asked, her accent thick with Spanish.

They showed that they were 18, and the lady asked what they wanted.

"I'll start off with a beer." Rylie said. She didn't want too much alcohol because she would most likely be walking Luke home, and she had to make sure he didn't do something stupid and get hit by a truck.

"A beer? Really?" Luke raised his eyebrows at Rylie.


"We are in Colombia. A pretty awesome place. We have the night. Order something and exotic."

"You just want to get me drunk..." Rylie smirked.

Luke looked at her, and smiled. "That too..."

"Fine!" she sighed. "Let's get a round of tequila shots."

Luke smirked. "That's my girl..." His hand slipped under the table, and gently squeezed her upper thigh. She breathed out nervously, trying to keep the grin off her face.

Right in front of their eyes appeared a plate with 6 shots, 3 on either side.

They each picked one up, and clanked them together. "To...our...2-day anniversary." Luke toasted.

Rylie chuckled, and together, they sucked the liquor down. It went down smoothly, and a fire erupted in Rylie, leaving her wanting more. I guess that's how alcohol works.

"Another..." she chirped.

"Good, huh?"

As the night grew on, more and more people started to enter the bar; people of all ages above 18.

Rylie was surprised they hadn't been interrupted by paparazzi yet. Her and Luke were in the bar at least an hour, just talking, and their phones vibrated every so often, but the whole point of the date was that they were trying to get away from everyone for awhile.

"Yea, me and the boys are working on some songs at the moment." Luke said, talking about a music topic. He sipped a glass of vodka, his head fuzzy, and his words slightly slurred. He had drank a lot, why Rylie did not know, but intoxication had overtaken him.

"Really?" Rylie had drank less, but she too felt the effects of alcohol in her system.

"You think you could help me tonight?" Luke asked.

"I actually have a song you could use." she blurted out, immediately regretting it. The song that popped into her head was a complete and utter secret, and not Luke or anybody could know.

"Oh really." Luke's voice suddenly grew anxious, and somewhat serious. "What about?"

She bit her lip. The alcohol was making her say things she would have never told Luke. Luke hated it when she mentioned Liam, and the toxics in his system would make him even more mad at what she was about to say.

Rylie sighed. She had to tell him now. "Now keep in mind this was right after Liam broke up with me and my heart was broken. Nevertheless, it is a pretty good song, if I do say so myself."

"Oh well. What's it called?" he said nonchalantly, downing another shot.

Rylie was surprised. Maybe the comment about Liam went in one ear and out the other.

"It's called Amnesia, but...I'm not sure if it would work for your band, so just forget about it." She definitely didn't want the song to go public. She wrote it when she was grieving, and it was personal. She prayed, due to his drunken state, he wouldn't remember anything about the song she mentioned.

"C'mon. Seriously, now you have to show me." Luke's voice had seemed to sober up in seconds, and his eyes were alive in anticipation. It was easy to notice something had changed in Luke's demeanor, and in that moment, Rylie realized the night had died down and they needed to go home.

As if Luke knew too, he catapulted out of his seat, his body thumping on the cold wood floor.

Allowing a giggle to escape her parted lips, Rylie grasped onto his arms, and attempted to pull him up. Once he towered over her again, she wrapped one arm under his to support his weight. "It's time to go home."

Luke nodded, his forehead creased as if he was thinking heavily.

Rylie fiddled for her purse, quickly throwing what little money she had on the table, and pulled Luke towards the door, the light from the moon gleaming on the glass.

"It's too soon." Luke hiccupped as he hung down her body. His words came out in spurts as his dazed mind struggled for understanding.

"No, we're already in big trouble, and you're drunk."

As they stepped into the street, the lamps above guided their path, shining light on the pavement. But they weren't the only ones on that sidewalk on that very moment.

Down the path, only feet away, commotion bubbled.

A young girl, easily Rylie's age, struggled for her composure as she wrestled with an older man. The wrinkles in his face drooped, and when he gritted his teeth, they were stained yellow from the years of cigarettes.

"Just leave me alone!" the girl screamed, kicking her long legs as she tried to get away from his grasp.

The man held on tight, wrapping his coarse arms around her torso, and lifting her body off the concrete. She kicked and screamed as loud she could, but her high stilettos did nothing to his knees.

Rylie was frozen in place, knowing she should do something, but she forgot how to react. They seemed almost like a dream, blurry and unreal. As soon as she felt loving arms leave her side, she snapped back into reality. She watched Luke run towards the duo, and in surreal awe, she watched him tackle the man to the ground. The young girl climbed out from the pile on the ground, and met Rylie's eyes. Her mascara stained cheeks and






Luke got up, and spat down at the man. "Leave her alone..." he growled, the darkness finding his eyes.

Rylie hadn't seen this side yet. He was seriously mad, and quite scary. Even in his drunken state, he was able to completely terrify Rylie.

The man ran off, and the girl stood cautiously by the two.

Rylie went to support Luke, but he no longer needed it. She was being a little cautious too. Within a matter of seconds, Luke went from cute and clumsy to a complete badass.

Rylie walked up to the shaking girl, and gave her support. "Are you okay?"

"Yea." No accent behind her voice; maybe a little southern even. The girl was easily Rylie's age, with long brown hair wrapped around her and green eyes that shone like a deer in the headlights. Her dress was too short, and her heels were too high, but she looked innocent and confused.

"Come with us." Rylie smiled warmly. "We'll help you out."

The girl looked hesitantly at Luke.

Rylie shook her head. "Don't worry. He's you."

Rylie was trying to be calm, but she could admit Luke was a little scary at times, and if she was in the girl's shoes, she would be hesitant too.

The girl followed Rylie and Luke down the road as they walked to their hotel. Sure there would be questions, but it was the right thing to do.



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